Drama Previews for MBC Wed-Thurs Terius Behind Me with So Ji Sub and Jung In Sun

I’ve been holding off on covering upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs drama Terius Behind Me because after all the leading lady changes it felt like the drama was just male lead So Ji Sub and a bunch of relative randos without much to write about. Both Lee Yoo Young and Yoo In Na passed on this drama before the leading lady role went to rising young actress Jung In Sun, and it does feel like a step down from all his previous leading ladies in experience and name recognition. Terius Behind Me transforms So Ji Sub into a retired spy living the suburban life when he puts all his previous skills to use to help his neighbor played by Jung In Sun who has two young kids and a missing husband conspiracy. Rounding out the cast is Son Ho Jun and Im Se Mi, with the screenwriter of Shopping King Louie flexing muscles to turn this into a comedy thriller of sorts based on the previews. Terius premieres next Wednesday September 26th taking over the time slot from the low rated melodrama Time.

Previews for Terius Behind Me:


Drama Previews for MBC Wed-Thurs Terius Behind Me with So Ji Sub and Jung In Sun — 8 Comments

  1. She will be fine. Liking her acting in Circle. I can’t wait to watch the 1st episode of this drama just for Jung In Sun and So Ji Sub. OMG So Ji Sub is SO FINE!

  2. I don’t understand Ockoala shortsighted reasoning. It’s actually a step up for So Ji Sub. That means his commercial value has increased that he can already carry a drama on his own. Anyway dramas like this usually have more established supporting and character actors.

    • I can’t agree with you or miss Koala. He is and was already able to carry a whole drama on his own. With or without other shining names to his drama. I don’t see the pointe in arguing about, if it is a step up or down for him depending on the cast around him. His work will still be his quality! Sure, for an actor it’s easier to work with someone with a broad range of acting skills. However, an established name is not a guarantee for quality acting and relatively new actress could be a winning pointe for the drama and a surprising enjoyment for the audience. Isn’t it wonderful to discover new things. I looking forward to the drama

  3. I want a drama with so ji sub and song seung heon together with a femme fatale female lead à la shin min ah and a killer story of course, is that too much to ask? this one seems so dull to me

  4. SJS drama choices are not really to my taste but I watch the man anyway because he is a sight for sore eyes. Also I too don’t think he is a good actor but he has a surprising knack for comedy and I think he performs better in comedic scenes (having said that of coure there are MANY actors who are better than him at comedy too).

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