Lush Colors and Costumes in Posters and Stills for tvN Sageuk 100 Days My Prince

I’m a sucker for gorgeous costuming in period dramas, appropriate to the context of course, because it’s visual porn akin to fawning over the British costumes in a Jane Austen novel adaptation. There a dreamy romantic element of the transportation to the past distinct from the narrative, and if done right really elevates the watch pleasure. Upcoming tvN sageuk 100 Days My Prince (Dear Husband of 100 Days) is delivering the costume and color porn in spades, leads Nam Ji Hyun and D.O. are profiled so beautifully in their costumes and the production is really using color in the character posters to great effect. The young love and the princely/commoner couple strikes me as the kindred successor to Moonlight Drawn By Clouds and that was one audaciously romantic-driven sageuk through and through.


Lush Colors and Costumes in Posters and Stills for tvN Sageuk 100 Days My Prince — 5 Comments

  1. Han So Hee! I’ve been following her on Instagram since before her supporting roles in reunited worlds and flower money. She’s really a refreshing beauty and hopefully will go farther than just being a “flower vase”. Looking forward to this!

    • And from her ig she seems to have weird obsession with ghosts, scared animals, strange art works. She is a bit crazy but loveable.

  2. im so in love with Nam Ji Hyun. I hope to see her more in 2020. I hope she gets good projects because she is really a good and versatile actress.

    I hope that she can work again with DO in 2021.

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