K-ent News Program Discusses More Dating Signs with Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon Including Living Proximity

I think K-media has it out for Park Seo Joon and/or Park Min Young, at least has hunkered down in an attempt to get the two to admit they were/are dating. It’s disingenuous to say other than as a loyal fan that the two are straight up not dating based on the forthright reporting being done on the two since the end of their drama Why Secretary Kim. The coincidences of overseas travel, dog, shoes, couples items, etc. make a compelling case, and in addition a news program located their respective residences and found that it was a mere 10 minutes away from each other. The news program speculates that Park Seo Joon is refusing to admit to the relationship for fear of losing his CFs, which makes sense and honestly it’s up to him since its his career. I do worry that it will have the opposite affect of netizens hating on stars for lying about their relationships.


K-ent News Program Discusses More Dating Signs with Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon Including Living Proximity — 41 Comments

  1. If they are or not is entirely their own business…If they are dating congratulations to both of them and that’s all that should matter.?

  2. They were dating for 3 years, broke up and park see joon ask director to cast park min young for wwwsk.you can see in Asian artist award 2017 fancam they are already interested in each other’s. I think park see joon still young and not stable in career to getting married.

  3. God damn, is it a slow news day or what? Why’re they so persistent????

    Who cares if they’re dating,what business is it if yours. It’s not like tax avoidance or treasonous collusion.

    But for real, Song JoongKi and Song HyeGyo ruined it for single celebs with their lying and then sudden marriage. Now no one believes anything and thinks it’s their right to barge and dig into other people’s lives even after from-the-horse’s- mouth clarification.

  4. I don’t know if they are dating or not but I found that Park Min Young seemed pretty clear about it and seemed to be angry that all her costars in the drama were asked about that. If they really are dating, I really don’t understand why they chose to act together in a drama with romance if they’re not ready to be public. It’s kind of stupid…

  5. Dating or not that’s their business. Knetz and those paparazzi should mind their own business seriously. If they are really dating, there should be certain reasons for them to deny it. PSJ always says that he will never go public about his relationship because he doesn’t want to hurt people surrounding him(his girlfriend/fans). PMY also says that she doesn’t want to get caught if she is dating. People need to realize that celebrities also human who wants to protect their private life. Their duties are just giving best performances and we, just enjoying it of course not invading their privacy.

  6. i think all these facts pove they are dating but Park Seo Joon is too ambitious and is afraid fo tose his contracts after the drama . Weird.

  7. I have never understood these rumours and why ardent shippers are so hellbent in finding ‘proof’ to validate their claims? It actually has the complete opposite effect to what they want so much to see? It drives the couple apart and they end up taking great pains NOT to be ever seen together again. And they would probably think twice before ever starring together again in a future drama? It’s almost as if shippers cannot bear to think that their on screen couple could possibly want to move on because they personally can’t? And then the same fans complain when the actor/actress shuts down their social media accounts coz they can’t take all the prying any more?

  8. Good god reporters really have nothing else to do, this is getting ridiculous. If PSJ and PMY are dating and don’t want to say so, that’s their right to privacy.

    Anyway he’s been rising in popularity for 3-4 years now, he’s not some flash-in-the-pan who’s unproven except for one role. And she, well, Park Min Young’s work of the last decade speaks for itself, she isn’t so highly praised as an actress for no reason and she’s not some It Girl either.

    They’ll both be fine, whinging knets trying to take them down is like trying to make a dent in water.

  9. What in the world?? How does living in close proximity become proof for dating? That’s really far fetched. There are a lot of people who live in close proximity and are not dating. There must be tons of celebs that live super close to each other. Seriously annoying these fans and paparazzi.

    Leave them the heck alone. I don’t really buy the coincidences honestly. These guys are grasping at straws trying to get a piece of their popularity with all these ridiculous new reports. So what if they are dating, so what if they aren’t. Leave them be.

  10. Park seo join era is over in one or two months, yang se-joong will take over cf king. Even still 17 hitting 11% rating. It-boys never last long getting fame all will be replaced. Park seo join lose momentum because his agency can’t handle dating rumor.

  11. I feel bad for them…no privacy at all…
    then you have netizens asking themselves why celebrities are soooo private…
    this is a perfect example, damned if you do, damned if you don’t…

  12. The clip of the show is even worse. They don’t respect their privacy at all showing their buildings entrances and asking people in the neighborhood if they saw the two. So disrespectful.

    • There were no pictures of Song Song couple either before they announced their marriage. Dating rumors without basis usually die out quickly but they keep harping on this one, makes me believe they really are dating. If they are, I don’t know why PSJ has to hide it to protect his CFs. LMH and Suzy are much bigger stars and their dating did not affect their CFs at all.

      • I thought I saw Dispatch posted some Song Song pictures while travelling in Tokyo together before wedding announcement, or am I mistaken? Song Song couple has taken many casual friendship pictures (with Yoo Ah In) before… calling those social pictures, just not dating pictures, that’s all… Are there any social pictures seen with Park-Park (ie. not drama BTS photos), just curious… But why so hype about those 30 & above dating? Isn’t it normal?

