Asia Artist Awards 2018 Delivers True Popularity Contest Winners and Typical K-fashion Styles

The Asia Artist Awards are the true purveyors of a popularity contest and if it wasn’t for actors and actresses getting random awards along with the idol and pop stars I’d probably not cover it. This year the highlight was the four very very famous idol-actresses above showing up at the same event – IU in white, Suzy in grey-moss, and Yoona and Seolhyun doing different styles of a long black dress. Since this was a popularity driven endeavor the attendees where quite the list of high profile or often written about names, and on the winners side it was Lee Byung Hun taking home the acting Daesang and BTS the music Daesang. I don’t think there was any dress or tux worth writing about but everyone did look relatively chipper to be there and the makeup was for once not overly plastered on.


Asia Artist Awards 2018 Delivers True Popularity Contest Winners and Typical K-fashion Styles — 14 Comments

  1. All are pretty in a different ways. 🙂 Yoona-she knows gowns that fit her best. Suzy- didn’t really like the fit of her own, she did look a bit big and sloppy. Seolhyun-kinda felt bad for her group members. IU- always looks neat.

  2. IU looks the best! Yoona’s approaching 30 look is showing especially in the first picture next to the younger idols. Suzy’s dress is ugly. Seven looks like an Ajhussi now. LSG – why put on so much makeup foundation? L looks so handsome. Where is Cha Eun Woo’s picture please :-)?

  3. They all look super hot and amazing so for me I can’t choose anyone in particular. The gowns though are not as spectacular as the Chinese ones that were posted previously. Park Hae Jin is so handsome followed by Sung Hoon. Too much hotness in one scroll I better go for a run!

  4. It’s amazing how pretty Suzy can look even wearing such an ugly dress. I mean, I’m always glad to see a color not black or white on the red carpet, but the cut is so unflattering! I don’t particularly like IU’s dress either (too fussy), but she wears it well. Seolhyun looks the best, though. Such a beautiful face and body. I’m positive she can make even a bad dress look good, and her dress isn’t even that bad! So yeah, hers is the best look of the night imho.

  5. I’m surprised that most people didn’t like Suzy’s dress. I’m not her fan but her dress stood out for me. Also am I the on one who gasped when they saw Lee Seung gi ?! There should always be a caution. Jasper Liu looked adorbs as always

  6. Korean actresses and celebs should employ many Filipino designers. so you will all feel sexy and confident on the red carpet, just like Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray, see her sultry & classy Red dress, that’s how you do it on the red carpet as a Star that must shine brightly.

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