Moon Chae Won is Adorable in First Stills for K-drama Tale of the Gyeryong Fairy

The fully pre-produced K-drama Tale of the Gyeryong Goddess (English title Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter) is off to a visually pretty start by showcasing female lead Moon Chae Won‘s ability to believably turn into an immortal fairy stranded in the mortal Earthly realm. She plays a fairy that comes down to Earth and loses her fairy wings, in the process falling in love and marrying her mortal husband. Unfortunately he does an early untimely death and she waits nearly 700 years for him to be reincarnated. In the present time she’s running a tea house and coffee shop in the guise of an old lady but those who can pierce through her magic can see her true beautiful form. Moon Chae Won hasn’t done a sageuk since The Princess’s Man and this time she’ll have fun with the fantasy elements and fusion modern hanboks as she traverses the centuries from Joseon era to now.


Moon Chae Won is Adorable in First Stills for K-drama Tale of the Gyeryong Fairy — 26 Comments

  1. She is in the sageuk movie “Feng Shui” (premiering tomorrow).It’s the 3rd and final installments of “The Face Reader.”

  2. Her face has changed? I did not recognize her from the picture. Lee Jun Ki also looked very different than when he was in “My Girl”. What the heck?

  3. It does looks like she gained weight. Her face looks chubby. But she still looks breathtakingly beautiful. Can’t wait for the drama to air.

  4. She was also chubby back then in brilliant legacy. Those who followed her since her debut would know that she was chubby back then and good thing that she’s still. It’s good to see her healthy. It’s always better than some skinny actresses who let themselves be hungry for something called extreme diet. Cant we appreciate the healthy body? Sigh.

    Hope this drama can do well. Fighting!

    • Amen to that! I think she looks fine. People are not used to healthy looking women anymore. It’s alarming to read some find her ugly just because she doesn’t hunger to death.

      Also, from what I understand she had health issues and I think that’s why she might have gained a bit. But when you look at photos from live events she is looking beautiful and glowy.

    • I don’t know why my comment didn’t go through but just wanted to say: I agree with you completely.

      It’s alarming how many people find healthy looking women ugly just because they don’t starve themselves to death.

      Also, from what I understand Moon Chae Won did have health issues inbetween Criminal Minds and Filming Feng Shui

  5. I have a soft spot for her.I hope third is the charm and this drama is the success to break the spell of her landing in bad to mediocre dramas and movies.Her luck paused in 2013.Its been a while since she landed a good project.

  6. I think she only gained a high percentage of her weight in her face though than the rest of her body.I think it happened to Lee Min Ho and Jung Il Woo too.But it doesnt take away her beauty.I also think she is one of those people who looks even better in motion.Stills like this dont do justice to her visuals.

    As for Jun Ki, its easy.”My Girl” was 12 years ago.He aged.He also lost too much weight for scarlet heart ryeo role(15kg) and taken two “action-heavy” dramas after that.Its gonna take a while to notice any difference, if at all he intends to regain his weight.But then again, I can only think of Jang Nara and Son Ye Jin from his generation of actors who hasnt aged.None of the early 2000s male actors looks the same as they did back then to me.All of them from Jo In Sung,Hyun Bin, Lee Dong Wook,and even the female ones Song Hye Kyo, Gong Yoo, Jun Ji Hyun,Gong Hyo Jin, Gong Yoo, Ha Ji Won,So Ji Sub and others when you take out the airbrush from their pictorials and not shooting them in HD cameras.They look a lot more mature.But all aged like fine wine to me.They are still very attractive and charismatic with acting skills to boot.

    • Agree that her face is round. I think it’s not a bad thing. Gives us something else to see since majority of Korean actresses are so into V shape that some shaved their jaws. It’s scary to think of all the pains doing that

      • Ditto.Her face shape and overall look is also good for the hanbok and head pieces.The other actresses with oval and v shape faces can also look pretty in hanbok but its a bland kind of pretty.Not to mention, those super big hair pieces look better on round faces like hers.

        I think she is only second to Lee Young Ae when it comes to sageuk classic beauty followed by Ha Ji Won.Ask the Koreans, when they ask who looks good in sageuk.She is always in the top three.

  7. WTF is wrong with people what’s happening to the world ?! she looks gorgeous beautiful and healthy she isn’t even fat and even if she was that doesn’t mean she’s ugly you stupid fatophopic asses you’re the reason people starve themselves and lack confidence hope karma gets you all soon

  8. She is looking gorgeous. She looks her age but still very gorgeous. Atleast she doesnt pretend to look younger than her age with botox and shaving off her jaw and all the PS. Her weight and body proportions are perfect for her age. Whats so amazing and seductive in seeing actresses with stick like figures in order to look young? Also some one mentioned lee joon gi in my girl and now. He freaking AGED…… Its been 13 years LMAO. Do you expect him to stay young and gorgeous forever.well i accept he looked wierd with those shaved eyebrows in many of my girl episodes but now he is older . Want to see the real age of lee joon gi watch resident evil he looked like a 30 plus man of any other country. Now he has mighty fine lines due to heavy weight loss which he covers with heavy white make up. All of them have aged freaking every one of them even jang nara ,son ye jin to me freaking everyone of them lookes matured now with bigger face. Its their age to change. Let them age gracefully and accept the changes in them lol are you expecting them to have same face as 10 years ago??? Moon chae won is gorgeous with curved figure. She looked sexy in criminal minds and here she looks an elegant and gorgeous 30 year old woman. Let her be

  9. I think Moon Chewon gained weight to resemble her webtoon character who is rounder compared to the beauty standards of the modern women, maybe because she’s a fairy who was born in different times and is a mother. And even if the drama wasn’t adapted from a webtoon, it’s more befitting that she has a more relaxed appearance because her character is written as warm and kind.

      • Yeah. She looks the same. She attended her movie premiere the other day and looks the same as before. But she is indeed gaining weight and most goes to her naturally round cheeks. The hairstyle makes it even more obvious. It’s funny that some are just talking nonsense

  10. She looks gorgeous to me.
    What I think it’s happening here is people who only watched Nice Guy and never checked on her after that lol Because yes, she was damn shinny there, she was probably starving herself, but on her following role she was already with her normal chubbier image that she had since debut.
    Literally, if you get a picture from 2008 and compare it with a 2018 one, of her dressed as gisaeng, she looks the same, with round cheeks.

    And like some people commented here, her role right now kinda asks for she looking like this too… Oknam is a mother of two in the webtoon, she was born 699 years ago. This role asks for a rounder classic beauty look. Would be so weird to see a skinny small faced actress casted for it.

    Anywayyyyy, she looks lovely, and pretty. I’m looking forward to it.
    The webtoon has a beautiful story. Sadly isn’t translated to english, so many don’t know about it :/
    Can’t wait for November!!

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