Different Colors Convey Disparate Moods in Character Poster for tvN Drama Memories of Alhambra

K-actress Park Shin Hye has been doing adult roles for years now but I often still instinctively think of her as young adult rather than a mature leading lady in her own right, I think Heirs was the blip that put her back into my mind as a teen and it’s still a role I haven’t fully forgotten. But she’s 28 years old, 30 in Korean age when you’re born at 1 years old and then add another at the beginning of each year. I think upcoming Memories of Alhambra will do well in showcasing her maturity, running a hotel in Spain and taking care of her little brother, being awesome and capable and also getting a super handsome, smart, rich dude in Hyun Bin dropping into her life. They two look fantastic in their solo character posters, and the below released BTS really highlight how the production integrated the Spanish location shoot into the story.

BTS for Memories of Alhambra:


Different Colors Convey Disparate Moods in Character Poster for tvN Drama Memories of Alhambra — 57 Comments

  1. The production is really doing a good jod job of not divulging much at the same time spiking up the interest in the drama. Loving the BTS -how the cast seems to be enjoying the filming and all. So excited here.

  2. I can feel a lot from the individual poster of Hyun Bin, even when he was emoting thru side profile only but sadly, I don’t feel anything from PSH. The eyes seem dead.

    • Exactly my thoughts. I won’t judge too much until I see the drama but in the teaser trailer, all PSH did was just run and cry and.. was in a comatose state? And in these posters she just looks like the usual her. Limited. Idk she looks more interesting in movies but 2 yrs of hiatus warrants a great comeback and if those posters are anything to go by, I’d just pass on this. Both of them are actually limited actors to be frank, not meaning that they’re outright bad. Here’s me wishing that the director is doing a good job by making them act natural instead of the cringey caricature-like overacting. Suspense romance written by the same writer who wrote W. Expect couple of good episodes and then see after ep 9 how it will go down hill.

      • It’s interesting that people judging based on 15” teaser and posters, especially when production purposely hiding all the fun and interesting parts.
        And she is acting so bad. That’s why her acting in last movie and drama winning praises, right?

        The drama clearly focuses on HB’s character and he will have a lot to show. However, PSH is always able to shine on her own in each of her works, even against senior actor Choi Min Sik. So I’m not worried about her acting here. But actresses are always get hated and of course, blamed on if the drama failed. The actors are always great and can’t do no wrong.

        But you are here to make negative comments on her and her fans. What’s else do I expect of you

      • @HDL, I’m talking about the teasers and poster only. PSH looked more interesting in Doctors, Pinocchio and even in her movie trailers and posters. The critique is more on tvn or MoA team or whatever. They released more snippets of Hyun Bin than PSH, that’s why I’m reserving my judgment until the drama comes out

      • It didn’t sound like that in your first comment.
        Anyway, while I don’t always agree with her choice but PSH seems to know what she is doing and what kind of script and role to take.
        She has been consistent than most actresses her age so I will trust her until this is proven wrong.

        And you criticized about the teasers… They were great and get better as well as PSH is looking awesome in them so I don’t know what you are whining about. The posters are boring it it has nothing to do with their acting but more to do with the marketing team.

    • Are you kidding me ? Even a blind man can see the anxiety in her eyes so a side profile can give you a good vibe but not a deep stare that us full of emotions ? Both look good you can get the vibe from both, heejoo is saying he suddenly came and disappeared she’s looking out she never had dead eyes but we will see how will be her performance in the drama when it airs

      • Are you implying that I am blind? Well, I can still type from my phone without the help of braille alphabets mean I am not blind. What a stupid comment just because you can’t accept others’ opinion. What resonated to you does not mean it resonate to me or others. I still stand by my words, her eyes exuded nothing in that poster. The pose just like the regular one she did for the cosmetic brand she endorsed.

    • As oppososite, I feel the sad, confused and longing.
      Both of they aren’t over reacting but the posters aren’t standing out for sure.

