Heartfelt tvN drama My Ahjusshi Gets C-drama Adaptation

This is a surprising choice of a K-drama to adapt, mostly because the original is deemed nearly perfect and also because it doesn’t seem to fit with the vibe of the adapting countries drama tastes. China will be remaking acclaimed tvN drama My Ahjusshi into a C-drama tentatively with the same title which is My Uncle in Chinese. The synopsis is exactly the same so I hope the Chinese production company is officially licensing the remake, and these days they likely are. I actually see My Ahjusshi are being more suited for a J-dorama remake but remain curious to see who the Chinese cast will be and how the story is transplanted to a modern China society setting.


Heartfelt tvN drama My Ahjusshi Gets C-drama Adaptation — 12 Comments

  1. This task of remaking “My Ajusshi” is almost close to impossible. To me, the idea itself is suicidal. MA is perfection in every level, the bar has been set sky high. Idk how will any remake manage to do justice or level up to this masterpiece.

    • Thy don’t have to.
      Korea “butchered” Scarlet Heart remake but many fans still end up loving it anyway.
      China’s version will probably gain its own audience for those who didn’t watch or like the Korean version.

    • I think a Chinese version will be great with right actors and no dubbing. It will be different, taking the different cultural environment into account. I hope the actors will be casted with great consideration too.

  2. It is rumored that Mark Chao and Lei Jiayin are being courted to star. If Mark Chao accepts this role, this marks the second time he stars in a Korean remake drama.

      • But 45 episodes of 40 mins each right? The korean one was each 75 mins so it should divide up fine

      • I respectfully don’t think it’s gonna divide up fine. Even if they have 4 or 5 extra hours of product, it is going to have to have the writing talent to extend the already very well paced story or be filler. My experience with contemporary C-dramas is that it will be filler. I hope I’m wrong because My Mister is one of the best dramas of the year though I actually did get a little tired of the brothers.

  3. China will do it well…China is very high production standard and is the benchmark in many ways for film and television in Asia these days.?

    • ??? Really? It’s got pretty costumes but not all C-dramas are good (in fact only a handful out of thousands it produces in a year).

      It was inevitable they would remake/copy this Kdrama. I’m not sure it will be broadcast on national TV, sounds more like a web drama. I am glad, if rumours are true they chose Mark Chao because he has charisma and looks younger. However, my hopes are not high because C-dramas love to spin their casting news. I hope the young female lead will be good though.

    • That mostly applies to their costume dramas.
      Their modern dramas on the other hand…. need alot more work. Most of them are draggy and cliche.

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