Retired HK Acting Goddess Maggie Cheung Makes Rare Public Appearance at Louis Vuitton Event in Shanghai

The 80’s Hong Kong acting legends are making news waves in recent weeks and it’s only fitting that a long retired goddess also returns to the spotlight. Maggie Cheung has been retired from acting since 2006 and in the intervening 12 years she has rarely been seen in public. While her colleagues like Tony Leung, Andy Lau, and Carina Lau continue to act regularly and the audience has watched them age into their 50’s, it takes a moment to soak in Maggie returning to the public eye this week at the Louis Vuitton event in Shanghai. She looks cool as ever with her short tousled red hair and at 53 years old she still has her willowy frame and enviable fashion style. When asked by the media what she’s been doing, Maggie has apparently been recording an album and may release it soon. I think she can do whatever the heck she wants, she’s earned full artistic license from her three decades of acting successes. Continue reading

Winners and Star-studded Red Carpet at the 50th Anniversary Golden Horse Awards in Taipei

Two major Asian film awards took place this weekend, there was the Blue Dragon Film Awards celebrating Korean cinema held in Seoul, and further South in Taipei the annual Golden Horse Film Awards feted the Chinese-language movies of 2013. It … Continue reading