TW-star Aaron Yan Gets Outed by Spurned Ex-boyfriend and Apologizes for Personal Life Complications

I feel so so bad for TW actor-singer Aaron Yan because having his personal life plastered all over the tabloids because of a jealous ex is the worst kind of privacy airing revenge for a celebrity. That Aaron is likely gay is one of the most open secrets in Taiwan ent and tabloids for the last decade have openly written that Aaron was dating/very close friends with Ah Ben, another idol from a not as famous group. The two reportedly broke up for good in 2016 after Aaron strayed one too many times (also tabloid fodder), but since then the two have stayed good friends and Ah Ben has been seen walking Aaron’s dog and house sitting when Aaron is away for work, plus Ah Ben has never confirmed the relationship or said a single bad thing about Aaron.

Not so with an unknown dude A who sent pictures to a tabloid this week showing Aaron kissing different men, with A claiming he dated Aaron for the last year and believed it was exclusive but later found out Aaron was dating two other different guys and then Aaron broke up with him. A is pissed and wants to out Aaron as a cheater. Aaron’s agency responded that this news was clearly leaked to attack Aaron and the pictures have no date stamp and are from different non-overlapping time periods. Aaron himself released a statement apologizing for not handling his personal affairs properly and causing this mess. I feel awful for Aaron because no one deserves to be outed by a vengeful ex, even if Aaron cheated that’s between them and his sexual orientation which Aaron has never confirmed should not be used as weapon.


TW-star Aaron Yan Gets Outed by Spurned Ex-boyfriend and Apologizes for Personal Life Complications — 44 Comments

  1. idk mam, still wrong to outed someone relationship to the public but if he indeed cheating on an ekslusif relationship, hard to give sympathy, he cheats 1st

  2. so then why is Koala re-posting the outed tabloid pics here??? A brief would be enough. Just because its out on the net doesn’t mean it has to be reposted again and again.

    • Because koala and this blog is tabloid material. She’s known to post contents that are clickbait just so she can earn some revenue from it. That’s what this site is all about.

      • seriously guys? koala simply wants to inform people with the news about aaron, and having the picture is for the benefit of those who have no previous information about him.

  3. And gosh Aaron Yan is good looking! Whoa I’m going to go google him cos this type of news for me is like so what? It’s 2018; The guy broke up with a jealous ex who decided to go ape over the separation and the pictures are leaked and I’m thinking what a snitch and leech the ex is. Anyway thanks for the heads up cos I will look into AY dramas. Gay; straight; queer; bi; asexual etc..what goes on between an individual’s legs in their spare time is their business really.

  4. This is the worst way to come out. The society is homophobic and will be harsh on him from now on. No matter he cheated, the outing is very bad indeed.

  5. This isn’t a a surprise.. there has always been rumours about it.

    Anyways, he will always always has my support. Hard-working and has always been speaking his mind. He stood up to his co-stars against sexist comments, is vocal about his support to the LGBT community in Taiwan. Proud of him.

  6. I’m shocked. I never knew he’s gay, not that there’s anything wrong with it. No wonder I never felt he had any sparks with his co stars, even in kissing scenes.

  7. There goes his career of being a lead actor in a romantic drama. I can’t imagine him in anything like that anymore.. “Just You” was one of my all time favourite Taiwanese drama now i don’t think i’ll able able to watch it without feeling uncomfortable. Glad he got ousted out

    • Your comment is disgusting. Sexuality and sexual orientation is such a private matter, especially in our society which is hostile against sexual minorities. There is nothing good about Aaron Yan getting outed by a vindictive ex against his own will. You idiot, just because your fantasy didn’t get fulfilled, you feel entitled and think it was right that a vulnerable part of him was revealed to the entire nation in such a humiliating way. By the way, he didn’t apparently even cheat.

  8. Sexual orientation, marriage,…are private matters and people shouldn’t be judged upon that but their artistic performances . Even my country ( France) which is supposed to be open minded ,is becoming conservative, racist, judgemental as some others countries , It makes me sad.

  9. Thought the controversy was more about him being a three-timer than being a gay (hardly anyone is surprised about it). And Taiwan is more tolerant than many Asian countries on LGBT issues.
    He should have been more loyal towards his partners, hell hath no fury like a (wo)man scorned.

  10. Are those supposed to be all the 3 people he dated? They all look like the same person or is that just me? Who knows if he actually cheated though or if it’s just a scorned ex who decided to do the unthinkable. Even if he cheated, outing someone publicly and is just so, so wrong.

    • Same can’t tell. Not trying to be in denial or anything but the photos do not prove he cheated either (doesn’t prove anything smh) & judging from his hairstyles/clothes..
      – photo A (and the selfies with snow App) was from around mid 2016. This is the guy who accused him of dating three at once.
      – Photo B (the one with necklace) is more recent (around October this year).
      – Photo C is around late last year.

      If he was dating three people at once you would think that guy would have photos of him with the same hair style and colour. I think that guy is just a salty ex.

  11. Does any of the articles and or comments being made about Aaron Yan change either his acting or musical abilities or how you feel about him as a performer? Really people, grow-up; there are so many gay or lesbian people in the world, get used to it. Gay people are human beings who have feelings also.

  12. I did not realize it was common knowledge/well-known gossip that Aaron was gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but it’s definitely news to me.

  13. not surprised, there has always been rumors. Agree with him that he should be more careful in handling his personal affairs. Getting an ex-lover mad by cheating is not nice for whatever sexual orientation one has. I don’t think his career will be affected much because acting is not real life as long as he acts well.

