Joo Sang Wook and Lee Min Jung Hit the Melo Romantic Vibe in Promos for SBS Weekend Drama Fate and Furies

The first teaser and lots of promos are out for upcoming SBS weekend drama Fate and Furies which actually looks surprisingly fantastic. I love the melodramatic moody vibe, it’s intensely dark and makjang romantic, sort of like a non-cheating mc-cheaterson version of Temptation. She’s poor and scrappy trying to escape a shitting life situation, he’s rich and they get involved in the usual convoluted K-drama ways that eventually lead to inadvertently finding a soulmate. I’m excited to see the reunion of Joo Sang Wook and Lee Min Jung a few years after Cunning Single Woman (Sly and Single Again), changing course from rom-com to melo with both still looking great together. The drama from the secondary PD of Suspicious Partner and Defendant with a newbie scriptwriter takes over on December 1 from Miss Ma, Nemesis.

Teaser for Fate and Furies:


Joo Sang Wook and Lee Min Jung Hit the Melo Romantic Vibe in Promos for SBS Weekend Drama Fate and Furies — 7 Comments

  1. I am so excited for their reunion. The story and the characters seems interesting. Also, I look forward to JSW’s great performance as I was so impressed by his acting in Grand Prince.

  2. I really like this couple. They are so compatible and they have have great chemistry. I’m actually waiting for this drama since Koala make a post about this a while back. So glad to see the teaser and now I can’t wait to watch the drama. Thank you !

  3. They still look great together since cunning lady . I low key wish that they ended up together in real life. Too bad they’re both taken and I still feel bad that she ended up with an unfaithful husband. I

  4. Oh wow I didnt know they reunited in this. Love their chemistry in CSL. The premise is not my cup of tea but I will give the drama a try for this couple.

  5. They look comfortable and relaxed so it’s easier to relate to their tribulations and I have a lot of respect and admiration for Lee Min Jung considering what she has had to endure these past few years. Very stoic yet calm and demure despite the chaos around her. She always looks good and I’ve been a fan of JSW since Fantastic when he was the bumbling try hard bad actor so this pairing for this drama will be something I would watch and enjoy.

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