Former C-actress Miki Shum Commits Suicide After Cancer Diagnosis and Husband Cheating with Long Time Mistress

This is such a sad news story and I feel compelled to write about it to give agency and acknowledgment. Former C-actress Miki Shum (Shen Li Jun) was a model turned rising young actress when she landed the young female lead role in All’s Well, Ends Well 2009 with Louis Koo before retiring to become a full time wife and mom after she got married 8 years ago to a chaebol heir in Shanghai. Her agency confirmed today the rumors circulating for the last week that 35-year old Miki committed suicide on Sept 10th by jumping off a building. She was diagnosed with cancer last year and was receiving treatment, but she elected to end her life leaving behind two kids ages 5 and 3 and a very long suicide not that excoriated her husband for cheating on her with a night club mistress he kept for many years, never being home or spending any time with their kids, and later turning into verbal and physical fights that left Miki completed bereft and feeling hopeless that her life was worth leading. She apologized to her kids for leaving them and hoped they would be strong and grow up well. The suicide note is so long it took me 20 minutes and read and so detailed as to explain how horrible her home life was, and now her fans are wishing her happiness without pain and using this as a reminder that young stars marrying a rich man does not equal financial or emotional security.

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Former C-actress Miki Shum Commits Suicide After Cancer Diagnosis and Husband Cheating with Long Time Mistress — 17 Comments

  1. Thank you for sharing this, God rest her soul in peace obviously she wanted to be heard.

    I can’t imagine how damaged her psyche must be to leave her children. That’s the part that most got to me. She must have been suffering very much.

    As for her husband, regardless of his financial situation, he should have been more of a human being. They had two children and sometimes it is not good to be selfish. There are two sides to every story in a relationship but here one side was distraught enough to take her own life leaving her two children! It is just too sad.

    Also not every actress gets married to rich guys because of financial security. They move in a certain set and meet only people with high financial means and people who serve them (personal trainers, chefs etc.). Maybe there are people who marry for that whether they are in entertainment or not, but who am I to judge? Consenting adults doing their thing is not going to bother me.

  2. I am not familiar with who she is but all i can say is that “you fought hard, and now may you finally find the rest and peace you needed…”

    Dramas of celebs or women/men from lesser background marrying into chaebol family, always have their cinderella happily ever after ending with the grand wedding. They never do tell the aftermath story. And the reality always shows that, there more grief that what was bargained for or can be handle in these choices.

    This is one of the most tragic end, another is with Go HyunJung who until now is not allowed to see her kids…

    • I wouldn’t judge her harshly. She may suffer from extreme depression that affected her rational logic and thinking. In her desperate situation, I am sure she felt her leaving is the best option due to the cancer (my own dad had it I don’t wish any children to go that terrible ordeal either) and then all the issues with her husband (neglect, cheating and we don’t know if anything else). RIP to her and I pray that the children will have an adult who looks out for their best interest and care.

      • I just hope whichever adult raises them doesn’t sully their image and thoughts of their own mother. Because I can see someone training them to hate and blame their mother already…

    • Depression doesn’t choose who it will attack and you can’t turn it on/off by a switch.

      Please if you’ve never gone through it or know anyone who has, educate yourself.

  3. So tragic, particularly for her, her family and above all her children. Not being aware if her cancer caused her body to be disfigured, had spread, or was more a punch in the gut. But a cheating husband certainly did not offer her the support she obviously needed so badly. For those of us who are healthy it is easy to feel she could have used some of her money to escape and say good riddance to bad rubbish to her husband/mistress. She obviously was unable to make that move. May she rest in peace. May her children grow up to be healthy and well adjusted. Her husband….let him drift….

    • She cannot. In her note, she has stopped working and has no financial means to move away. Her in-laws asked her to stop working after her first child. She tried to divorce during her second child but I remembered she mentioned her husband threatened her that he will have the custody of both her children if she did (no financial support on her end). Her trash husband even used some of her money to buy things for his mistress and that mistress even blogged about those gifts on mistress weibo! (but after this news was published, the mistress has deleted all her posts).

      • Thank you. My culture is so very different; she most probably (because of his affair) would have been able to retain custody of the children and much needed emotional support would have come from her family; both immediate and extended. The husband knew she was totally blocked. What a trash bucket he is/was.

  4. Wow, my goodness this is utterly devastating. I can’t imagine the suffering she was going through mentally and physically and may she RIP. My heart goes out to her children and loved ones. I really hope she is at peace.

  5. While I appreciate your highlighting Miki’s plight and unfortunate passing, I wish you will move on and choose another news event as your main page. I am a fan of your blog and find it depressing to see this page every time I click on your site. Pls change it to a more uplifting event. We get the message that women including celebrities can be abused and suffer misfortunes. I’m more interested in how we can support women in entertainment as it’s an industry where women can be easily exploited because they want to succeed and move up the ladder. How can we take this forward?

  6. OMGoodness. RIP, dear lady. So sad that this was so much for you that you left your kids behind. To ‘husband’, all I will say, Karma is real and a B!! You will get yours! I hope her parents are a big part in these kids lives and can keep them ok after this. Lady, you and your kids are in my prayers.

  7. Yes, may she rest in peace. As a mom myself, I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for my kids, I’m a single mom, ages son 4 & daughter 1 year old; (now they’re in their 40’s) when he left. They’re my greatest motivator, reason to go on, to live, to survive. It is sad, tragic that she under such duress or stress or so depressed had no one to really turn to, husband wasn’t there for her, her kids were still so young, just babies practically. So it was really tough for her to come up with that decision to end her life knowing she’ll miss her kids terribly. But more so with cancer diagnosis didn’t make it easy either, poor, desperate woman. I’m sure it weighed on her mind heavily to come up with suicide weeks before actually doing that deed, It is so tragic, sad, I feel so sorry for her, but more so now for her children & hope her kids know that she loved them alot, didn’t really want to leave them, but given what she was surrounded with, it was the only motive to end it all. I didn’t know who she was but now I do, wish it didn’t have to end like this for her. Her husband now will really have to take care of the kids, not his mistress.

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