Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum Lead the Script Reading for tvN Melodrama Boyfriend

The titular Boyfriend, and his onscreen girlfriend, sat across from each other at the script reading for the upcoming tvN drama. Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo are currently in picturesque Cuba filming the overseas location shoot portion of the drama and tvN released the script reading stills from last month as the cast gathered to run through their lines. I’m still sad for the hairstyles of both leads, Song Hye Kyo going sort with a pared in bob and Park Bo Gum going long with a shaggy mushroom, and seeing them in the same frame doesn’t give me the visual comfort that they will be believable as romantic partners onscreen. With that said, it’s all about the story because I know when push comes to shove each is capable of bringing it. Boyfriend is directed by the PD of Incarnation of Jealousy and Hyde, Jekyll, Me with the script by the screenwriter of Entertainer and Pretty Man (Bel Ami).


Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum Lead the Script Reading for tvN Melodrama Boyfriend — 48 Comments

  1. Hyekyo looks young in her haircut iv no problem with it. They both look visually pleasing. Did the series title changed to Encounter? That title is much better but Boyfriend is catchy.

  2. Same like song joong ki was jealous cringe husband lols. He only allowed shk to have romance screen with close friends but not with hot actors like so ji sub, gong yoo,etc. Business and married are different. I still don’t believe shk confirm this drama because the writer is bad.

    • I don’t think its SJK. Maybe its SHK herself who likes the script. She always does melodramas anyway; its her comfort zone.

      • Melodrama her comfort zone?, Have you seen all of her other dramas?, Full House is not a melodrama nor the world within. SHK likes to challenge herself and she even wants to try action genre.

        Still, I am going to pass this drama as I don’t believe both the PD & Writer and can’t even ‘bu’ the fact that SHK gonna have a kiss scene with PBG that literally her husband’s close friend. Thinking about it, most of SJK’s circle have kissed his wife (JIS, CTY, and now PBG). I am sorry maybe some may see this is what professionalism is but to me…..yaiksss.

      • Do you know what a melodrama is? have you seen full house, Dots and worlds within? inform yourself

      • @Camila: Inform YOURSELF instead. She’s not exactly the most versatile actress even with those dramas. They are all primarily romance dramas. It’s not like she’s the most versatile actress around.

      • @D: And yeah, she does speak about doing action and other films… but that’s all she does lol. Her earlier choice of films were experimental but then they flopped so I guess she gave up.
        Lol I don’t follow the Songsong couple so that doesn’t bother me much. I’m gonna watch this out of curiosity though, since it is unbelievable both SHK and PBG have bad taste in picking projects. If the writing is bad, maybe bannednetizenbuzz is correct – both wants to work with familliar people(?)

  3. All these pics make the wait unbearable. November, pls come faster!
    And btw, the title’s been renamed..Encounter. So much better than the previous one imo.

  4. SHK having the typical married woman haircut. And poor Park Bo Gum still walking around with the hobo hairstyle as well.

    I agree they look as excited about the drama as I am – not. And despite everything they look not visually fitting. But it’s all about the stills and teasers I guess.

    • I thought you said you wanted to skip Encounter/Boyfriend in the older post? You even said sorry to PBG. If I wanna skip a drama, I won’t spend my time reading or commenting on it. But that’s just me. Lol

  5. Funny how the opinion of those on here are different of those on Twitter and ig that feel the look visually pleasing.and some people on here be like they are not interested in drama but don’t miss the chance to comment negatively any time there is an article about them.

    • it is understandable because it had been two years since her last drama. I did not see they over hyped this drama, it’s just their overwhelming love for her. As for me, I watched most of her dramas and I can say that she is good in picking a suitable role for her.

      • Overwhelming love that lead to over hype because these script read pics are not inspiring interest. They look like siblings.

      • Yeah..’s your choice to think that way..should not worry about that.. You can easily skip any drama that you don’t like, right?

      • @lilsa imagine being bitter about fans being exited about their favs drama y’all on here are weird

    • Tbh I don’t see how we overhyped this drama. We were just thrilled to see her again, regardless of her choice. She could do a movie and you’d still see us getting excited as well.
      Well if your fav only comes back once in a few years, wouldn’t you do the same?

      • Maybe next time be a little less thrilled when the plot sounds this stale and the lead actor looks inappropriate for her.

      • @Lilsa Nahhh don’t worry about us. Idk about anyone else but I don’t need a good script or an ‘appropriate’ male lead to make me feel excited..her name alone is enough. 🙂

      • Who the h*eck ate you to dictate what people should be thrilled about? Get a hobby instead of being bitter about insignificant stuff like people being excited about a drama.

  6. Whenever Koala put any article about Song Hye Kyo,many comments will come in, thats alone show she is super popular among her fans or even haters. I am not really a big fan but I do find her very lovely and a good actress too. Will wait for this drama for sure, really curious about their chemistry, will work or not.

    • You really think its only her articles that get a lot of comments? All the popular actresses like Kim Tae Hee, Yoon Eun Hye, Suzy, Park Shin Hye and Kim So Hyun have crazy number of comments on their articles even the simplest ones. I’m not saying Song Hye Kyo isn’t popular but so are other actresses so super popularity doesn’t just belong to her.

      • Did I say only her? I just said that she is popular..not that I denied other actress are popular.. Sorry if I didn’t mention you favorite actress..aigooo…

      • Who was that person that replied on behalf of me but yeah thats exactly what I will say.

      • why so bitter?.. if you don’t like her, then don’t but don’t bash others of what they love.

  7. Ghad I really hate Bogum’s hairstlye right now. I get that it’s for the drama but honey let’s not repeat this hairstyle ever again

  8. They look like they’re chanelling the twin girls on ‘The Shining’ you know where little Danny says ‘Red rum, red rum’ but in anycase good luck with their drama run.

  9. Song hye Kyo is always criticizing without foundation, she does not do anything bad, she is very humble and lovely, wait to see the drama and then think.

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