Pan Yue Ming and Dylan Wang Start Filming Thriller C-drama Light in the Night But C-netizens Not Happy with the Equal Billing

A new C-drama has kicked off filming called Light in the Night (Confessions in the Dark) with veteran Pan Yue Ming and younger actor Dylan Wang. It’s the classic formula of grizzled cop with fresh eager newbie in an investigative series. The two male leads apparently have equal billing but Pan Yue Ming’s name is first in last name alphabetical order but reportedly it’s to give respect to the veteran because there is already backlash from C-netizens that Dylan got equal billing. I’m just glad whatever the decision was made it was made before filming started and of both stars are fine with it then just let it be.

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Yang Zi and Zhu Yi Long Wins 2023 Weibo Night Queen and King as the C-stars Put on the First Red Carpet Party of the New Year

The first big C-ent party of 2024 was this weekend with the 2023 Weibo Night celebration that brought out nearly all the popular stars in the industry. Yang Zi and Zhu Yi Long took home the top awards Weibo Queen … Continue reading

Dylan Wang Reportedly Turns Down C-drama with Dilraba Dilmurat Because He Doesn’t Want Second Billing While The Two Fandoms Get Into Massive Online Fight

So the week before Christmas all was not quite well in certain corners of the C-ent universe. There were talks recently of Dylan Wang joining Dilraba Dilmurat in a C-drama titled Love on the Turquoise Land (枭起青壤) where she would … Continue reading

Popular C-stars Deliver on Glamour Yet Again at the 2023 Tencent Video All Star Awards

This week Tencent held its own 2023 Tencent Video All Star Awards to celebrate the actors and actresses who did a Tencent project this year. It’s like the network drama years in South Korea so all attendees are there basically … Continue reading

Producer of Cheng Yi’s Next Drama Hero Legends Incur Fans Ire When He Shares the Trailer for Dylan Wang’s New Drama Guardian’s of the Dafeng

So this beef goes back to earlier this year during the filming of period C-drama Hero Legends starring Cheng Yi. Apparently the production started filming before getting the first approval from the authorities which is a big no no and … Continue reading

Modern Romance C-drama Only for Love Wraps Airing with Across the Board Bad Reviews But Leads Dylan Wang and Bai Lu Emerge Unscathed

This is an interesting drama to dissect because there are clearly so much elements at play. Modern workplace romance C-drama Only for Love with Bai Lu and Dylan Wang finished airing this week and a happy ending did nothing to … Continue reading