Pink is the New Black in More Teaser Poster and Stills for Clean With Passion For Now

The lead casting for upcoming jTBC drama Clean With Passion For Now has garnered lots of opinions both positive and mostly negative, but this is an entire drama that has plenty of other cast members to round out the cleaning team at the center of the tale. Male lead Yoon Kyun Sang is an OCD neat freak who runs a cleaning company, talk about melding personal interest with professional success. His crew looks like the cleaning version of the Coffee Princes, with pink as the new color of hard working gumption with plenty of pretty boys to surround female lead Kim Yoo Jung. There’s Lee Do Hyun, Kim Min Kyu, Hak Jin, and Cha In Ha. Apparently Kwak Si Yang is making a special appearance too yay! For the veterans there is Yoo Sun as the capable company secretary, Kim Won Hae as the heroine’s daddy, and turning from demon-level-evil in The Guest is actress Kim Hye Eun here as smiling nice mommy to the lead male. The drama premieres on November 26th in the Mon-Tues time slot following The Beauty Inside. Totally can’t wait!


Pink is the New Black in More Teaser Poster and Stills for Clean With Passion For Now — 13 Comments

  1. Only if the crew from the cleaning services in real life are this attractive, I’ll break my piggy bank and hire the guys to clean my room everyday lol

    After watching all the promos and teasers, Im wary that it’s a typical rom-com. (ex radio romance was boring despite strong performances) but I’m intrigue to check out the first two episodes, esp since this is Yoo Jung first drama in 2 years. I hope she can build upon her strong performance in love in moonlight.

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