Where Stars Land, The Beauty Inside, and Bad Papa Add Fun New Dramas to the Mon-Tues Slot

The Mon-Tues time slot has way more interesting dramas than the Wed-Thurs period, at least for the month of October thanks to the premiere of three new dramas that all got good reviews. Leading the prime time networks is SBS new arrival Where Stars Land (Fox Star Bride) with 5.9% and 7.2% in its first episode, way higher than the other new arrival MBC‘s Bad Papa with 3.1% and 3.7%, and rounding out the rear is low-rated midway through airing KBS drama Lovely Horribly with 2.7% and 2.8%. The brighter stars are over on cable, with premiering drama adaptation The Beauty Inside on jTBC bringing in 2.882% and continuing to be fantastic ratings is tvN sageuk romance 100 Days My Prince (Dear Husband of 100 Days) with 7.991%. I’m still loving 100 Days and have also added the fun interesting The Beauty Inside to my Mon-Tues watch list.


Where Stars Land, The Beauty Inside, and Bad Papa Add Fun New Dramas to the Mon-Tues Slot — 45 Comments

  1. I liked the first episode of Where Stars Land. Didn’t expect they added a little fantasy element there.
    Don’t like how they wrote Chae Soobin’s character though. Hopefully her character will not say that way.

    • It was a character offered to PSH & Suzy who are known for playing candy characters all their career so I wouldn’t be surprised if it stated that way. It explains why they rejected the role.

  2. The netizen comments for Fox Bride is overwhelmingly negative especially for the female lead. They’ve already started to tear apart her character. I have to agree with the comments about her being severely miscasted in the drama. Like Kim Ji Soo had so much aura and then you had Chae Soo Bin who was so bland and frankly just annoying the whole time. They should have gone for someone like Jang Nara for this kind of role.

    • Really? I haven’t seen it yet but I’m not entirely surprised. Her acting still lacks maturity plus she always looks like a 15 year old. Though I blame that on her styling not her fault.

      • Jang Nara is never too old for anything! She’s totally ageless. She can even play college student perfectly without any makeup so playing a rookie should be no problem at all.

      • I am usually being criticized for making an ageism comment hahaha… but Jang Nara really does not look old. Her smile is so refreshing and her acting is excellent. Is there an age restriction to be qualified as a rookie in a job? Anyone can change career at any age or start working at an older age. How about a housewife who starts working when her children are grown? CSB is the weakest link in this drama as I have always said and I am not surprised the audience is disappointed at her.

  3. Is anyone else finding 100 day to not be as light as was expecting? I love what DO is doing with this character but I thought the drama would be more fluffy less everything else.

  4. Terius on Thursday timeslot is actually good. Nothing on Monday that sounds interesting. But I wonder if Bad Papa is good.

  5. It’s my first Lee Min Ki drama. It’s either he is playing a dull and boring character in inside beauty or his performance is what’s boring.

    • Yes he’s one boring actor he plays his character the same as in previous drama Because This is My First Life knetz said the same too

  6. I am curious about Lee Jee Hoon’s character. He seemed to be Superman. Also, the modulation of his voice sound creepy that I thought I watch a horror drama.

    As for Chae Soo Bin, she is actually all right for a new actress but the modulation of her voice sounds monotonous and kind of annoying. Beside the fact, the writer made her character so unreasonably whiny and annoying.

    • is CSB still considered a “new” actress? I thought she started acting in 2014/5. It is sad to still be considered “new” after 3-4 years… SMH… LOL…

      • She only got few leading roles to date yet. And I thought any actor with less than 5 years of experience is still new.

      • she won the Best New Actress award in 2015, so she is no longer “new” and will not be qualified for this award again. In fact, she has shown no improvement, very stale and boring.

      • She just celebrated her 5th debut anniversary a few months ago so I won’t use the word new anymore.

