Kim Hyun Joong Attends Script Reading for New Fantasy Romance Drama That Time When Time Stops

I would love to say with certainty that the number of times someone asked for Kim Hyun Joong to be back on television starring in a K-drama would be like never. But sadly I can’t say that because the disgraced idol-actor still has fans and those fans will likely be happy that he’s staging a comeback in K-ent one step further with a new K-drama. It’s called That Time When Time Stops and Kim Hyun Joong plays a time-traveler or someone who can stop time in a fantasy romance. His female lead is rising young actress Ahn Ji Hyun who probably accepted the role since it’s her first leading performance, with In Kyo Jin as the second male lead in what I call making diaper and formula money as he has two little babies with actress wife So Yi Hyun. The drama airs on KBS W and premieres October 24th with a 12-episode run.


Kim Hyun Joong Attends Script Reading for New Fantasy Romance Drama That Time When Time Stops — 32 Comments

  1. This trash will be flop like park shi hoo drama. unless he get cast in KBS weekend drama always get 20% rating or joining Kim eun sook drama.

  2. We need to look at on a different perspective, THEY are ARTIST in profession, if the story has quality, why not watch it?

    • Yes, but there are cases that even perspective can’t help, how are we supposed to take him seriously in romantic male lead roles after we know all the horrible things he has done? It’s not that easy

      Good for you if you can brush it off lol

  3. Even if you put his scandal aside.He is not lead-actor worthy.He cant emote.He has dead fish eyes.Just look at Boys over Flowers, Playful Kiss and Inspiring Generation.It seems KBS is set on having flop weekday dramas.Its Monday-Tuesday drama with Park Shi Hoo flopped so hard to 1%.Its wednesday-thurday drama Ghost Detective is flopping too( this one I feel bad for because it would have been a hit on OCN?).

    If the aim of hiring this guy is because they want to export the drama to Japan and South East Asia.I am sure there are other actors who have that market value too.But with clean public image, good acting chops and can also generate money on the domestic level.

    • Lol, re Ghost Detective, even the K netz complained about its title when it first started – it’s on KBS, and the literal title is… Today’s Detective.

      What kind of disassociated title and channel is that? It attracts all those who’s be turned away by the plot and turns away those who might’ve.

    • I love ghost detective …
      And fully agree about KHJ. He cant act. I didnt like his drama even before that scandal.
      I just curious, with so many talented actors in SK, why a producer picked him.
      And I really doubt he still have that star power. His fanbase isnt that big.

  4. LMAO, this ridiculous asshole.

    Even without his scandal, his acting is an insult to all actors. I dunno why they keep casting him. Who’s his blind sugar mamma? Cos he sure ain’t got the competence to be landing all these offers.

    • Why don’t you try opening a dictionary first before posting a comment the next time?
      I don’t see how calling him out on what he did (and admitted to doing) is bashing…

      • KBS can cast park shi hoo and Kim hyun joong in their drama and we will see at rating will get 2%-5%.???

    • why should we?? We are not actor. Its not our job. it is HIS job
      As viewer we have right to judge his acting. no need to be an acting expert to know which actor is excellent, which one is lousy.

      • How about a man beater?

        We really don’t know what actually happened. The fact that the woman was convicted for fraud. With that there is no need to judge. Women are not weak as you think they are.

      • @MistyEyes, dude, Kim Hyun Joong was fined because of domestic abuse. He himself admitted to have beaten his then girlfriend. He and his parents denied the paternity of his child until court ordered DNA tests proved otherwise. KHJ is fucking trash and anyone who defends him is garbage and deluded too.

      • @MistEyes Are you still here shielding the ass of the guy who admitted with his own mouth he beat her? And she was hospitalized because of his reckless actions. No matter how bad she is, he is even worse. Shame on you.

    • I don’t defend him. I am saying the woman was convicted for fraud which is serious offense and even criminal offense to some countries. With that fact, both parties could be at fault. So you don’t need to slaughter one party with your bias judgment.

      • @MistyEyes Ironically you are the only one being bias with your “Oppa never is wrong” mindset. This is an article about this trash, so is not supposed people to talk about him instead her? Aren’t you the only one who are bring his “ex girlfriend” to make him look a little better? And just for you know, the reason he wasn’t charged is because she dropped the accusations when they made up.

      • @MistyEyes come on.You are better than this.Sometimes I dont agree with your opinions but I respect them.But there is nothing redeeming about this guy .Do research on him.He is like an onion.The more you dig, the more trash you find.Not only is he a “woman-beater” but a drunk driver too.He and his agency tried to lie about it but it was all caught on CCTV.Then he was fined for that too.Tons of k-celebs have been exiled and careers ended just for one of those crimes.But he is still frolicking around with no remorse for his actions.

        But like I said earlier, even without his scandals, his a
        acting skill is below average.Maybe even below Nam Joo Hyuk because NJH can act in roles that are similar to his personality.Should have given the role to a rookie actor instead.Isnt he an “idol”/singer.Let him go and sing to his fans who love him so much.

      • Don’t watch the drama. Why resort to spreading malicious comments and hate which is nothing less serious than drunk driving? You basically don’t know the truth as the fact that the woman was convicted as some report and indicted in some reports for fraud too. And with assault? It looks both of them assault each other. Don’t act like a judge if you know nothing but what you read online because it may come back on you somehow someday you’d be judge unfairly too.

        I am not saying he or he is not guilty. I am saying both parties could be guilty. And your spreading malicious comments is the worst of any offenses.

        Just because you read unverified info online, does not mean you know more than I do.

  5. He’s NOT a good actor. He’s wooden at best and can’t emote. Before his scandal, I liked his clean image and music and enjoyed BOF and Playful Kiss, but even then I had to admit that he’s a poor actor. After his scandal, I don’t think I can watch anything with him in it. His scandal isn’t one that can be easily swept aside. I wonder who will watch his drama.

  6. Park shi hoo flop drama already predicted in 1st ep. But some his fans say just wait in few weeks before we now it flop or not.

  7. Park shi hoo and Suzy fans are same. Suzy fans was fucking delusional. They say Uncontrollably fond and were you sleeping was hit in fact that drama didn’t get 13% rating. And new upcoming drama will be hit for sure ????

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