Netizens Happy with Kim Soo Hyun and Taecyeon’s Latest Military Service Updates

K-netizens are a notoriously prickly lot but the one rare area of unanimity revolves around South Korea’s mandatory military service. As long as a guy dutifully and timely serves his two years then K-netizens will universally give him due praise and the corollary is even more vocal when it comes to Korean entertainers. A guy can be a bad actor but if he trots off to military services and does it with gusto then he’ll be showered with positive feedback from K-netz. So when a top star does it the response is magnified as evidenced by the same week military updates from actor Kim Soo Hyun and actor-idol Taecyeon. Both are serving in the army and the former was seen hanging with his army buddies fitting in with the non-celebs serving alongside while the latter participated in a show for the annual Armed Forces Day event looking like he stepped out of an army movie. Looking good boys! I never understand why some stars try to get out of serving when doing so earns lifetime goodwill and brownie points.


Netizens Happy with Kim Soo Hyun and Taecyeon’s Latest Military Service Updates — 8 Comments

  1. Both looked great and healthy. Give 100% to them for rightfully earning those brownie points. And to think one had heart issues and the other had to correct what was preventing him from serving active duty. Major points for that!

  2. Losing two years of freedom and earning opportunities on top of hardcore training, I don’t see why some stars would NOT try and get out of it. Those who get flak for getting exempted or doing public service continue with their careers just fine. Getting a few hate comments on the internet is not a bad trade off. I guess at the end of day, it all depends if the individual can live with the social stigma of not serving.

  3. I think, knets also adore the new boyband in the military, consisting of taeyang and daesung of bigbang, actor joowon, actor go junpyo (?) and benzimo rapper. I read about it on pann.

    But knets love every single actor/idol who join the army service.

    I wonder how they look at seo in guk and yoo ah in?

  4. I did not realise these two young men had to overcome barriers in order to join the army. Well more respect to them for serving their country and doing so with so much pride.

    Cannot wait for their return to our screens.

  5. I find funny how knetizens are mad about the ones who are exempted for health reaisons but happy for the ones who go and pass their time to sing… It’s kind of hypocritical…

    • Why? Even if they go to the military to sing, that’s not all they do there. They still have to train for war. Plus, there’s boosting morale and showing support to one’s country simply by being there.

  6. Personally I could never do a mandatory military service, not even for one day yet alone two years. I’m glad I’m not male because I’d probably have to leave the country or go to jail. I have no problem with the people choosing to do it, kudos to them, but I’d never do it. One thing I wouldn’t do is to lie though (for instance get a fake health report or something like that) which is even worse than not going in my opinion.

  7. I don’t think anyone is any worse off for doing military service. Can only make you a better all rounded person with a big wake up call to reality especially if you have been a celebrity all your yong life.Thats why I think it’s important for female celebrities to do some sort of voluntary or charity work so they also have a valued opportunity to see the real world which prepares for eventual hardships in life. Just my opinion.

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