SBS Drama Thirty But Seventeen Break 10% Ratings and KBS Newcomer Lovely Horribly Premieres Around 4%

The late summer 2018 Mon-Tues time slot has a new arrival but it’s an already airing drama that has shown legs this week. KBS premiered horror romance Lovely Horribly to ratings in the single digits of around 4% for the episodes 1-4 combined on both nights. I’m not ready to dive into SBS drama Thirty But Seventeen due to the continued solid reviews and increasing ratings as this week’s episodes had one break 10% finally. episode 16 hit 10.5% AGB nationwide. Risky Romance on MBC continues to average around 3% ratings while jTBC medical drama Life leads the cable pack with 4.591% for episode 8. At this point there appears to be a drama for every taste on this time slot so choose away, and despite the low ratings start the netizen reviews for Lovely Horribly have been positive so next week may see some ratings improvement.


SBS Drama Thirty But Seventeen Break 10% Ratings and KBS Newcomer Lovely Horribly Premieres Around 4% — 33 Comments

  1. This is actually the Monday-Tuesday slot. Thirteen but seventeen is a cute show but the story is pretty weak, nothing is really happening, mostly everyone being adorable- Jang se jong and his nephew (and how funny the actors are only two years apart) the female lead, the strange housekeeper….

    • I agree. I liked this drama at first but the storyline is really being dragged out. The drama is half over and nothing has really been revealed. The cliffhangers are really a disappointment as u think something is going to be revealed, then nothing happens. It’s too bad because the cast is really cute together. If it keeps its pace like this, then the ending will probably be rushed. This is one of those dramas to wait to binge watch so u can fast forward to all the good parts.

    • I am addicted to this adorable show with an adorable cast in thirty but seventeen but this story is far from weak. The main characters have to recover from their tragedies and in episode 8 when they talk about it openly to each other, it was anything but weak. It heartbreaking, tender and uplifting. Such great performances, I can’t help but think if you can’t be moved by this show during that scene, you can’t be moved at all and you are like the character woo jin, your heart is all curled up inside.

      • I’m glad that you are enjoying this drama, but I feel your last comment was rather presumptuous in assuming that people have their “hearts curled up inside” if they are not moved by this drama. Not everyone is the same and people may be emotionally stimulated by different things. Even if people are not moved by this particular drama, it doesn’t mean they won’t be moved by something else.

        I agree that the performances among the cast is great. It’s rather refreshing to see good chemistry even down to the support characters. However, the main reason I feel dissatisfied with the storyline’s progression is that I hoped it would focus more on Seo Ri’s character and how she builds her life after all has changed. Instead, there was a lot of focus on Woo Jin’s trauma; therefore, focus on Seo Ri’s transition has been at a slower pace than I expected. But, I am continuing with this drama because I anticipate the latter half will focus on Seo Ri’s development.

        On a side note, this drama was originally on my watch list because it sounded rather similar to the earlier Kdrama “Sleeping Witch” (the one that starred Park Seo Joon), which had a similar storyline about a high school girl that got in an accident and woke up in her thirties.

  2. I like 30 but 17,it’s my fave besides Life. Life is life, really.

    Life is pretty heavy story, while 30/17 is adorable but i love both stories. 30/17 shows us that everyone has their own problems in life. It’s cute how they describe it in a lovely way instead of being too hard. Life can be this cute, sometimes.

    So well deserved 30/17 team. Chukae.

    • Still 17 or AKA Thirty but Seventeen is all around great show. I will be shocked if it’s not a huge hit internationally as well and make Shin Hye Sun and Yang Se Jong huge stars because they are so good in it and why this show is so good. If you don’t fall in love with this show after episode 8 then you have no heart.

  3. Still 17 was better than park shi hoo drama. I bet Jang see jong will be next it-boy. So happy that rapist drama was flop sorry for song ji hyo better drama next time.

    • You need to wait next week to confirm whether the drama will flop or not.Any new drama that just premier will have low rating. Next 2 week rating will show it.

      In my opinion, i don’t think it will flop as the drama is really fun & engaging. The naver comment also praise all cast. Rating most likely would go up.

      • What a beacon of hope /s

        Now male celebs know they can bounce back from almost anything, all they need is time, good connections to work with quality in their industry and maybe some talent!

      • Loveunconditional, did i say it was a hit. I am saying it’s not a flop. There is a difference.

    • its funny cause you dont know the whole story, whats behind the camera during that incident, people are wrongly accused too in real life, once a black kid accused of rape and got a death sentence and only years later are proven to be innocent, so my point is just because someone being accused , doesnt mean its true

      yes they have evident on him, but they also have evident on the woman that she and her friends have planned this incident, thats why she dropped her charges, but honestly i dont know the real story which is why i would rather not spread this cause i might be wrong, you might be wrong, others might be wrong

  4. Something about park shi hoo eyes was scared to me. He has snake eye. better for watching jang se jong he was next it-boy for me. And good for shin hye sun her drama did well.

    • not snake eyes but dead eye, his acting is bad too, worsen much from my golden life, I don’t get how this 40 years actor still get lead role

      • You mean the rape accused 40 year old rich boy with connections to KBS? He was never prosecuted not because he was found innocent, but the victim dropped the accusation despite video evidence and that means only one thing in my opinion, she was bought off. I’ve boycotted kbs and all their shows because of that. Look how many of his shows are through them. I put up with one for Shin Hye Sun’s debut as a lead because she had no choice but I’ll never do that again. If she ever starred again with a rapist, now that she’s established, I would boycott her and any other established actresses who works with someone like him permanently. I’m dissappointed and disgusted that in post #metoo movement this guy still has a job much less a leading role at a major network.