    • Oh I think you’re not native speaker I never called you blind its just expression means that anyone can see it and you can see it’s you only who called her eyes dead,think whatever you want but don’t downgrade an actress who is known for her expressive eyes And praise the oppaoppa who us showing half of his face. I love both of them and will never judge them through poster or 15 seconds teaser !!!

      • @sasu90
        You are obviously also not a native speaker since you can’t understand that the statement was intended to mock your ignorance.

        And if only you know, Hyun Bin is not even my fave actor. Definitely not my oppa and I was commenting strictly on his expression from the character still. And since when that expressing my opinion that PSH not exuding any emotion based on the poster is considered downgrading her as an actress? You are an obsessed fan girl. No wonder your fave coukd hardly grow as an actress since all you as fan doing is bashing others for not joining you fangirling and turning on your blind eyes for whatever her weaknesses are.

        You need a lot of growing up to do.

      • @Alexa As far as I can see, no one has said that she is the best actress or that she is flawless. They disagree with you about the dead eyes thing, and that’s fine. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, you are and they are as well. You are not a blind person because of that, and neither are they. Once you call the fans blind because they don’t see what you think is weakness, you are only acting as the person you are criticizing for the same attitude.
        I personally think you went a bit overboard when you said “no wonder your fave could hardly grow as an actress since all you as fan doing is bashing others”. Her career is define only by her and she is doing well by her own. You don’t need to belittle someone only because you dislike her fans. It as childish as the comment towards you.

      • @alexa: You seem to be immature and disrespectful . People have their opinions like you have yours.
        PSH fans doesn’t define her career no matter you love or hate them. She determine it herself about how much she wants it. But sure enough she has more support than some other actresses out there. And I might add they are quite mature too as they grow along with her.
        Once again, I disagree with the dead eyes you said. And based on the teasers up to now you can see who they have show heavier emotion scenes. I think PSH might outdo her previous performance of the writer does it right

  3. All I can do now is wait and have faith in all the crews, the writer and the director especially the main casts lead. I know that they been working so hard filming this drama and they won’t let us down. 22 more days to go and I’m so excited.

  4. I’m crossing my fingers here hoping Park Shin Hye is not another Han Ji Min who is so horrible and bland. She literally kill his comeback after his enlistment. Park Shin Hye is so dead in the poster so please don’t make him flop like Han Ji Min. I never liked her acting because she really suck and is overrated. Geese Hyun Bin really need to pair up with a strong actress that can play anything not these just to look pretty and have no talent at all. Fighting Hyun Bin, you’re so unlucky to keep pairing up with some untalented girls.

    • Lol you must be that Hyun bin hjw Stan. Btw PSH should be the one that should praying Hyun bin doesn’t make her flop last I checked he was the one whose last drama flopped not her.

      • haha..true indeed…PSH’s drama always gained good ratings compared to the actor who didn’t seem doing great since his comeback from military service..

      • Imagine trying to blame Han Jimin and Park Shinhye when both actresses have been doing great. Han Jimin was great in Familiar Wife which had good ratings and she has been winning awards and acclaim for her latest movie. Meanwhile Park Shinhye has always done well on the small screen.
        Really, some actors’ fans should wake up from lalaland.

    • Meanwhile Han Jimin out there with a hit drama and various Best Actress award for her latest movie… while Hyun Bin is flopping with his last two movies. Geez “untalented girls”? Time really shows who is the actual overrated one right, bitch?

