Kim So Hyun in Talks for Drama Remake of Miss Granny

K-actress Kim So Hyun is having a great start to the week in a one-two drama casting news punch. First she gets her two leading men in Netflix produced K-drama Love Alarm and now she gets her second drama lined up to follow. Kim So Hyun has been offered the female lead role in the remake of hit K-movie Miss Granny (Suspicious Girl). The role was originated by a fellow grown up child actress Shim Eun Kyung who I thought was still age appropriate to play the same role but a fresh face in Kim So Hyun also works for me. The role requires the leading lady to play an old person trapped in a young girl’s body, so expect lots of old folk body language and way of talking. Kim So Hyun is reportedly still considering the offer and so far the only cast member confirmed is supporting actor Kwon Hae Hyo along with returning old granny Na Moon Hee playing the same role as in the movie. The drama is scheduled to start filming at year end with an airing date in 2019.

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Kim So Hyun in Talks for Drama Remake of Miss Granny — 23 Comments

  1. Believe it or not but Shim Eun Kyung is now in her mid 20s while the character is just freshly turned 20. More importantly Na Moon Hee with Kim So Hyun is gonna be a treat.

    • I was thinking IU lol this drama is actually perfect for singer/actress but I guess they already have plans. I love the movie nonetheless so I can’t wait for more news

  2. She’s raking in all the big productions now. So far ahead of any of her child counterparts. She’s managed to balanced between a wholly rookie cast with a veteran line up. This girl is really smart in her drama choices.

    • Personaly, I don’t think that her 2 last dramas were good. In Ruler, her character was useless, the second femine lead was more impactful on the story and in Radio Romance, she was not so good for her adult role.

      I’m happy to see that her next role is younger.

      • Frankly she was phenomenal in both dramas. Her acting is well beyond any of her peers as well as most adult actors. She’s an enigma who can blend into any character easily.

      • She was brilliant in Radio Romance! I remember she got a lot of praise for her acting from the local audience and on every blog or review I read for the drama. Personally I felt she bought a maturity to the role that was really unexpected. I honestly can see why they want her to play this halmoni character since she already talks and walks like a adult. I feel like there is a few people determined to not see her grow up too quickly but she’s already old mentally. She’s too mature for her age so it shows in her acting for a long time now.

      • Noticed that how people feel about her drama choices is similar to how they feel about park shin hye drama choices as well. Most swear by her dramas others don’t find she picks good dramas or roles. They are both extremely popular and very well loved by literally everyone while winning awards left, right and center so they must be doing something right. Their massive fan bases are proof of their ever growing popularity despite what a few might feel about their dramas.

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