Han Ji Min and Nam Joo Hyuk Cast as Leads in 2019 Fantasy Romance K-drama Brilliant

Now this is a pairing that I’m sure no one has ever asked for and really couldn’t come at a worse time. Han Ji Min is currently wowing my socks off in her powerful and caring role in tvN drama Knowing Wife (Familiar Wife) and before the shine is even off she goes and signs on to a problematic male lead pairing. Her next male lead is going to be Nam Joo Hyuk, experiece and ability-wise such a step down from current male lead Ji Sung, in a fantasy drama called Brilliant (or Dazzling or Blindingly Bright). She plays a 25-year old woman who suddenly loses the rest of her time and becomes an old woman, to be played by Kim Hye Ja, and crosses paths with a 26 year old young man given all the time in the world and wastes it living a useless existence. The drama comes from the PD of I Live in Cheondamdong and will be fully pre-produced to air in early January 2019.

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Han Ji Min and Nam Joo Hyuk Cast as Leads in 2019 Fantasy Romance K-drama Brilliant — 27 Comments

  1. Working with Kim Hye Ja will be an honour for any Korean actor I’m sure…. but Nam Joo Hyuk…. :’D I don’t think he’s a hopeless actor per se (he was watchable in WFKBJ), but Bride of the Water God definitely proved he lacks chemistry with older actresses. There’s just too much ‘boy’ and not enough manliness in him to make the performance believable. But idk, if the PD knows how to use him he might turn out all right….

    • Its not only chemistry issue.Nam Koo Hyuk just isnt leading man material.He is charismatic as a model, but as an actor.He should brush up his skills in supporting roles before accepting leading roles.He cant emote well and his voice is monotone.WFKBJ was a fluke.He looked like he had ok acting skills because the character was closer to his real personality and the “chemistry” with lee sung kyung was because they already had a thing for each other and they were friends prior to the drama like from the same agency.He is the male version of Hyeri.Give them in characters closer to their personality and a good production team and they will perform.Give them something out of their comfort zone like BOTWG and their acting weakness will come out.

  2. Oh no!!!Han Ji Min why???She is lucky she gets a variety of offers compared to her counterparts of the same age as her.She has a movie coming up next month and her drama this year will be concluding just this month.She could have waited a bit longer until better offers came along and a good acting partner came along.

  3. But for this one I have to say HJM is too old to play a 25 year old anything. Her high school parts are my least favorite in familiar wife. She looks best when she plays her own age.

  4. NJH maybe eye candy but when I see him in motion, ”acting’’, I get turned off. Goo Ara gives me the same feeling, pretty to look at but a tun off when she’s acting. Outside R94, she’s had no appealing dramas.

  5. Han ji min please run if you still can lol. Not nam joo hyuk please. He is too young and i prefer actors than model/idol turned actors. Please reconsider. You are awesome in familiar wife, please have another project as fun and as heart warming as it is.

  6. In my perspective, it’s actually a step up for Han Ji Min. It’s time for her to carry a drama rather than being am ultimate support to his leading man.

    • Nah, I dont think Han Ji Min is at the Kim Su Ah or Lee Yo Won level to hard carry a drama or star in a femalecentric drama yet.She is acting well in “Familiar Wife” but part of the reason why she is shining in there, is because that her character is well written and likeable compared to Ji Sung.I think she needs about two or three successful string of projects whether film or drama before taking on that challenge.

      • Well it’s your opinion. She’s been in the industry for almost 20 years since debut and has been playing leading roles for more than10 years, So to me, she’s been long overdue to take charge.

  7. What kind of (powerful) backing does NJH have in the industry? I knew it was no joke when he was placed in the center of the cast during the press conference for his movie with Jo In Sung, it’s subtle and not so subtle things like that and it’s not just coincidence. Any tea about him?

    • Same like Jung Hae In, the guy who thinks he’s the center of the show, powerful agency and mediaplay backing coupled with rabid fangirls who go crazy over his visuals. YG knows how to do their job when it comes to actors. Too bad everyone already knows how bad NJH’s acting is. Water God was a disaster because of his shitty acting..

    • Well YG and its money money money money. But my guess is bigger the agency lesser the share the actor gets because the agency will say we made you star. Actors with long running and stable agencies not manipulative and influential as yg have more freedom in their personal matters and what to speak in public and larger share of earnings

  8. But i cant blame nam joo hyuk for dreaming high. Some of the big big names of acting were very bad and bland in their initial roles. Example jo in sung in his initial projects and ha ji won in that movie i think its called 100 days with mr arrogant she was so awkward. nothing like her performances now a days

  9. Kim Hye Ja + I Live in Cheongdamdong PD would normally be an immediate MUST WATCH, but…why NJH? I enjoyed him in Weightlifting Fairy, but he’s been pretty horrible in his other roles. Han Ji Min has been really hot or cold for me. I find her very pretty, but she doesn’t always pick the best dramas.

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