Roy Qiu Flying High with Hit TW-movie Dear Ex and Just Misses Out on Golden Horse Best Actor Award

You win some you lose some, and TW-actor Roy Qiu‘s career is a open book example of all the high and lows. From his promising early days to dating tabloid stories that overshadowed his acting projects to now transitioning successfully into film, he’s been one of Taiwan’s most talented actors despite his prickly personality off screen as a purported love interest. I guess I have no interest in dating Roy hence I can still like and appreciate his incredibly handsome looks but more importantly breadth and subtlety in acting. 2018 was a banner career year for him having starred in the hit TW-movie Dear Ex (Who Fell in Love with Him First), with the movie getting a handful of Golden Horse award nominations but Roy fell short for Best Actor but his costar Hsieh Ying Xuan took home Best Actress. The movie was a huge box office hit with audiences loving the unexpected humor and familial warmth in a story about a mom fighting her dead ex-husband’s gay lover for his insurance payout. Roy was featured in Taiwan GQ after his Golden Horse nomination and these tuxedo gentleman at the movies pictures are perfect to savor and save.


Roy Qiu Flying High with Hit TW-movie Dear Ex and Just Misses Out on Golden Horse Best Actor Award — 4 Comments

  1. Roy always blows me away w/ his comedic works. Some of his expressions are so hilarious that I remember him even as memory of the actual drama fades.

    Too bad about him being a dog romantically, but that doesn’t really concern me. I just appreciates his works and would like to see more of him.

  2. If opened today on Netflix, this movie is a definite must watch. Acting was superb! Wonder who won best actor because Roy really acted his pants out, and the actress! deserved that award.

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