Fierce Battle Between C-actresses Yang Zhi and Dilraba Dilmurat to be the 2018 Golden Eagle Goddess

The battle is fierce to be the 7th member of the exclusive Golden Eagle Goddess ranks, even if it means being decked out in enough gold, sparkles, and sequins to blind good taste. The biennial Golden Eagle Awards celebrates China’s top television shows, dramas, and acting, with the award having a Golden Eagle Goddess to open the proceedings starting in 2006 with the inaugural goddess Crystal Liu. Since then it has been chosen by audience votes going to Li Xiao Lu, Wang Luo Dan, Liu Shi Shi, and Zhao Li Ying, with the only jury selection the most recent pick Tang Yan. This year apparently it’s been a knockdown drag out online fight between the fandoms of current C-drama It Actresses Yang Zhi and Dilraba Dilmurat, but Dilraba getting in more votes before the popular Best Actress polls closed this weekend but it’s still not clear which won will get the wear the golden crown and pose like some sort of woman eagle as the goddess is decided by jury vote. Oh wells, this is definitely a great honor and way better than being tapped for tax evasion investigation currently sweeping through C-ent.


Fierce Battle Between C-actresses Yang Zhi and Dilraba Dilmurat to be the 2018 Golden Eagle Goddess — 24 Comments

  1. I think the fan wars have to do with the common lead actor they have in common. I personally prefer ashes of love yang zi better

  2. The poll is not to decide who is the Golden Eagle Goddess. Its for the Popular Actress award for the China Golden Eagle TV Arts Festival. I think the Golden Eagle Goddess is decided by Jury since 2016.

    Anyway rooting for Dilraba because she’s my bias. Even though I liked Yang Zi’s performance in Ashes of Love as well.

    • The Golden Eagle Goddess was decided by Jury since 2014. There were even rumours that Zhao Li Ying looked too much like Yang Mi during that year, so lots of the votings mistakenly went to her. But I’m not convinced by that theory. Did people not know how to read names? Or, unless if the voting system made people vote by pictures and whatever that case is it did not make any sense to me. But however, at the same time I’m also not convinced Zhao Li Ying would have won by the votes either ways, because The Journey of Flower was not released until 2015. Zhao Li Ying’s fandom was still quite small until that drama came out. Compare to all other 2014 runner ups, she was actually the relatively less well known one. So it is more like the Jury actually chose her.

      And those who wants Yang Zi for this year Golden Eagle Goddess, there were rumors that the Jury will not even put Ashes of Love into consideration for her credential (although it already finished airing a long time ago by now). For whatever reasoning it sounds really ridiculous.

      But anyway, I don’t have problem with neither Yang Zi or Diliraba. Base on the dramas they’ve both done, I cannot say one’s acting is better than the other because they are both really good at the cute innocent and clueless airhead roles. But when they try to play something outside of that, then their dramas get boring. So to compare their looks. Diliraba is pretty but not beautiful because the masculineness in her face is quite strong, however she is fine in modern styles and doing well in fashion. Yang Zi is cute and pretty but also not exactly beautiful too, she looks better when she doesn’t talk or opens her mouth too much. I think their beauty are at the same level. Preferably, I would like other actresses besides those two.

      • I have no idea how popular Zhao Liying was that year but she had two hit dramas – Luzhen and Boss and Me. I guess that was why the jury chose her?

        It’s not ridiculous. The nominations are all previous year dramas. Yang Zi was nominated for Ode to Joy, and Dilraba for Pretty Li Huizhen. Yang Zi can be nominated for Ashes of Love again next year.

        Well you are lucky if you want other actresses. There’s a strong rumor that Guan Xiaotong is the chosen Goddess this year since she had three dramas airing on Hunan.

