Descendants of the Sun, Autumn in My Heart, and Winter Sonata Voted Most Popular KBS Dramas of All Time

I’m going to call Song Hye Kyo the Queen of KBS from now on, and it’s even more impressive that she’s achieved this level of one-two kill 16 years apart. KBS ran its own poll recently polling 1000 random viewers on their favorite KBS drama of all time. Coming in first is Descendants of the Sun with Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo, which isn’t a surprise at all. What’s surprising is second place went to Autumn in My Heart which launched the seasons drama series starting with the weepy fauxcest romance of Song Seung Heon and Song Hye Kyo. Dang, Song Hye Kyo needs to always do dramas with other Song leading men lol.

I was surprised at the second spot for Autumn because I though the third place finisher Winter Sonata would be more popular. That’s the drama credited for creating the Hallyu wave through Asia and singlehandedly responsible for Bae Yong Joon‘s entire career and net worth. It’s also a testament to the staying power of AiMH and WS that it’s still tops so many years ago, with the 4th place finisher a much more recent drama Moonlight Drawn by Clouds with Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung.

Top 10 Most Popular KBS Dramas of All Time:

  1. Descendants of the Sun
  2. Autumn in My Heart
  3. Winter Sonata
  4. Moonlight Drawn by Clouds
  5. [Unknown]
  6. My Husband Got a Family
  7. My Golden Life
  8. My Daughter Seo Young
  9. What’s With My Family
  10. Chief Kim

Some surprises for not being on this list: Full House, Boys Over Flowers, IRIS, Good Doctor, The Princess’s Man, Secret, Ojakkyo Brothers.


Descendants of the Sun, Autumn in My Heart, and Winter Sonata Voted Most Popular KBS Dramas of All Time — 46 Comments

  1. Is it weird that every time I see Song HyeGyo I think “Auntie”? I have no idea why. She doesn’t look particularly old. What kind of weird vibes.

    On the other hand, I see her counterpart Kim TaeHee and I think “fresh”. ?

    • Not really auntie but I have always thought that SHK has some very mature looks. To me she looks befitting her age, not young unlike many actresses in the same age range as her. I don’t really feel anything about KTH. She must have atypical korean features but to me, a non-korean I don’t understand their appeal.

      • Seeing Lee YoungAe, who’s older than her, makes think “Ethereal Goddess” though.

        Kim HeeSun makes me think “mature and confident”. She’s very bright and cute-quirky, very confident in her skin.

        Kim HeeAe is “Elegant”.

        Jeon JiHyun makes me think “Girl Power”.

        Choi JiWoo is “super next-door-girl”.

        Son YeJin is “lady”.

        … … She’s the only female celeb who makes me think “Auntie/Ajumma”. Both in her age range and the range above her. I think it might be Song HyeGyo’s styling choices. I don’t know what else is the problem. But then I see her CF and the picture still screams “Ajumma”. ? It’s worse when she stands next to her baby-faced husband. Or maybe it’s me…

      • @peeps, you’re not alone. SHK always give off the ahjumma vibe to me too. I’m fairly new to kdramas and when I first saw screen shots of her in DOTS, I thought the setting of the drama took place in the 90s like the Reply series. Later I realized that’s just her style and she seems to be stuck in the 90’s – 2000’s with her hairstyle and clothing.

    • SHK maybe not have typical v shaped face like most k celeb but she doesnt look older than her age or younger. She just look her age and very beautifull. nothing “ahjumma”ish about her.
      I have problem with KTH veneer, but she’s also beautifull lady. Both have different face shaped though

      • Full house was best era for song hye kyo after that she look like ahjumma. At least she didn’t marry old rich businessman that’s was good point from her.

    • Song hye kyo style make her look like ahjumma. But nevermind since her husband doesn’t care marrying aunty hahaha.Her fashion truly disaster.

    • Song Hyekyo is the most mentioned by Male/Female actors and idols as the prettiest actress and ideal type in Sk. They wont surely pick her if she exudes that old vibes your seeing on her. Her style is a bit dated but in casual styling she really looks young.

      • in casual styling she still looks her age= late 30’s…. have you seen her in shorts? None of my friends wear those jean shorts anymore. Her style looks very dated.

      • @candy i saw her in person that’s why i can say she look young. Porcelein skin small doll like face and she smell so freaking good too. ^^

      • Nice. Not sure why her style still remains in the 90’s… Someone says her coordi is her friend but this person really needs to be replaced. Her face is very pretty as always but…. that’s all she can show… just my opinion.

  2. To measure DOTS against classics like WS and AIMH is a bit silly. Ofc DOTS gets more votes since it’s the most recent hit K-drama.

