Winning Fashion Reigns at the Alexander McQueen Event in Seoul

Two weeks prior to the epic fashion debacle at the Salvatore Ferragamo event, a bunch of top K-stars did the opposite in a rare occasion of stepping out in various pretty and different fashion looks at the Alexander McQueen event in mid-October. It was a total win when normally it’s hard to even find one good fashion look among K-celebs. Ha Ji Won went with a black body conscious long dress with a wide belt and contrasting red piping along the sides, very mod and cool vibe. Kim Ha Neul presented an opposite feminine softly patterned dress with an asymmetrical hem. Yoona was the cute college coed look with sweater and skirt combo and BlackPink‘s Rose was the girly biker chick in a leather little black dress with half biker jacket hem with an eye catching purple satin inner lining. The lone male Lee Jong Seok went with a simple black jacket, pants, and white shirt ensemble that was livened up with floral embroidery along the lapels. Nicely pulled together, five thumbs up!


Winning Fashion Reigns at the Alexander McQueen Event in Seoul — 5 Comments

  1. First time I saw K stars all dressed up nicely in very different individual style,even Ha Hi Won who usually have poor fashion taste. ( No offence, I actually love her dearly.)Good show!!!

  2. I’m glad they came correct for McQueen!! I’d have taken it personally if these korean celebs came out looking a usual hot mess for one of his events. The edgy little black dress is my favorite.

  3. Aww Kim Ha Neul after Bubba looking beautiful as ever! I like Rose and Ha Ji Won’s dresses the best. Very slick and chic. As for Yoona’s woolly concoction I’m like someone made a boo boo with their knitting of a blanket and went ‘What the hell I’ll just deconstruct a dress out of it and someone will obviously wear it!’ Cue Yoona’s stylist.

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