    • Yeah, he will have to act in serious movies for the time being instead of idol dramas or rom-coms because idiot drama ahjummas only want to live in a fantasy with their toy boy candy and he can’t fulfill that fantasy anymore

  14. Sadly, this does limit his roles and some people will be unable to watch him cast as a romantic lead. This was a vicious and vengeful thing to do and it’s greatly altered his future so I really feel sorry for him. His private life is just that-private! The (hopefully) ex is a jerk.

    • I thought Taiwanese is quite tolerant to LGBTQ. Taiwan has produced a few gay/lesbian movies which were shown in European Film Festivals with good reviews. I am not saying he should be casted in these movies. Just thinking the general public needs to be more open.

    • He didn’t cheat actually, his partner from past explained that those pictures are from different year but his ex was obsessed with Aaron Yan and he was bitter of their break up. And outing is something no one deserves. Homophobic hate is never and should never be used as punishment. Cheating is wrong but as long as the society views sexual minorities in a certain way, outing will always be wrong.

      • I explained in the comments too thAt the photos don’t prove he cheated.
        Photo A is from 2016, photo B is during October this year and photo C is possibly July last year.
        If he “cheated”, the man from photo A (the accuser) would have more proof with him and photos of more recent hairstyle/ or even a recent screen shot of their messages.

    • His company has denied the charges saying that the photos were taken at different times. If thats the case,im curious how ex-bf of 2016 managed to get hold of Aarons photos with his newer bfs.
      Straight or gay, sorry no sympathies if he is indeed a love rat.

  15. What a horrible thing to go through. A person has every right to come out publicly when they’re ready, even if it’s an open secret. I feel so bad for him. I’ve seen bts of him in shows and he seems like such a nice guy. I don’t understand the I-can’t-have-you-so-I’ll-ruin-your-life mentality.

  16. I don’t have much pity for the scorned exlover. Outing him like that is just plain wrong. Even if he was proven to have cheated, it’s a matter to settle privately. He’s better off without Aaron anyways if he’s truly a cheater. That’s what I would think if it was a hetero relationship – the girl, if cheated on, is better off without the cheater.

    I feel bad for Aaron. I knew it was an open secret but that’s his private life. I am not fan so if doesn’t really matter to me. But I still think it’s wrong for an ex to go to the tabloids like that.

  17. I’m sorry for Aaron Yan that he was outed without his consent. If he really did cheat on this boyfriend, that was a terrible thing to do, but even so it was worse of the boyfriend to out him without his consent as a revenge. I am wondering, will this news affect his career? I think Taiwan is more tolerant of the Lesbian and Gay community though, right? I read before they will be getting gay marriage there soon. I wonder how much of an impact this will have on his acting career and ability to get product endorsements/ commercials? He’s been working in Mainland China recently but I wonder now if that is over for good since the government are very anti-gay in Mainland China. I wonder what will happen with the 2 Mainland China dramas that he has already filmed?

    • Yes, this news will have a critical impact on Aaron’s career. Bo audience will take him seriously as a leading man. Production houses, directors, sponsors and endoresment companies will shy away from him. His career is all but diminished now. He might get some work, but it will be just a role here and there. I feel bad for him, as his career paid his bills.

  18. I really can’t believe this … Fahrenheit and S.H.E were my 2 ult groups when I was much younger .. though Wu Zun and Ella were my biases from those groups , I definitely supported Aaron as well before .. I’d never heard any rumor of him being gay before .. I’ve only heard about Hebe ..and now this news makes me feel so bad for him .. how is he going to act in a idol romantic drama again after this … his ex is totally such a bad guy …. Aaron .. I still remember how innocent he looked before and I even shipped him with Hebe before …. aaaa…I feel so sad now though I don’t idolize Fahrenheit and S.H.E anymore …

  19. Koala did nothing wrong in posting the pics. They are posted by countless sites, news outlets and entertainment magazines. Running away from the truth will not make Aaron straight. It is an open secret that he is gay , along with many Taiwanese entertainers. There are two who have wives with a bigger stick between their legs than their husbands. One of them married recently, the orher one married for over 16 years. What better way to trick the world to believing they are straight, than by marrying men who look like women. There are some with wives and girlfriends who are fathers and they are bi. Then there are those who have wives but the wives are rewarded to be their wives. These women have their children but it is called artficially inseminated, no sex required. Then there are those who dont bother to get a so called woman, or a real woman cause they are gay to the bone and can’t be bothered. Wake up people, there are lots of bi and gay idols in Taiwan.
    Aaron’s lover is a douche for doing what he did, the way he outed Aaron. Hell hath no fury like a gay man cheated on. Love A is a nasty piece of jealous work. However, everyone is not seeing Aarons craziness in this. In this day and age, it is not wise to be so promiscuous, and if this is true, Aaron is the poster boy for promiscuity. Learn from a middle-aged Taiwan idol who denied he was gay, he has a so called wife,….. He also is HIV positive. Aaron should learn from him as he knows exactly who I am talking about. I still like Aaron and will watch any productions with him in them.

  20. OMG. Things like this should stay PRIVATE. Shame on the ex. He afterward stated that it wasn’t mean’t to hurt Aaron. I’m like WTF. Then why make it so PUBLIC. I’m Bi, not GAY, but if an ex did that then hell will break lose. Aaron didn’t deny his sexual orientation in his apology. He is simply one of those people that probably hate being label. I am now gonna have weird thoughts now after hearing about this. He is a uke? He is a seme? He is both? Well, regardless of what happened now. I (we) can only continue to support him. True fans will support him no matter what happens. You do you. Do not let others change you.

  21. I will never ever be able to watch Aaron as a romantic leading man in a drama. I’m sure his career is over in that department.. It’s really too bad because he is a very handsome man. I wish him luck in his other endeavors in life.

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