Tae Hang Ho Transforms into Choi Jin Hyuk in Hilariously Outlandish K-drama Character Switch in An Empress’s Dignity

I thought the days of super outlandish melo was over but here we are at the end of 2018 with An Empress’s Dignity (The Last Empress). It’s apparently so over-the-top with cartoonish villains and candy heroines and also the most polar opposite physical character transformation in like ever. Male lead Choi Jin Hyuk didn’t appear onscreen right away but his character of Na Wang Sik did, only played by character actor Tae Hang Ho. He gets hit by the bus of tragedy and loss and turns to revenge, and in order to do so he cuts his hair and trains like a mother%&#*@ and in the process morphs from Tae Hang Ho into Choi Jin Hyuk, pecs, abs, and all. Ah, the joy of watching K-drama logic in visual glory, who cares if it makes sense. I would have bought a soul-switch more actually lol. But I guess this level of nonsense is what makes the drama fun to watch as its currently leading the Wed-Thurs ratings for the prime time dramas and neck-to-neck with tvN‘s quiet slow melo-romance Encounter.


Tae Hang Ho Transforms into Choi Jin Hyuk in Hilariously Outlandish K-drama Character Switch in An Empress’s Dignity — 18 Comments

  1. Honestly the first episodes of this drama were baffling. The palace lot and Sunny’s lot seemed to be in completely different dramas – an ultra makjang and a fluffy romance respectively. Nothing makes sense nor comes together properly. All the characters are one note and irritating. It was slightly embarrassing to watch. Maybe it’s improved in latest EPs but first impressions are not good. ? Pity cos the premise is nice and I like the styling of the drama.

  2. The show is honestly crazy and hilarious to watch. Wanting to see how the characters can top their previous actions is part of the fun in watching. Nearly all characters are unlikeable, but in the sense that you love to hate them. It’s pretty addictive imo so I’m not surprised it’s doing well ratings-wise.

  3. This show is Makjang and isn’t ashamed of it and actually, it is clever to update the genre and even makes fun of itself. I have enjoyed watching all the episodes so much and laughed out loud numerous times. The writing is fun, plot isn’t always predictable (except the set-up of Sunny falling for the Emperor and Wang Shik’s revenge) and the cast are all spot-on. It is fun entertainment.

  4. The transformation scene or rather the switch from THH to CJH really made me laugh out loud while watching. It was just so outrageously hilarious because it was so unbelievable. I was expecting the lead’s face change via usual method: plastic surgery. I’m watching this week after week because it’s really strangely addictive to watch.

  5. The thing about this drama is that it’s bad but it’s not bad-bad (like Hwarang, for example lmao) rather, it’s so bad it’s actually GOOD. This drama actually has me laughing out loud in some scenes. In one of the later episodes, there’s this crazy fight sequence between the Emperor and WS where they randomly transition from human form into cartoon drawings. Despite it being utterly random, it was actually done pretty tastefully (LOL) and I didn’t hate it.

    The thing about this drama is that it doesn’t take itself seriously so you shouldn’t either. Just shut off your brain and let the drama take you where it will. You’ll be in for a ride lol. All the actors are also so committed to their roles and doing such killer jobs that their performances in of itself is enough to carry this crazy, crazy drama. Surprisingly, there’s some super heart-tugging moments that really shine in this drama. Mainly it’s from the female lead (I find she brings heart and a likeability factor to all the dramas she’s in) and sometimes from WS and the Emperor. Another shining point of this drama is legit the LOL facial expressions that some characters sometimes pull. The Emperor’s face of terror and disbelief on his and the female lead’s “first night” is a personal favorite. He was so scared of her hahaha.

    Overall, I haven’t enjoyed a drama this much in a loooong time. The only thing I truly hate about it is the Emperor’s annoying asf sister BUT, other than that, I can pretty much enjoy all other aspects. Don’t take this drama too seriously, appreciate the amazing performances and you’ll appreciate this fast-paced crazy as hell drama. It’s really comedic gold imo. 😀

  6. Still smiling when I think about this. If I did a diet and exercised for two months the only thing I’d lose would be my fitbit! This is one that you just sit down with a bowl of popcorn and diet drink (see, I’m trying) and just enjoy!

  7. This drama is so weird. But in a funny way, there are so much stupid things.

    For now, my biggest issue is we see more the villains than the heroes. It’s like Return. We understand that they were very evil and crazy.

  8. Ahem.. I just binge watched all the episodes till current. Thot the leading guy is such a hottie but the plot is so sketchy.. But the 30mins block episodes did work for the lack of credible storyline. I HATE or rather dread the princess. She overacts so much, its cringe worthy.

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