Hit TW-drama In Time With You Gets J-dorama Adaptation with Adachi Rika and Shirasu Jin

The TW-drama In Time With You from 2011 feels like another lifetime ago, a time when Taiwan still made good idol dramas and in fact had genuinely improved on the quality from just cute to insightful. I haven’t watched a TW-drama through in a couple of years and don’t even recognize the current crop of drama actors and actresses but the leads of ITWY Ariel Lin and Bolin Chen definitely reign supreme in their charisma and acting talents. Korean failed miserably in adapting ITWY with wrong casting all around in The Time We Were Not in Love and now it’s time to see if Japan can do better. The J-dorama version of ITWY is in the works called Boku wa mada Kimi o Aisanai koto ga dekiru (I Still Cannot Miss You) and still star young talented Adachi Rika and Shirasu Jin who I already visually imagine looking compatible together. Make it happen Japan!


Hit TW-drama In Time With You Gets J-dorama Adaptation with Adachi Rika and Shirasu Jin — 11 Comments

  1. I think in the korean version, it was the wrong writting and not actors. They changed a lot of the story and characters and they lost what made the TW drama so good. The actors were good.

  2. Thailand also bought the rights to it, and started production a few months ago. It’ll probably air simultaneously in China and Thailand since it’s in collaboration with a Chinese company.

  3. i love the TW version soo much!
    But soo excited for Japan though I didn’t knew anything about the leads.

    the Korean version’s story telling is just so wrong, they made so many twists and turns that they even made the leads neighbor, lol. And Lee Jin Wook just don’t fit being a Li Da Ren type guy. The 2018 chinese version, didn’t like the guy (the artist) so I didn’t bother watching it. Anyways, will be looking forward to this new drama, be good jdrama!

  4. I liked In Time With You a lot but the Korean remake was only mediocre. Although I liked Ha Ji Won it didn’t feel like she was that into the character. I hope the Japanese remake will do the drama justice. I think they chose too young leads though. Rika and Jin are 26 this year while You Qing and Da Ren are 30 and that’s why YQ was feeling stressed about the aging symtoms. There were a lot of people at ptt (a Taiwanese forum) who think Ishihara Satomi would have been a good choice for YQ.

  5. I love in time with you so munch that watching it i want to pair ariel lin and bolen chen so much and wish that ariel acting in iswak was that good althou i love iswak too…. korean version i can bare to watch . And also wish to have taiwan idol drama that is as good as b4 ,

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