      • A few leading roles? This is her 4th one already. She has more leading roles than park bogum who is not considered new by a long shot. Very soon she’ll have more lead roles than park shin hye will she still be new then?

      • More leading roles than PSH is an exaggeration. PSH has at least 10 lead roles in dramas, and thats not counting short drama specials and films. Chae Soobin would have to film 3 dramas per year to catch up with her!

    • I wouldn’t call her ‘new’ anymore. She was all right for a new actress 2 years ago but now she’s just boring to watch because she basically does the same thing in every drama. Her voice modulation is non existant I don’t even think she’s trying to do that. She’s 24 the least she can do is act her age unless 24 year olds in Korea act that immature or whiny.

    • I wouldn’t call it hate but realistic criticism. She’s over hyped as some great rising star when the truth is she is super disappointing as an actress lately. Other same age actresses show variety but she does not yet her fans want to insist she’s the best thing that ever happened to acting. If you compare her to NJH or GSY or SYJ who have showed in the same time period both stable acting and versatility you’ll realize how monotone her acting really is. She’s not ready to act with such mature cast members yet who are extremely good actors and deserve a proper costar not a newbie child.

      • I watch CSB on LITM, Rebel, INAR. She was really good in the laters, none of those roles are the same. Last year, people complain that she was on too many projects – there was quite a few actors did the same but no one say anything. Now her roles are the same? How? Mostly her partners are rising actors which is the same level as her. Or here Lee Je Hoon is a too big of a star so people piss us his partner is a nugu? I watch the last four of Lee Je Hoon dramas, he is good but super boring, he has no charm at all. He is better in movie.

      • The only one who is super boring in this drama is CSB. LJH can never be super boring. He’s shown range while she never has since she can’t act too many different characters. This is why PBG who started later than her is more popular than her. She can’t act while her male leads can and they save the drama while she drags it down. How dare you call YSH a nugu or LJH boring. They are far bigger actors and she should be thankful to even be able to be in the same space as them.

      • @1 – YSH is not a rising actor. He starts as a child actor and his acting talent is well recognized. CSB is lucky to be in the same drama as him. I think CSB is ok in INAR just because she plays a robot for at least half of that drama. If CSB continues to be so boring in WSL, she may be demoted to second lead role in her next drama. She was not their first choice but only got the role when PSH & Suzy declined. It is obvious who is the weakest link here.

      • I say most, not all of them: Jang Dong-Yoon, Jin Young, Ji Soo, N, Ko Gyung-Pyo etc. YSH is the only one that has popularity, some others act for a while but havent break out yet. I heard CSB act as villain quite well in Cheer Up. PSG is special case, he is the only one that born in 1990s has IT boys status right now, there are hundreds of actors out there he is already pass. Last three LJH dramas are tomorrow with you, signal, secret door – yes he can act but his character is so boring, i would never look for his project to watch. He is much more suitable for movie than drama. Name any drama that CSB drag the project down and the male lead act better than her? This drama just start we dont know how it goes yet. And again back to the point: she got drag because she is not worthy of your oppa.

        You know this role is design for PSH and Suzy, its not something that CSB usually act. Her last roles were mainly very independent, strong head woman. Of course she is not PSH and Suzy level, those on their level can only count only fingers but it only show that they have popularity but because they are amazing actors. CSB already got best new actor and excellent award which is something only handful of new actors have, she’s not gonna be demote to 2nd lead.

      • Name one? I can name at least three. Moonlight – she was boring and completely unnecessary to either the plot or love triangle plus her acting was shit, in strongest she was just a annoying btch the whole time, in inar she was so pathetic for most of the drama the only part she did well was play the robot but even seo kangjoon can do that so its not a big deal. She is the reason inar never got any ratings and was died on arrival. Poor seungho had to go from a extremely successful rating drama to a bottom of the pack drama with barely 2% ratings. Before that his dramas always had more than 10% ratings at least.