      • If I remember correctly, the picture in Japan was released after the marriage announcement. Dispatch had the pictures but didn’t publish them, some say SHK is a close friend with one of the Dispatch editor so they keep it a secret for her.

        As for Park Park, Koreans really hate it when celebrities lie, I think they are more mad that they think PP are lying rather than them dating.

      • do the Koreans hate when Song-Song couple lied? just curious… Why are they treating the Park-Park like this now? I really don’t understand all these Korean practices…

      • Dispatch release photo sjk,shk and yo ah in dinner after baeksang award in 2016. In that time sjk rumored involved with park yoo Chun absolutely wrong. And any reports song joong ki vacation with non celebrity girlfriend absolutely wrong too. In fact sjk was vacation with song hye kyo. They came and left different time.

  13. Wow, this is pretty f***** up and the sense of entitlement is absolutely baffling but what’s new with celebrity obsessed societies.

  14. Song-song couple definitely had group date photos and things like that in which they denied. I rarely follow this but I remember I must have seen it on this site.

    I have never seen any non-work related photos of SJ and MY so I just don’t get it. Why go so far when no one has actually seen them together? Wouldn’t Dispatch have already scooped this out? It seems like a witch hunt. This seems like overkill. They aren’t idols anyways. Who cares?

    • I agree w/ you on this. Insider claimed they heard rumor about them dating prior to filming of Secretary Kim.Yet, no insider had made any attempt to get any photo of them together. It is only now that they are digging for info. It is such a shame we can’t trust what’s on TV now a days.

      PSJ seems like such a nice colleague to work with. He only has nothing but good things to say about his costars even despite dating rumors. If one look at his BTS w/ his previous costar KJW, one would believe they like each other too.

    • Could be Dispatch hiding it. Dispatch had photos from Jan of that same year when they got engaged for Song Song. They got outed for real in July because of a vacation they took and MBC actually following up on it for once, but yeah Dispatch kept it under wraps for them for months until they finally admitted it themselves.

      I’m a SS fan, but it just goes to show what people with power can do as opposed to what celebs without have to deal with. Fans knew of all the vacations SSC took together where they came and left on different days, how he flew all the way around the world to be with her for a day or so before leaving back to Korea and how he basically joined her circle of friends, even sharing staff, but reporters never bothered to write articles. It’s sad the press won’t leave these two alone. I’m not sure who they pissed off. Maybe htey are hoping they’ll admit it? They did eventually do the same thing to SHK and SJK, kept digging and invading privacy until they had no choice.

  15. Yawn…so boring???.They are dating and dont want to go public.Let them be.They are not dating or never dated.Time will reveal the truth.No matter how much you poke into their privacy and bring “evidences” or whatever.They are not going to own up to it because at this point in time its detrimental to their careers.Besides, why are people so obsessed with their dating status?What benefit does it have to anyone other than them?Yikes..

    • My feeling, all this is not with them, they are after another artists, and they are trying to put them on the corner, and they are doing all this to play a mind game. Differently big people behind it,” butthurt” agencies and people.
      It is unfair for all of them. Nobody owns anybody nothing, they have a right as any human being. May God protect all of them, and turn them blind to weak and evil people.

  16. Strikes me as unhealthy how entitled fans feel to control and influence actors they favor. Seems fans and actors alike need to step back and establish some boundaries and realistic expectations. Actors deserve privacy. Are they really that vulnerable if fans don’t like their life choices? News organizations have no right to be so invasive either. It just exacerbates the situation. Leave them alone.

  17. Considering how small Seoul in terms of land area, imagine how many celebrities lives within 10mins radius from each other.

  18. Literally, no one actually cares. Even those pics of LJS glancing at PSH on that presidential award function (the one where Jun Ji Hyun and IU got awarded too) proved more of their dating than any of these PMY and PSJ proofs. Even then, no one cared and will care.

      • Yeah, for real. Also, PSH going into LJS’s apartment midnight and glancing over her shoulders and switching cars at 2 am is wayyyy more believable dating evidence that PSJ waring jersey shirt with PMY’s birth date lmao!

  19. Suzy still fine and get more cf even after 2 public relationship. She even keep getting role in upcoming drama. Same with Kim go eun has 2 failed relationship, she has movie with jung hae in.
    Even song joong ki has new drama with tvn and new movie with werewolf boy director despite not much cf offer. What park seo joon fear for?

  20. Wait, did they show the locations of their houses on Tv? WTF? Isn’t that like an extremely serious violation of their privacy and more importantly dangerous?

  21. Goddamnit. PSJ’s image really dented on this one. He had said before he wont reveal himself dating ever. He’s known to be a private person. Heck his alleged relationship rumors with Baek Jin Hee ended just like that even when media tried a lot to expose them.
    Park Min Young had said she’d like to fall in love without getting caught because she got caught once. She doesnt want to go through that again. Also, an opinion of a partner is always important to PSJ. He said that in an interview.
    If they are dating, then its probably a mutual decision for them not to disclose it. Why is everyone making it hard for this two…

  22. Why so secretive if they are dating, it’s not like you guys are having an affair. Be proud and show the world, just like any couple eg. Lee Joon and Jung So Min. If in the end things don’t work out between the couples, break up and move on.

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