    • Sure, that’s why she has more views, more comments, more supports and more consistent hits than Hyunbin.
      So far this year, YOUR Hyunbin flopped twice before this drama. PSH fans should be worried about his luck and momentum affect her long-waited comeback. But we haven’t even said anything so do not try us. We are nice but won’t let other bully Shinhye or us easily.
      And by the way, Koreans praised her acting just on poster along for longing and sadness

    • Lol Hyun Bin’s real fans are mature and not retarded. They support his works and who ever he works with so why are everyone mad at him. Sadly he had some of the DUMBEST shipper who always causes trouble and fan wars everywhere. Putting down other actress in his every other projects. I personally think he’s a good actor but not the best. He had his own flaws and still need improvements on many levels. All the actress he works with are good in their own way. Han Ji Min is a great actress and I personally think she is a very strong actress despite all the hate people thrown at her, she still stand strong on her ground. But I don’t know why Secret Garden fans are so rude. I’m sure there are many people who doesn’t like Ha Ji Won too but are respectful not to diss her. I’m glad he works with many different actress to improve his acting. He’s not the best and so are his leading lady’s. They all still need lots of improvement. Lol I’m still sorry but I don’t find what is so great about Secret Garden and Ha Ji Won. I don’t hate her but still don’t understand the fuss about her. I watch Secret Garden and her acting is not so appealing or stand out.

      December please come by soon. I have high anticipation for this drama and pairing. Fighting Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye, ignore the retarded shipper and rude comments from haters.

      • I agree with this.
        It’s always those shippers that gives people the impression that Hyun Bin fans are immature.
        I like Secret Garden alot but the couple don’t really attract me.

        Wishing MoA the best!

  5. The biasness is real… all he did in the teasers were turning back and stared. looked shock. That’s it. Just like how some said all she did was crying and running.

    • Because actors are always better than actresses even she has more hits, more fans and is more popular.
      Because fangirls loves hot handsome actors

    • But fact is every actor she is paired with gets to shine with her because PSH is a team player. Look at WB, YKS and others even the side characters gets to shine because she creates great synergy in every filming. No.matter how excellent an actor or actress is if she/ he shines alone in a scene, it will still be bland. But Shin Hye aside from being a team.player can shine on her own. Proof is all.her past dramas and films are getting rave revirws and reruns in networks all over the world. And many bonafide critics praise her work.

  6. I see…I can’t wait for MOA truely hoping that this is the drama that sizzles with passion and excitement and both HB and PSH set the benchmark with their chemistry and acting. Either way the hype has been worth it.

  7. @oakola: Why do you keep deleting my comments replied to that crazy Sega shipper? Why are you afraid of stating the true but has no problem when people bashing actresses?

    • Sega shipper couldn’t accept that HB dated another actress instead of his co actress in Sega…and owh..they broke up already…so any actress who work with HB from now on will get the bashes..can’t they focus just on the drama, both are good and compatible in visual..even same acting level.

  8. This is HB’s show for sure. I did my homework by watching SJJ prev dramas and that’s how i come to the conclusion. I bet when the show airing later, ifans will flock to whine about how PSH turns them off with her 40-50% screentime. Lol if that really happen it just means one thing; his performance is not that great that enable to make you stay. I stayed till the end of KMHM because of jisung’s superb performance despite the female lead character erm…that. Anyway, for such a high budget drama, the main posters and character posters are one giga sure underwhelming in relative to the supposed beyond-exciting-drama they claimed to be.

    • I really hope that isn’t the case. PSH has picked great female roles for her last two dramas, and even if this might be HB’s show, I hope her character shines too.

  9. Those posters look boring : their faces, the color… Between the teaser that don’t really let us to have clue about the story and that, the production has luck to have big names because nothing is really interesting until now.

      • from what I can observe, the money generators here are PSH, YEH, KYJ, KHJ. Not Suzy, the previous 2 articles on her didn’t have many comments, she is stale now. SHK does not generate many comments since her marriage.

    • @candycane many comments here is = to hates comments anyways so who wants that. The only time you will see an article gets a lot of comments is when faves get dragged and fans will defend their fave. So despite of how this blog is famous for being bias and toxic koala still allow slandering in this site because it brings her traffic and money. Lol

      • that’s how she wants to run her blog. You can tell on the tone of articles written here, which can predict what kind of comments it will generate… LOL.

