Parade of C-stars Attend Elle China’s 30th Anniversary Style Night

It was the 30th anniversary of Elle magazine’s annual Style Night and the usual bevy of C-stars were in attendance with a couple of new faces that got famous just this summer. Yang Mi, Ni Ni, Tang Yan and Angelababy were the familiar attendees all decked out in formal gowns of to varying degrees of success, I think the ladies looked very pretty but the dresses itself weren’t my faves. Ni Ni’s dress is too simple, Yang Mi’s too embroidered, Tang Yan’s too ruffled, and Angelababy’s too much going on with the lace and polka dots and pleats. Goes to show that even the higher fashion levels of C-actress red carpet dressing is hard to maintain. Luckily there were cute new faces to pop up in the form of three of the four male leads of Meteor Garden 2018, with the F3 in attendance being Dylan Wang, Caesar Wu (Wu Xi Zhe), and Connor Leong (Liang Jing Kang).

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Parade of C-stars Attend Elle China’s 30th Anniversary Style Night — 9 Comments

  1. The women dress so much better than Korean stars. they wear dresses that complement their body proportions. Liu Wei legs are so long

  2. Poor fan bing bing just because tax evasion she now disappeared without a trace. I hope huan xiaoming and angelbaby save and change citizenship to US. No one know fan bing bing stay a live or not.

  3. Is yang mi and Tang Yan still friends? They don’t seem to be as close like in the past. Instead yang mi and Angelababy got very close lately. There’s lots of photos of both of them

  4. Chinese female celebrities always look so well put together at these events compared to Korean female celebrities, who often dress like they’re 20 years behind. The guys, however, the Korean stars are much more handsome.

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