      • Luzhen 2013 was not that well received when it first came out because people did not know Zhao Li Ying and Chen Xiao enough yet. They only went back to watch it after The Journey of Flower came out, just to check out her past dramas. After lots of comparisons, people realized Luzhen was actually the only slightly better character she had played without too much overly innocent airhead bubbliness, so everybody is saying that it is good…while it really is by no means nearly a good drama at all. After Luzhen finished airing, she did a Happy Camp show with her previous group from New My Fair Princess and appeared to be awkward on stage so people yelled at her for seeming to be rude to Li Sheng. That’s why I think she did not have much fans during 2014. All her ratings were high but nobody really liked the characters she played, and the storylines of the dramas. Except that her face appeared to be very cute. Boss and Me is very much the same as Pretty Li Huizhen and Sweet Dreams, with all the reaaly cute airhead characters. I did not think the ratings mean anything, The Journey of Flower’s rating was even better than Nirvana in Fire??? And The Legend of Chusen and Princess Agents were the highest ratings but so boring. It’s shady to think that Tang Yan got so much hate for being chosen by the Jury but the fact was hidden and well protected for Zhao Li Ying who was picked by the Jury first. Even Perfect Couple was terrible but still more famous. LLW came out in 2013 and how was Ariel Lin not popular from that plus the Condor Heroes of 2008? And Sun Li for Zhen Huan? And so many other famous actresses too…

  3. Dilraba acting and drama have not impress me lately so no, I think Yang Zi should get because of her recent work, Ashes of Love. Sorry Dilrabe fans but you gotta admits she is lacking in the acting dept since she became famous.

  4. It’s a close fight. Dilraba is ultra-popular because of her face (not unlike the Liu Yifei actually) but Yang Zi has THE hit drama this year with Ashes of Love. Overall this year is pretty lackluster though, all the dramas headlined by big names flopped. Tbh, after the previous 四小花旦 era there’s been no young actress of note that’s looking to breakout. All of them are meh.

    • For me, the race is close between these two actresses as their skill and visuals are pretty similar – not the best, but at least above average. Based off the dramas of seen for both actresses, I tend to like Yang Zi a bit better. For some reason, when I see Dilraba’s dramas, I always see “typical” Dilraba. However, when I watched Yang Zi in Battle of Changsha, and then most recently in Ashes of Love, I felt like there were two completely different people (as acting should be when you get into character). In matter of fact, I thought Yang Zi looked more like Horikita Maki in Battle of Changsha (But, she looks nothing like that in her recent dramas).

      In terms of popularity, at least internationally, I feel like Dilraba’s is well known because her recent dramas were she has main roles are always licensed by Viki or Drama Fever, whereas not all of Yang Zi’s dramas are picked up. I really would have liked to watch Destiny of White Snake and Legend of Dragon Pearl subbed. Hopefully more of her works will be picked up with the popularity of Ashes of Love.

    • Dilraba very beautiful woman talented capable many way she can dance, sing, acting, comedy, multi talented actress high standards personality perfect body attractive sexy woman Dilraba has an exotic beauty. Reba appeared directly with make up video camera 🎥 so refreshing shows that she is very confident in her beauty. Reba has international fans around the world watching Dilraba series tv drama award winning nomination out of China. Reba deserved to win goddess beauty most beautiful of women.

    • Dilraba deserves it 👏 to win 🏆 goddess beauty most attractive beautiful face perfect body capable brilliant ideas fashionable styl.rebe 🎥 professional filming artist talented actress she can dance, sing, acting excellent, comedian, especially modeling international fans around the world vote for her golden Eagles award to win 🏆 goddess beauty ❤

  5. Dilraba is very beautiful and has star power, I would choose her If I never watch any of Yang Zi’s dramas. But YZ won me over with her acting and personality.

  6. I like Dilireba’s personality more. Acting wise no opinion since I didn’t watch both their dramas this year. But I loved dilraba in eternal love!

    • Interesting news just now, so people try to demonize Diliraba’s personality.

      I would say the giffy almost look legit like she’s rolling her eyes at others, but I wouldn’t be so quick to start yelling that she’s a hypocrite.

      Honestly, she could be tired and sleepy, exercising her eyes, maybe the make up bothers her eyes, she was looking at something, etc.
      And the haters would be like these crazy fans are making up all possible excuses, well I’m not her fan but to be fair, making up evil stories about somebody is way way nastier than being crazy and protective fan. I’m just siding with what I think is the truth.