    • It’s been awhile since PSH gets that many comments actually.
      But I think with the premiere of MoA coming close, haters and “critics” probably cannot sit still anymore.

  10. Not at that hyun bin fan on here that is trying to already pin the failure of this drama that have not even aired yet on PSH guess oppa can do no wrong.

  11. All MOA posters look very dull and colorless not so bright. But the teaser looks great so why care about them haters who have trouble digesting Hyun Bin acting or Park Shin Hye. If a drama’s flopping, it’s not only the actors who’s at fault. The director and producer have a part to play. The worst I’ve heard of is the case with The Great Doctor with Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun where the director suicide due to the failure of the drama. Hopefully people are respectful enough to appreciate what they get to see. If you don’t like an actor or actress just skip the drama or movies as easy as that.

    • Get your facts straight. He didn’t kill himself because Faith failed in ratings. He killed himself because he was in debt and was not paying the cast and crew so don’t put the blame of his financial problems on viewers.

  12. PSH will forever be limited as an actress and can never be chameleon-like and her acting can never be natural if her fans keep shielding her. Sure, she is the biggest name in her generation, she got her success on her own and she’s not bad at acting per se. She’s just.. limited. Same can be said about Jun Ji Hyun and Song Hye Kyo too actually, they’re limited too. Hyun Bin is limited too so I’m definitely not hating on PSH. And that’s that. In almost every character she plays, I can’t see her completely immersed into her character, there’s always a hint of her and she seems too image conscious, which is not a good thing in acting and it seems she’s aware of it if you look at her Doctors press-con interview where she acknowledges it. I think this is a problem for 90% of other Korean actresses too so I’m not nitpicking her. I won’t deny her star power but there’s something that she needs to work on harder, which is learning to getting into her character.

    • You said it yourself like about 90% of korean actresses are limited . Why don’t you go and spread your negativity on others and let PSH fans be excited for her comeback after almost 3 years wait? Guess you must have a boring life and need people to talk to you?

      And PSH and her fans know she isn’t the best actress but we are happpy and love each of her performances she has. That’s why we are excited after her longest break ever. We miss her. People can say whatever about her but to us, each of her characters are different and give out different vibes from Dokmi to Inha or Hyejung or even Eunsang. We could feel her sadness and happiness in each scene she portrays. So what if she isn’t Meryl Streep? Nothing is wrong with it. That’s why she never got an Oscar, right? But she is still perfect and good enough in her fans eyes. How hard is it to understand? This isn’t shielding. This is different tastes, perspectives, and point of views

      Like you said she had the most star power in her generation and probably has the most successful projects too. That’s why people love to pick on her and showing support for the less- known actresses to be woke lol. Or people like you don’t care enough to pick on those actresses

  13. To all PSJ fans she is currently cast in a film called ‘Call’ with Jun Jong Seo (who was in Burning) only if you weren’t aware of it already. It’s supposed to be a thriller so that’s pretty exciting and of course she is the lead so it premieres in 2019 and that’s something to look forward to after MOA. It’s promising times for her because I’ve been hoping she does something totally out of the ordinary and the movie is just that avenue.

  14. Yes and it’s also a rare female centric drama with all female leads so I’m very excited and proud of her.
    She always step out of her comfort zone and take more risks with movies, even

  15. Reading comments here is sure fun while waiting for the drama premier. Just remember to give credit where credit is due once we see the finish product. It’s true that commenters always
    , almost always, give praise for the actor she’s paired with and forget PSH. But don’t you see who the common denominator in all the successful dramas since YB to Doctors? Ding ding ding!
    Continue with the critique….PSH will keep on her path which btw she paved for herself!
    Can not wait for December and the coming year, for MOA AND CALL is coming to us fans.

    • yes i agree on you. PSH has non stop critics and haters so everytime she has new dramas most of her antis come out and bash her. Nonetheless, i am eagerly waiting for december 1 like finally i get to see PSH again in small screen something to look forward to.

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