Retired HK Acting Goddess Maggie Cheung Makes Rare Public Appearance at Louis Vuitton Event in Shanghai

The 80’s Hong Kong acting legends are making news waves in recent weeks and it’s only fitting that a long retired goddess also returns to the spotlight. Maggie Cheung has been retired from acting since 2006 and in the intervening 12 years she has rarely been seen in public. While her colleagues like Tony Leung, Andy Lau, and Carina Lau continue to act regularly and the audience has watched them age into their 50’s, it takes a moment to soak in Maggie returning to the public eye this week at the Louis Vuitton event in Shanghai. She looks cool as ever with her short tousled red hair and at 53 years old she still has her willowy frame and enviable fashion style. When asked by the media what she’s been doing, Maggie has apparently been recording an album and may release it soon. I think she can do whatever the heck she wants, she’s earned full artistic license from her three decades of acting successes.


Retired HK Acting Goddess Maggie Cheung Makes Rare Public Appearance at Louis Vuitton Event in Shanghai — 12 Comments

    • I think she must be in her 50s now going to 60. She has aged a lot. To me a person who is skinny will look more frail.what is more important is to be healthy

  1. What? She’s Maggie C? She was naturally beautiful , why did she go under the knife?.. :/
    Didn’t know she has retired. One major acting talent, it’ll be great to have her onscreen again.

  2. I don’t like her look now but I love her as an actress. She is the female version of Tony Leung and they are the only two HK actors who ever won at Cannes. She’s versatile and extremely talented. It’s good to finally see her once in a while and great that she’s enjoying life. The lady got good voice too, based on her crooning some tunes in her award winning role in “Clean”.

      • IMO, she is more of a movie than a tv actress. When she first started out, she was just ok and as how it was back then, more famous as being pretty and part of the female leads in Jacky Chan’s movies. But she started doing so well by early 90’s… can see from her impressive resume and she won recognitions not only within the chinese entertainment industry but also internationally.

        Tony was pretty much the same too, just an ok actor when he started out at tvb aand his career really stabdsout when he ventured into movies.

        No offense to the late Yammy (may she rest in peace) but I wouldn’t compare Maggie with her. Yammy stoodout more as a beautiful actress than for her acting chop. Acting talent-wise, Yammy is not of the same level as Maggie.

      • Totally disagree with your last paragraph. I believe the difference was that Maggie was given the chance or plenty of chances to hone her acting skills in movies but Yammie wasn’t. Everyone who taught or worked with Yammie said she had this natural talent in acting and she helped her co-workers emote. Anyway, I’m glad that Maggie sent her condolences and bouquet to Yammie’s funeral.

      • Replying to Alexa. Yammie was an excellent actress. TVB tended to give her flower vase roles in the beginning because she was so beautiful; and those roles didn’t give her a chance to showcase her talent.

        If you’ve watched The Greed of Man or Looking Back in Anger you’ll know how amazing her acting is. I think her performance as Ling Jeh is probably the best performance I’ve seen from any actress EVER.

      • Replying to Jieul and Abc

        This is the reason why I never liked bringing up other actress to highlight my point but since @Abc mentioned Yammy,I therefore compared these two great actresses.

        At the end of the day, it’s a matter about preference. I grew up watching HK movies and dramas. I hold Maggie Cheung in high regards, she didn’t start off that strong but morphed into a really brilliant actress. She is definitely one of the best of her generation.

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