Kim Hyun Joong’s Cable Drama Gets 0.1% First Episode Ratings and Poor Reviews

It’s the second week airing for KBS W fantasy drama That Time When Time Stops and it seemed to have aired to crickets hence I didn’t get around to writing about it. The first episode which premiered last Wednesday got 0.1% ratings which is the lowest rating any drama can ever get short of 0%. Even noting that it’s on the KBS cable channel that’s still beyond low but may make sense because KBS W is short for women so that is the KBS channel that is targeted at women viewers and That Time has as male lead the scandal-plagued Kim Hyun Joong who was specifically in legal trouble for alleged domestic violence against his girlfriend/baby momma and also lots of salacious relationship bad behavior in general. The drama also has poor reviews but I’ve not delved into the exact nature of the critical feedback other than it is just a bad idea to cast a known bad actor also carrying bad reputational baggage. This drama is only 8-episodes so two more weeks left before it’s put out of its misery. Continue reading