  7. Dilraba’s fanbase is huge so any award that requires public votes will go to her without a doubt. The girl’s definitely got star power. Yang Zi is much better in the acting department. Both can play the ditzy, cutesy type roles just fine but when it come to serious roles Yang Zi never fails to knock it out of the park. Dilraba had opportunities in The King’s Woman and The Flames Daughter to showcase her skills but her performances were lackluster and her male costars easily outshined her. Too bad acting talent is only a minor consideration when it comes to A-list stars. These awards are essentially a popularity contest. I also hope someone other than these two will win.

  8. Yang Zi is cute but I don’t think she’s a special beauty. She looks like many other Chinese actresses. Dilraba is indeed stunningly beautiful. Though none of dramas are that great but LYF made it on looks alone so I think she’ll be fine. Hopefully, she will improve. When they’re are so pretty, they lack the talent. Nobody is perfect.

  9. LOL people always point at Liu Yifei’s skill these days, but she was the founder of Golden Eagle Goddess performance. When she was a young girl, she was one of the most talented Chinese girl ever in history. Multi-talent with very very good communications skills, her interviews are always great. Back then, even if people can just have her come to interview about the same stuff over over, it was always worth getting to see her and hear her soothing voice. She can just come in with plain tee shirt and her hair down, and looks super super.

    If she were to still have her young looks, today there will no chance for anyone to shine even including Yang Mi. Today she’s old and mature, cannot go back to play any more roles as young and innocent girls so it’s hard to get as famous as the past. But definitely, not a person without skills as people say. It’s just her age, and the lack of good opportunities to play good roles. Once Upon a Time was a good role but the story was cut short and a huge mess. All the recent actresses today that are famous, nobody is not able to hold a candle next to 18 year old Liu Yifei at all, not even close.

    • hahaha… you made it sound like Crystal Liu is very old but she is actually younger than Yang Mi. I think Crystal is kinda stale now with no good projects, unless the movie Mulan turns out well. Keep holding that candle will not get you anywhere.

    • I admit that LYF is the most the beautiful. People criticized her a reason because she really can’t act back then. She came from a dance background so she tried her hand at singing but that was a no go. She knows English because she live in the states. Besides her dancing ability back then, I don’t think she was any more talented than other actresses.

      So it was her beauty alone that made her stand out. There have been many actresses these days that are just as beautiful as LYF so she’s not so special anymore.

      • LYF used to be really special for being able to wear very little to no make up outdoor, and wear really casual but still look like a goddess.

        Her singing is good, it is above average, although she is no Jane Zhang. I know she sang this one song in the softest styler ever and many people hate it, it was not my taste but at least she was able to sing like that. It doesn’t surprise me that she is talented in many areas considering that she came from a rich background so of course she better be good at many things. So what struck me is that rich actors today are really relying on soft baby skin from plastic surgyer, botox, make up, etc. and they really don’t care about anything else besides that.

        And I mostly remember people hate LYF acting in the past because of the Yue Ru + Xiao Yao shipping fans =D LOL, that was one hot fan war but I cannot blame LYF, who else would be able to play the damsel in distress Linger as well as LYF? Your husband forgot who you are, and then he is flirting with an attractive lady, whose personality is also such a good match made in heaven with him, she can fight and be useful, it’s not that she’s evil but actually kind hearted too… so of course all you can do is go hide and go cry. LYF definitely portrayed a girl who tried to stay strong and not just a cry baby like all the girls from My Fair Princess (just one word and they all start crying like wth).
        It was so close that we almost get to see Ady An playing as Ah Nu instead too. If they had not made the correct move of switch her to Yue Ru part instead, the people getting criticized would have been Ady and Esther. Glad they made the right choice. But my point is, in acting, it really depends if you match a role to be successful too. I can never imagine Ady as Ah Nu and vice versa. If she did Ah Nu she would not have been successful, after Chinese Paladin Ady have not been very successful with most of her dramas. She did tons of damsel in distress roles and it was not fun seeing them. Speaking of Ady, she should’ve gotten an award which I’d never noticed her getting any, seriously I would not have mind seeing her getting crown as Golden Eagle Goddess but I guess now is too late.

  10. Dilierba is simple,,with natural beauty,i like this young lady,,quit but cheerful,,kindness,with down to earth, and sexy body…her acting is real..she deserved that most popularity..not only for acting,but also modelling,,one of the highest actress commercial endoresment and chinese industry….

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