C-ent Readies for Remake of Critically Acclaimed K-drama My Ahjusshi with Leads Mark Chao and Liu Hao Cun

So this is like the one perfect drama that doesn’t need any remake especially since plenty of C-viewers watched it already with subtitles. But alas a good thing can’t be left alone and C-ent has green lit and cast the remake of My Ahjusshi (My Mister) and is heading into production. The leads will be Mark Chao and young movie actress Liu Hao Cun who is best known for coming out of nowhere and getting cast in Zhang Yimou’s movie as a rookie. Despite my wariness I do think C-ent if it treats this drama with reverence can deliver a worthy remake that plumbs more unique to Chinese cultural and societal pain yet still do so with deeply flawed and realistic characters.

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