    On top of that, WS is actually more popular overseas than domestically. WS is hands down the drama responsible in introducing Korea to the world.

  3. I don’t live in Korea and enjoy Korean drama and wish these dramas were recognised outside of Asia.Its hard to find these dramas avaiable in America or my country Australia but thanks to netflix some of the more recent K stuff is available..but forget finding any of the older stuff…I might see if it’s online.

  4. Chief kim? Okay, it got high rating but compare to full house, hmm or iris? Well.. Full house was huge in south east asia, iris too.

  5. WS made me sit through all those makjang moments lol 50 epis !!!
    AiMH drained my tears
    Both are the very first k-drama for me and I think very iconic.

  6. It hilarious how this thread has turn into shk beauty post. Maybe it’s all about preference,but I never found her ahjumma type she always look beautiful to me not too old or young perfect for her age. I am sure with all the money and look she has. She surely dress 10 times better than rest of us.

    • Yes, it’s funny, isn’t it? Coz there’s nothing exceptional to be mentioned about her acting. All she has (for the past 20 years) is her beauty. She surely can dress 10 times better, but she doesn’t. That’s the point.

      • @candycane Why is it important to you that she dresses better? You once said no one can have the whole world..SHK has beauty but her acting skills aren’t that great. I think what you said can be applied to her too, right? Or does that only applicable when it involves your faves?

      • I am only echoing what @Dimpychaudhary said about “10 times better”… I don’t have a female fav. While I don’t agree SHK looks like an auntie, her style is really very dated. It is not important to me if she dresses better. I don’t really care. I just have lots of time now to chat, no offence. BTW, do I mislead you that I have a female fav? who? Just curious….

      • @candycane nope i wasn’t implying that you have a female fav..should’ve rephrased my sentences. Don’t even know who your favs are. Only saw that’quote’ when you were busy defending some actors.

      • She is mediocre actress but she is not the only one. I have seen many kdrama and there are barely few actress who can act the shit out of role. Atleast she has found herself a niche. And as for her fashion sense I guess she is low on fashion because she is comfortable in whatever she is wearing. It’s not that she wear ugly cloth. Her casual style is good and upto trend so I don’t get fuss about it. And why she should dress better, for whom?

    • Me too. But of course there are always some people who think their style is better than anyone else. Obviously SHK isn’t the most stylish person on earth and she herself acknowledged that. She doesn’t even try to follow the trends. It’s all about preferences..if she feels comfortable in her outfits, no one else has the right to change it.

    • Tbh, i dont find anything funny aboutit. Because she is not thé only mediocre actress who is known for her beauty. I have seen good numbers of kdrama and there are barely few actress who can act the shit out of the role. So calling her out is a bit unfair At least she has found herself a niche. And as for her dressing sense, she wears what’s make her comfortable. It’s not that’s she wears ugly clothes,her offscreen style is casual and compy. And why she should dress better, for whom?

  7. Not surprised Autumn In My Heart was the 2nd one on the list, above WS. It basically started the Korean wave (in my country anyway haha). I couldn’t count how many times it has been re-broadcasted in our local channel and I gotta say, this is also my first k-drama (along with Winter Sonata) and probably my most favorite. I gotta agree, where is Full House? And BOF I think, restarted the Korean Wave so it also deserve to be on the list (even though i’m not a fan of it haha).

    • they are on the top20,this is an old article fr june, and the complete list is available on kbsworld youtube channel

  8. Autumn in my heart 1999/2000
    Full house 2004
    DOTS 2016
    All series rated 30+ above and re starsted hallyu wave her charisma as an actress is no joke she was able to whistand the test of time.
    Even after so many years and despite of many new female celebrities she is still relevant. I truly enjoy all of her series and her acting really improves. Worlds within is not on the list but i love that show so much acting and chemistry is good.

  9. In 2016 during KBS awards rightly they celebrated Boys Over Flower as the drama that most contributed to wawe korean in the world. Strange that this not firts in the standings. I did not loved DOTS because celebrated the military service, while I loved MDBC for the costumes, story and actors. I am sorry that someone said it is banal: I think he not see it!

  10. Boys over flowers was not critically acclaimed due to being teenage-themed drama even tho it was light it raised emotions in people.

    But aside from that Boys over flowers is the biggest project that came out of Asia as awhole in the last 15-yrs decade and half. It became an international revolution for that area of the world. It connected with the youth around the world due to its theme being trendy, youthful, cheerful, teen-angst love story etc etc. But what grabbed the people mostly was how awesome the rich kids in that show were Jun-pyo’s conflicted personality and love plus his rich friends set the stage for a new trendy vibes. The fast cars and everything they did was spot on trendy worthy and especially the tall, dark-haired Jun-pyo was something to behold

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