Park Min Young Continues to Slay the Fashion Styles Post Why Secretary Kim

I’m still totally swooning over Park Min Young‘s array of gorgeous outfits in recently finished tvN drama Why Secretary Kim. From chic believable office wear that highlighted her enviable figure to date worthy dresses and even casual home wear that was functional but cute, the wardrobe coordinator for that drama really hit a home run. It’s nice to see Park Min Young continue the streak in her post-drama activities, she’s feminine and pretty for sit down interviews on the drama, my favorites looks are the two shoulder bearing outfits one a blue and white dress and the other a ruffled white top and pants combo, and then she went with a cute black dress at a Samsung event last week.


Park Min Young Continues to Slay the Fashion Styles Post Why Secretary Kim — 27 Comments

  1. I am totallu fine over those underwent PS but when you start screaming “look at me, I am so pwetty” (except you are plastic pretty), that is how PMY is after WWSK. Before this drama and the instant boost of popularity, she wasn’t like this.

    • Oh she underwent PS? Thats new to me. No wonder she looked old for her age. I was surprised she’s a 86-er because she look the same age as Kim Heesun and Kim Sunah…

    • Why so much hate? I mean everyone and without doubt including you want to look pretty. Shes going under the knife as an effort to become one and also as requirement for an actress. what makes it so different when you go to to dermatologist for your skin care? And when you upgrade your cv by doing many courses?
      Really girl you need to get rid those of hatred inside your brain. Whether its plastic surgery or not you need to appreciate them because it does come from really a great effort, not just things that fell from the sky

  2. It’s a celebrity obsession in south korea and I think the society encourages this through its competitiveness..but you are right if they choose to have it admit it to say you haven’t had it or deny it just makes you look silly and not credible in other ways.The PS is out of control and very sad.


  3. Good for her…They all don’t have to admit though but just don’t say you haven’t when you have…Some have actually come out recently and said that all k celebrities have PS
    I am sure agents who invest heavily in talent would have it in contracts…this has been mentioned before…Lots of pressure on them from agents to make money.Its not easy for them…Lives are controlled and expectation is high.
    Her changes are for the better but for a price becoming different…

    • She has admitted to PS. She has never denied it. Even if other celebrities deny PS is none of your business, no one needs to tell all if surgery is done on the nose versus the big toe. PS is everywhere in SK that it’s like getting the nails done. Why are people so compelled to know?

      • You talk rubbish….Denying something is telling lies if you think that’s ok than you have a problem…you also made an assumption from my comment it was about her read it agai and please be accurate…A little bit protective over one of your favourites.. Your entitled to your opinion even as wrong as it is. don’t try and force your opinion on me or others here..your not an authority far from it.

      • I think you are the one who talk rubbish. She never denies PS. You are barking up the wrong tree here. I also sense some bitterness in your tone. I never claim to be an authority so you don’t need to cast your jealousy onto me.

    • One point will you stop inaccurately translating other comments from people here..You do it on a regular basis so if you need to quote an opinion or comment on what someon else said make sure IT IS what they said.Be accurate as you have need to corrected a number of times.

      • The only bitterness I have is the way you inaccurately comment on others opinions that people make here…you do it constantly to try and reinforce your own bias. Show some maturity and stop it as it’s very annoying. Move on now with your opinion which I and many don’t agree with.

      • I guess you are speaking to me because you have been replying to yourself… “the only bitterness” – I am correct, you are bitter. “inaccurately comment” – I don’t believe a comment needs accuracy, a comment is an opinion which is not a fact. “inaccurately translating” – don’t we all write in English here? why do I need to translate? “reinforce your own bias” – what’s wrong with that? don’t you have your bias? “I and many” – why are you speaking for other people? We can agree to disagree, but if you think I will listen to you, you are out of your freaking mind. This playground is free for everyone to make a comment.

  4. I love both off shoulder pieces on her. Her Secretary outfits really fits well on her. It created the image of her character.

    Some should take a chill. The article is just talking about PMY’s fashion style and array of outfits.

  5. She did admit to PS on her eyelids and nose, and I think she had breast augmentation as well? PS is very common nowadays, I don’t think it’s even an issue anymore. Happy for her success.

  6. Pretty photos. PMY and Lee Da Hae have the best PS transformation. If you noticed the eyes and jaw line totally soften their looks. Just like Julie Chen who got advised about changing her eye shape to look a certain way as a broadcaster.

  7. At the end of the day, this girl is beautiful especially her smile. I’m looking forward to the next phase of her career choice.

  8. Some comments here reek of jealousy. PMY has worked hard for her recent boost of popularity. She starred in many dramas that should have made her an overnight success, but didn’t, and still continued to roll with the punches and work hard on her craft. Now she finally has a well deserved successful drama people are making shade over her looks because they can’t find anything else to find fault with. Just be happy and celebrate an actress’s hard work. If her acting skills suck and need work, then that is constructive criticism, but calling out an actress for doing work to her face so she can remain competitive in a fiercely looks-dominated industry is not cool at all.

    • This. So much. PS should only be an issue if it has negatively impacted an actor’s ability to act, but this isn’t the case here. PMY looks good and her acting skill has improved over the years. People are just jealous.

    • I think some of the comments are indeed out of saltiness for whatever reason.But some of the shade would be because people get irked with celebs who get too much media coverage and media play for the most mundane things.I have seen literal shade being thrown at any IT celebs from her ex co-star Park Seo Joon to Jung hae In, to Park Bo Gum to song-song to Lee Min Ho and many more as we go backwards.Just give it time, when the hype around her dies out.All this nonsense will stop.They will either ignore her or focus on the important thing which is her acting and her acting projects.

  9. PS or not, we have to give props to PMY and her management for always choosing really good projects for her – from SSK Scandal, to City Hunter, to Healer and now to Why Secretary Kim. These dramas were all very well written and wonderfully executed. Her acting also gets better and better. And in case the romance rumors are true about her and Park Seo Joon, well daebak!! Truly happy for this hard-working actress!

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