      • Oh please ryu hwayoung has best new actor award and she’s still smart enough to pplay 2nd leads and not be greedy for lead roles. She knows her limitations but this one is so greedy for lead roles no wonder she’s such a failure.

      • Lol first she was 2nd lead in moonlight, she barely had screen time. secondly moonlight was one of the most successful drama in the last three year, drag the drama down where? In fact because of her role in moonlight, she got lead in Rebel which is the better sageuk than the overhype Ruler, the role got her the excellent award while both female lead on ruler get nothing.

        You say poor YSH is like poor KSH had to act with yoon doo joon, yoo doo joon is the one that blame the poor rating lol. Actually INAR is the break out drama for YSH and CSB with ifans, YSH was known domestic but never well known with ifans. And if you read YSH interview after the drama, he said INAR is the happiest drama he ever act on. Please check their kiss BTS to see how drag down CSB is lol

        Ryu Hwa-young got new actor award for mad dog, which she is the main lead. She hasnt had a follow up drama. So get your fact straight.

      • Oh look a sicko ChaeYoo shipper. The biggest loser fandom in the whole shipperdom. Trying to drag down other people. Loser here to show that nugu actress like Chae Soo Bin who has less fans in Korea or International than Gong Seungyoon despite doing 4 dramas now needs validation by comparing with a top actress like Kim So Hyun who won both Hallyu star award and popularity award and rising star Yoon So Hee who won new actress award. He said also Kim So Hyun was his ideal type should we believe every random thing he says to promote the drama. Kiss scene BTS is such a joke. His kiss scenes are always hot and heavy in every drama delusional loser shipper ChaeYoo fans just have to pretend their kiss scenes was the hottest when its the exact same for him in every drama. Chae Soo Bin has been typecast and plays the same exact roles and winning an excellence award which was for sure bought since she never won anything else in any other award show. Moonlight only became a hit thanks to the leads especially Bogum. Keep living in your delusional tower because Chae Soo Bin will only be as big as Baek Jin Hee and we all know how her career went to die.

      • YSH is well known with i fans. All my friends who watched INAR because of YSH (not CSB). You need to get your facts straight as well.

      • Since you dragged Dujun and Kim So Hyun into this when they have nothing to do with a loser like Chae Soo Bin because they are big stars already with super large fandoms. Let me tell you Radio Romance was on the CPI for three while INAR was only on it for its debut week. Radio Romance was also the most popular show on Viu during its entire run so that means a massive international audience. Its overall national ratings are also higher than INAR and Dujun and Highlight landed a CF with Shilla Duty Free only after he started in Radio Romance not before. Duty Free ads a huge deal its impossible to get them if you are not insanely popular so clearly the drama gave him a popularity boost and he also Kim So Hyun landed a CF with Hanyul which belong to Amore Pacific which is the biggest beauty brand in the country and she got her own travel reality show. Small time fry like your loser bias can’t relate.

      • Why do you compare someone act for 4 years with someone act for 12 years, then call that person nugu? Like saying KSH is nugu compare to SHK. YSH said KSH is his ideal type before the show to promote the drama. He said he is the happiest after INAR end when he didnt require to promote it anymore, CSB was a real kiss, KSH was only a touch on lips. Name any two of CSB role are the same or you just say for the sake of it. See the double standard, both YSH and KSH are far more popular then CSB and YDJ: if the drama success because will say thks to the fame of YSH and KSH but when the drama flop they will blame it on the nugu partner.

    • Her character is badly written. Most of the people watching the drama are actually bashing Han Yeoreum, and not Chae Soobin.
      For those who don’t like her acting, maybe its because her performance can come off as repetitive. I’ve seen many comments saying her role in INAR and FBS are quite similar.
      It’s understandable because she is not at the level where she can afford to be picky with her roles (like how PSH and Suzy can, and this is why they rejected this drama), and so she is being typecast.

      • GSY does more interesting characters even if she only does 1 drama a year. CSB doesn’t have range so she can’t act in different roles while showing nuance.

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