It’s All About Yoo Seung Ho’s Puppy Dog Smile in First Teasers for SBS Drama My Strange Hero

The punny title of Bok Soo is Back (i.e. Revenge is Back) has now morphed into the rather bland English title of My Strange Hero which seems neither here nor there. But the casting remains legit awesome with cutie pie Yoo Seung Ho continuing in his rom-com streak after I am Not a Robot and this time he gets Jo Boa after she went on an award winning haul for her performance in tearjerker drama Goodbye to Goodbye. In the first teaser they are both in high school uniform and believably pass as one still, smiling at each other in a way that makes me go awwwwwww. The next teaser has adult (I presume) Yoo Seung Ho extending his hand to a woman in a wedding dress (Jo Boa I further presume) who takes his hand (who wouldnt!) and they turn to run away. No clue what the context it other than the two are oh so very pretty together.

Teasers for My Strange Hero:


It’s All About Yoo Seung Ho’s Puppy Dog Smile in First Teasers for SBS Drama My Strange Hero — 5 Comments

  1. I think the teasers are bad. The leads are likeable, but I don’t really think them smiling makes for anything. It’s cringe worthy imo.

  2. Oh god I miss pre military service Yoo Seung Ho so much. Seriously whats with the senseless romcoms and mediocre scripts? I’d rather prefer him doing heavy roles with well timed comedy in between (if he wants to do something light) than seeing him spoiling his career and acting skills like this. Roles like these wont get him anywhere, I just dont understand why is he hell bent on destroying his own career. It feels bad to see a gem like him being wasted. Come on top kdrama writers are you sleeping or what? wake up and cast him already.Please.

    • I agree. I miss him so much in role like in Warrior Baek Dong So. He was so good. The same in I Miss You. In those 2 dramas, I prefer his characters than the heroes. They weren’t not nice but they had reasons and Yoo Seung Ho made them very human.

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