C-actor Jiang Jing Fu Turns Himself into Japanese Police for Domestic Violence Charges Against Ex-girlfriend

In K-ent it always seems like the wrongdoers get away with it more easily but this is one misbehavior and likely criminal behavior that appears to be going down the proper legal channels. C-actor Jiang Jing Fu has turned himself into Japanese police for the charge of domestic violence, which is just assault and battery that happens in a home setting. He’s charged with beating up his now ex-girlfriend with plenty of picture evidence and his own admission on his Weibo account last week after disappearing for more than a month after the attack. His ex-girlfriend has given updated statements that Jiang Jing Fu had hit her previous times before, one time so badly she lost two teeth. This final incident as chronicled by her horrific bruises on her face, chest, and arms, reportedly resulted in the entire apartment being splattered with blood. Eesh, celebrity or no I hope Jiang Jing Fu pays the legal price for his actions. 


C-actor Jiang Jing Fu Turns Himself into Japanese Police for Domestic Violence Charges Against Ex-girlfriend — 6 Comments

  1. All I can say is that looks scary. Even broken teeth and all. Hopefully he gets proper punishment. Really disgusting how some celebs defended Jjf

  2. In these circumstances the least you can do is write fairly. His lawyers said there was no blood splattered and two teeth knocked out. As Hu ge wrote wrongdoing is wrongdoing nothing can defend his actions, there is no need to exaggerate.

    • I really pity those who think it is okay for man to raise a hand against a woman. It sad and scary to live thinking is okay to do that and defend it.

      • Defend??? What for? He has admitted it personally on his Weibo account. Waiting to know how long his sentence will be.

  3. I read that a Chinese celebrity was defending him and believing in him that there’s another truth behind this. No matter what this so called truth is it is not acceptable to beat another person up. So I hope people can be more reasonable and not blindly defend this celebrity because he is Chinese or your idol. I hope he gets the punishment he deserves.

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