Revisiting Yumi’s Relationship with Woong and Babi Ahead of Her Second Chance Choice with Both in Yumi’s Cells 2

I’m surprised that I liked Yumi’s Cells 2 this much, I thought it would be a nice watch but never expected to be so emotionally invested. All praise not just to Kim Go Eun‘s delicate and lovely acting but to how the production continued to develop her cells and take us along that emotional journey. New stills are out for this weekend’s new episodes 11-12 and both male leads Woong and Babi are back in Yumi’s life as set up at the end of episode 10. Woong is a breath of nostalgia for me, bringing back all those wonderful Woong-y tics of pride and awkward sincerity. I think Yumi is truly over Woong so much that there is no chance for him, not because they wouldn’t work out this second time around but because she’s fully moved on. That’s life, and so bittersweet at that. Babi is still a healing wound for Yumi which makes his chances a 50/50, because she’s still not over him but she’s grown yet again from their breakup that I can see her being firm because she is happy now all alone and doesn’t need to take another chance with him. But honestly I don’t know how I would pick if I were Yumi, both guys have their flaws and strengths and the hotness is through the roof. Maybe have some fun (hehe) and then swan off with my cells solo.

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