Dylan Wang and Chen Fei Yu Accept Outstanding Actor of the Year Awards at the 2022 Weibo Internet and Video Summit

Okay, those of you who are Ever Night fans this may just set your panties on fire. It kinda did for me and I didn’t even watch it haha. Goes to show both male leads Chen Fei Yu (Arthur Chen) and Dylan Wang are just on fire this year in terms of popularity and leveling up. Ah Se (nickname for Chen Fei Yu as his dad called him that which is the Chinese pronunciation for Arthur) debuted in a big way as the male lead of fantasy period drama Ever Night but did not return for season 2 which Dylan Wang took over as the male lead playing the same character. Both guys took home Outstanding Actor of the Year awards together on stage at last night’s Weibo 2022 Internet and Video Summit and looked so fiiiiiiiine onstage. I always felt Dylan was super tall but seeing him next to Ah Se who is even taller and I was like whut tha wut and realized Ah Se needs better posture onscreen when he’s acting haha! I’m such a mom and these two young men are adorable!

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Dylan Wang and Yu Shu Xin’s Respective Fandoms Get into Fight Over Reported Love Between Fairy and Devil CF Shipping Fans Attempting to Smear Him

So this is wildly complicated and just mostly stupid. This week the hot C-drama of summer 2022 CF fandom of Love Between Fairy and Devil nearly caused a war between the respective fandoms of leads Dylan Wang and Yu Shu … Continue reading

Xiao Zhan, Dylan Wang, and Crystal Liu Top the 2022 Actor During Drama Airing Baidu Search Rankings

Baidu published the top 10 actor search numbers during the airing of a drama this weekend and it’s showing how often an actor or actress was searched for during the run of his/her drama. The requirement is the search has … Continue reading

First Preview and Many Pretty Stills for Dylan Wang and Chen Yu Qi’s Upcoming Court Intrigue Drama Forbidden Love

I’ve written off Thousand Years for You as quickly as I got excited about it so let’s take the next batch of C-dramas that interest me a bit slower. One is Forbidden Love (浮图缘 Fu Tu Yuan) a court intrigue … Continue reading

iQiyi Suddenly Schedules the August 7th Premiere of Fantasy Romance C-drama Love Between Fairy and Devil with Dylan Wang and Esther Yu

Okay, can Chinese streaming sites stop sudden scheduling dramas like Beyonce drops new albums, it’s unnecessary and weird. This Thursday August 4th is Qixi Festival, the 7th day of the 7th month in the lunar calendar, and is also known … Continue reading