Drama Stills of All Three Leads for jTBC Rom-com Clean With Passion For Now

I’m like all three leads above in their first together still from upcoming jTBC rom-com Clean With Passion For Now, head tilted in slight wonder. I legit don’t know how the chemistry and visual vibe will be for petite and young adult Kim Yoo Jung with her much older and much much taller male leads Yoon Kyun Sang and Song Jae Rim. I feel like each can sling her over their shoulder and have space to carry a few bags of rice. Yoon Kyun Sang especially seems out of place at firs glance, he doesn’t fit the image of an uptight OCD president of a cleaning company but Song Jae Rim is pretty chillax in his character with an affinity for casual wear likely indicating also a laid back personality. Kim Yoo Jung remains perfectly cast with her cute charm and sunny disposition on full display in character.


Drama Stills of All Three Leads for jTBC Rom-com Clean With Passion For Now — 13 Comments

  1. Is the male lead supposed to be much older than the MC? He seriously looks like her high school teacher and she looks like a high school student in that first picture ?

    God hopefully they just somehow work onscreen but still dearly wish Yo Seob had taken this role, they would have been SO cute together!

    • Based on those who read the webtoon, female lead is 20 and male lead is 29. And it seems the age gap was also gave the male char a pause, at least they are mentioning it head on.

  2. the webtoon male lead is tall and slim (and looks younger). I thought YKS will lose weight for this drama… but I guess they wouldn’t mind him looking big and ahjussi-like which is not same as the webtoon… hmmm… I don’t like the stills of the male lead for now… maybe his acting will change my view.

    • He has been suffering from an eating disorder in the past. And even if you didn’t know about it: your comment is uncalled for. It’s so weird that women AND men have to meet a certain standard even if it means they have to hunger themselves half to death.

      • Anyone portraying a webtoon character has to meet the webtoon standard and will be compared to the original. Your comment is more uncalled for. You take things too personally, do you have an eating disorder yourself? Donโ€™t let it out on me as I donโ€™t really care.

  3. Yoo-jung and Yoon Kyun-sang actually looked cute together in that awards show, but in these stills, she matches better visually with Song Jae-rim than with YKS. SJR has that manhwa prettyboy aesthetic down pat and looks much younger than he really is. Now that I think about it, he could’ve played the CEO character and been perfect for the role. Ah well.

    • The bangs did it for SJR, on his stills, He looks younger. YKS on the trio shot looks abit like an ajussi. But his APAN appearance together with KYJ, they seem okay. So, I’m holding hope.

      • YKS actually looks cute in his solo stills. I like that he’s looking perpetually uncomfortable, like he’s internally cringing at having to walk through this world filled with germs.

    • On YKS still cuts, his hair is neat and admittedly he doesn’t look big. On the trio shot, which is a bts shot, the hair gave him abit of an ajussi-vibe. But I’m hopeful coz of the awards show appearance, they didn’t look awkward and you can sense abiy of a protective oppa vibe, which i know they can translate on screen

  4. I’m definitely looking forward to this drama. I’ve been waiting for it since early this year, since Kim Yoo Jung was cast in it.

    I think only the first teasers can tell if this drama will anybody’s cup of tea. I am in no matter what. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Their appearance in APAN Star Awards really made me doubt my doubts lol so I have high hopes that they’ll surprise us. Looking forward to the teasers! I love The Beauty Inside so far so hopefully CWPFN and JTBC can maintain the momentum of their new drama time slot.

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