Hit TW-movie Our Times Producer Adapting New It Started With a Kiss Movie with Darren Wang and Jelly Lin

There’s a new remake of It Started With a Kiss (Itazura na Kiss) in the works and this one doesn’t elicit the immediate response of why bother which is actually good sign. There are so many versions of ISWAK out there and I’ve like quite a few of them – the Taiwan perfection with Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng, before all the scandal Playful Kiss cuteness with Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min, and lots of folks loved the modern newer Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo. Taiwan remade ISWAK as a drama two years ago but that didn’t resonate with the viewers but I’m curious to see ISWAK as a movie with two charismatic young stars in Darren Wang (breakout from Our Times) and The Mermaid‘s Jelly Lin. Jelly is gorgeous but plays goofy and dopey quite well as evidenced in The Mermaid, and Darren is just pent up charisma that I believe can pull off the straight man character rather than his Our Times rebel. The movie posters are so sweet and nostalgic, and Bazaar China has already done a fashion pictorial with the two leads that highlight their impressive visuals.


Hit TW-movie Our Times Producer Adapting New It Started With a Kiss Movie with Darren Wang and Jelly Lin — 20 Comments

  1. Hm. I can’t see Darren as Zhi Shu. He suits ah Jin more (the 2nd male lead). I think it is because he has the more “rough” look whereas Zhi Shu is supposed to be the perfect, good-looking and high-prestige student.

  2. Can we have a neo-ISWAK version where we have a strong female lead that pursues her own ambitions outside of her love interest!? Can she be cute and innocent without making a desperate idiot out of herself!? CAN WE!?

  3. It starts with a kiss? Itazura na kiss, right? I hope they take naoki character from the anime version,the anime version naoki more warm and naughty, rather from the live version, and it will better if they fill this version more like our time or a love so beautiful vibe. Rather itazura na kiss news version or playful kiss, i hope they change the heroine character too, just become naive,not idiot

  4. Iswak was remake 2 yrs ago , why did i dont remember anything about it or it just to say how bad it was . Original t iswak how i love thee

    • A brief overview is here under “LAWSUITS”


      It’s a case: she said vs. he said. Bottom line is, he injured his then girlfried so severely that she had to be hospitalized. Intentionally or accidentally is highly controversial. It doesn’t matter to me, you never beat the weaker one!

      His fans are on his side no matter what and are ready to attack anyone, who says something bad about oppa. Even if it’s true.

    • It’s not a scandal that surrounds the production of “Playful Kiss” itself! However, there are a lot of people (me included), who can’t watch Kim Hyun Joong anymore knowing what he did to his baby mommy.

      It’s a pity, because this particular adaptation is very warm and lovely, despite the dumbness of the female lead character and the stiffness of the male lead.

      Jung So Min is so adorable that I forgot my feminist heart and follow her on her road to happiness without wanting to mentally slap her constantly for being so single-minded and naive.

  5. I have nothing against Darren Wang, but he really doesn’t give me Zhi Shu vibes AT ALL. But I guess there’s nothing wrong trying something new with the character for this adaptation… we’ll see. Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng are still the best for me though, what a classic even after all these years

  6. The story sucks so bad I dunno what’s the hype about it. This kind of storylines irk me to no end. It’s just plain stupid and doesn’t deserve any sort of adaptation.

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