Kim Dong Wook is the Standout of The Guest with Soulful and Gripping Performance

I went into recently finished OCN supernatural thriller drama The Guest for Kim Jae Wook and left adding Kim Dong Wook to my stable of charismatic leading men who happen to be great actors. I’m thrilled Kim Dong Wook is getting so much attention and love for his role as psychic medium turned taxi driver Yoon Hwa Pyeong, a role that is the warm beating heart of the trio of broken kids turned resilient adults who are leading the front line fight against a dark demonic force. The drama was scary in all the right ways, fleshing out not just central characters but also side supporting roles so everyone mattered. And because everyone mattered, all the hurt inflicted by the big bad was that much harder to endure especially seeing it consume Kim Dong Wook’s character but thankfully gave us a hopeful ending. It was a great role and he made it come alive masterfully. Congrats to this very underrated actor for getting his due moment to shine.


Kim Dong Wook is the Standout of The Guest with Soulful and Gripping Performance — 8 Comments

  1. I really liked him in The Guest but he was good in Radiant Office too. I loved his character in Along With The Gods, he was really funny (I’m not sure why they need a 3rd movie by the way…) 😀

    It was nice to see a Coffee Prince reunion 😀

  2. I liked him so much in Maids, I couldn’t finish the show because I hated to see him lose to stone-faced Oh Ji-Ho.
    He is also in The Concubine,a rather explicit movie, but although it is a long time ago that I saw it and not really liking it, I remember him leaving an impression on me.
    Glad he gets more attention now.

  3. Love the bottom photo. I liked him in Coffee Prince. What a character he played. I forgot he was in The Concubine. That was an intense movie.

    Just watched Along With The Gods. I thought he did a terrific job. So glad he is finally getting kudos.

  4. It’s about time , Kim Dong wook is really a good actor. The problem is that actors like him doesn’t get most of the time what they deserve. They are shadowed by ” pretty faces” without acting talent.

  5. I first saw him in ‘Living together and Happy together’ 2008 movie pretty serious role there but after watching The Guest was super impressed with his performance but after seeing him in Coffee Prince I thought he was absolutely fantastic in fact his role and Lee Eon’s (Bless him RIP) characters were my favourite. Yes he’s on track for more lead roles and he’s such a versatile actor so glad to see he’s doing well.

  6. Great actor and outstanding in everything he does…the real benchmark when an actor is always good regardless of the offering they still stand out?

  7. Loved him since The Concubine where he stole my heart and ran away with it. Sadly he took it with him to his military service immediately after I became obsessed with him. When he came back i was so ecstatic when he was cast for The Maids, sadly he was put as second lead opposite super bland and stoic Oh jiho.
    After a few underwhelming projects after his service, i have Been happy he has been getting great projects like Along with the Gods and The Guest. I need more projects of him. Please more dramagods… more…

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