Jo Jung Seok to Cameo as Han Ji Min’s First Love in Final Episode of tvN Drama Knowing Wife

Now this is a cameo that feels so perfect in casting and timing. K-actor Jo Jung Seok will be making a guest appearance in the final episode of tvN drama Knowing Wife (Familiar Wife) as a nod to both the screenwriter and the leading lady. He worked the the screenwriter before in Oh My Ghost while Han Ji Min guest starred in Jo Jung Seok’s drama with Gong Hyo Jin in Incarnation of Jealousy. She played his character’s matchmaking date and this time he returns the favor as playing her character’s first love in Knowing Wife. I cannot wait for a sure to be fantastic cameo role as Jo Jung Seok always delivers a lot with a little screenwriter as proven in his male mermaid guest role opposite Jeon Ji Hyun in Legend of the Blue Sea. This time he will play Han Ji Min’s character’s first love and ahahahahaha I’m going to love watching Ji Sung seethe further in jealousy because he may have learned his lesson but he put everyone through such a ringer I want him to suffer just a teensy bit more.

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Jo Jung Seok to Cameo as Han Ji Min’s First Love in Final Episode of tvN Drama Knowing Wife — 6 Comments

  1. I love this drama and love the actors. Jisung and jjs are really great actors.

    Btw jjs is still having time before his wedding. So happy for him and gummy.

  2. He was my favourite character in Legend of the Blue Sea (before I stopped the drama). He was so funny. He’s really a good actor and singer.

    • Same here, I dropped Blue Sea after Jo Jung Seok’s cameo. I wished he was the lead instead of LMH, his chemistry with JJH was great.

  3. This for sure would be hilarious. Three great actors in one frame. Can’t wait for the last episodes. I will miss this drama. One of the good dramas in a while.

  4. Geez how many times are they both going to keep doing cameos in each other’s dramas?!?!?! Can they just do a drama together already?! I love them both together!

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