    • Same he’s always looked creepy to me, it’s the eyes and mouth (his smile is ugh!) I don’t get how he’s considered attractive at all. I didn’t want to judge him by his appearance like that since I didnt not know him personally or follow him enough to get an idea of his personality but then the scandal happened and now l can’t even look at pictures of him. Netizens already conveniently forgot about his rape charges, people do this when they are entertained and people in the industry know this well.

      • agree. He has creepy eyes and creepy smile. His face suits to be the face of insanity “Joker” (in Batman comics). I never watch him.

      • I don’t think the netizens forgot, but the ones who were vocal about it were being sued by his company.

      • Most that watch dramas do not care anymore. It didn’t come up in majority of their comments while MGL was airing and he and the drama been receiving nothing but positive comments with this new drama. If this is received well and he moves on to other hit dramas or movies, it will barely be brought up unless he gets in trouble again. Even if they weren’t praising him, the guy would still be winning.

      • Because it was not a rape case as it never went to court. He probably went out for a one-night stand with a woman who wants something more. To think as a high profile actor, he was the vulnerable one compared to the woman who had nothing to lose. To get associate with a person like him, you wouldn’t expect that kind of woman was weak.

    • I accidentally watched the first episode and putting aside my aversion of his personal life, PSH acting is really bad. He was decent in The Princess Man and it’s somewhat illogical that this drama getting good review and no one mentioning of his terrible acting. The comical timing was off, he made it so staged to the point that it felt slapstick. And not helping is that Song Ji Hyo is equally bad though PSH is worse.

      Alas, I can’t continue watching. The acting was so bad that I couldn’t focus on anything and just cringed the whole time.

      • I think your comment is a bit off.

        Slapstick… What is wrong with slapstick if the drama aims for that? Though I don’t see any slapstick tone in this drama.

      • Well…you can choose to disagree with me.

        I always enjoy comedy but forced acting that made his character so caricature and slapstick instead of naturally funny is really a proof of his bad acting. KNG portrayed a goofy character in LUTYN and he made his character so endearingly funny without appearing cartoonish. That’s the testamemt of a good acting. PSH is really lousy if based on the first episode of LH.

        And how did you get the idea that the drama was intended to be slapstick? And whatever you feel about the tone of that drama, is simply how it resonates to you, but not to me.

      • In the first time , I choose to watch 13 to 17 and then I stop to watch it as content is slow and bored . it try to make pretty but it is luck strong script . so I changed to watch lovely horribly as it is difficult to know what happen in next time and it looks like mix with death note but I like to guess an search more than watching same content. the interesting thing is script and content. in the part of acting , it is up your attitu.someone said good but someone said bad so your standarn is not same with other person

  5. On a much happier note, I love Thirty but Seventeen. Episode 8 will make you ugly cry and believe the world is a beautiful place all at once. The OTP in this show are magic together, and their love story is only just starting so I can’t imagine what it will be like once it’s full blown love. I think the first few episodes were to establish the characters but 8 moved pretty briskly forward plotwise. Shin Hye Sun and Yang Se Jong are great and will become huge stars and this show will become a huge hit because it has all the elements of a timeless classic. It’s funny, the characters are all engaging and the story is heartbreaking yet uplifting.

  6. People keep saying 30 but 17’s story is too slow but I don’t feel that at all. It’s probably the most fun I’ve had watching a drama in a long time so far and it’s because for me, the characters are such a treat to watch and their relationships are incredibly endearing. It’s also got enough mystery which is the cherry on top of all the humor and warmth. All the leads are doing such a great job at bringing their characters to life, especially SHS and Se Jong, they are my Kdrama OTP right now, I love them together!! I also have to add that I’m impressed to see someone with PTSD actually SHOWN seeing an actual Psychologist and trying to help and manage his trauma. He would most likely be barely functional without it.

    It’s more character driven than plot driven so far seeing how detailed the characters and their relationships have been written point but I understand if others who aren’t enjoying the characters as much are a bit frustrated. At the same time, I bet if things were revealed faster, people would then start complaining that nothing was happening when everything gets resolved 4 episodes before the drama ends like WWSK. Korean TV Networks need to adapt (again) and finally accept that many dramas would be better being 12-14 episodes and sometimes even less and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! The best TV shows I have ever watched had much shorter episodes in comparison to other shows in their industries.

    Of course with 30, I personally adore the characters and their relationships so much so I could watch them just live their lives for 30 episodes and would be happy 🙂

  7. Yang Se Jong had a decent showing in Temperature of Love…though the ratings fizzled a bit at the end…hopefully Thirty but Seventeen will have a stronger showing power. If he chooses his project wisely, he would be the next IT guy.

  8. I’m very happy kbs drama now days was flop except weekend drama. I don’t watching kbs drama because they cast that rapist again. I really hate song ji hyo how can she agree playing drama with that rapist and reject the other one drama. She never get high rating in drama. She only now for nude movie with Jo in sung and running man no more. She was flops as an actress.

  9. Always be a fan of Shin Hye Sun and slowly melting my heart to Yang Sejong.. 30 but 17 is the only ongoing drama in Korea that I love soooo much.

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