First Official Stills of Agent Suzy in tvN Action Drama Vagabond

I’m sure this post will generate the usual Suzy is going to ruin the drama commentary and honestly it’s 50/50 that’s going to happen. In the meantime she’ll look very pretty onscreen even if she’s not emoting or emoting in the wrong way lol. The girl is here to stay in drama land and there is nothing arm chair casting agents can do other than hope she learns how to act better with each successive project which is my philosophy. Up next for Suzy is the tvN action thriller Vagabond reuniting with Lee Seung Gi after fantasy sageuk Gu Family Book. She plays a government agent and looks like she sauntered onto this set from the ending scene of Gu Family Book where her character reincarnates into a cop in modern life. Suzy will a gun will NEVER be believable even if she suddenly turns into Jeon Do Yeon level acting but I do like the vibe going on with this pictures, very idol girl cosplaying cop.


First Official Stills of Agent Suzy in tvN Action Drama Vagabond — 26 Comments

  1. “Suzy with a gun will never be believable even if….” The tone similar of ockoalas article has become like those old dramabeans article or has she’s been like this. Oh well it’s a blog site so she is free to say her opinion.

  2. If Suzy comes across as just a ‘pretty girl’ in this drama I’m gonna chew my arm off because the calibre of K actresses right now that I know for sure would do well if given the opportunity but alas don’t hold the influence and dosh to yield it their way is totally unfair. However that’s the harsh reality of it’s not what you know but who you know. Therefore I’m keeping an open mind and will know from that first episode if it’s a drama worthy of my attention. If not I’ll be at the local hospital getting treatment for bite marks on my arm. Sub text – Please be good!!!

    • Yeah it’s been eight years since she began acting and every project she’s done has bent over backwards to accommodate her lack of acting skills, it’s not even as if her projects in her twenties were successful enough to deserve the hype.

      Now there’s a whole generation of actresses in her age group and younger who have the skill and are getting the popularity, it’s high time she either starts to deliver good performances (not ‘improved’ under scriptwriters who try hard to cover for her btw, I mean good at least to the level of IU) or just sticks to modelling and endorsing things.

      • You speak my truth.

        I’ve tried to be open and fair minded with each project of hers. Sometimes she surprises me with rare instances of what i think could be actual expressive acting. But even after all this time, her emotive qualities are so lackluster overall, it’s so difficult sometimes to get into and care about the characters she plays. I wish she would take a page from 2pm Junho and really learn how to hone her craft. Sadly, she is a classic case of where hype doesnt live up to reality.

  3. This drama is coming out in April, yet they are already promoting it? That’s five months worth of promotion lol. Did she and JYP not learn that keeping expectations low works best. She always lands these big production dramas with the most media play and promotion than almost any other dramas yet the results are almost always still bad even with hyped male leads. Maybe Vagabond will be different, we’ll see.

      • She has a point though.Uncontrollably Fond and WYWS had a year long promotions each and heavy media play but the results were not proportionate to the hype.There is no way JYP doesnt have an input(either financially or tapping the media) when it comes to promoting Suzy projects.But then again Seung Gi’s agency is no different.They too are fond of heavy mediaplay.Not to mention sis koala is a mega fan of suzy so we will be getting LOADS of news when the drama promos start in full gear.

      • I agree with UF. But definitely not with WYWS, fans of Suzy and LJS were all complaining because a month before WYWS, they haven’t started the promotion yet. They also only release like 2-3 BTS (kiss scenes doesn’t even have a BTS) and only 2 OST has an MV… heavy promotion where?

      • @RubyRed as a LSG fan I’m laughing at your “his agency is no different” because the boy gets 0 promotions from his agency, be it acting, singing or variety.

  4. Isnt vagabond sbs drama? Actiom drama is not my thing, but will give it try for that high budget. By the why never think that suzy look pretty in drama, but her acting in while you were sleeping is good, even tho I watch it for lee jong suk alone (the script is boring)

  5. The posters are so amateur looking to be honest.I believe even her fans can create better fan-art/posters than this.This is supposed to be a very high budget drama.

  6. I feel overhyped drama always tends to under perform. And suzy both of the last two dramas has been hyped a lot but didnt do good.

  7. I hope seungi will finally know how to act. Suzy will perfect her character for sure but seungi have to be more focus. After all those years he’s still not up to par.

  8. The last pictures look like a magazine cover. I don’t have expectation for Suzy anymore, so I will try it and if the story, the action and LSG are good and make the drama bearable, I will watch it, like Hwayugi. The story and Oh Yeon Seo were meh, but the other actors and their characters were pretty fun.

  9. how would the first picture be called “very pretty onscreen”? When she closes her mouth… maybe…. She can stay in dramaland for sure because K-dramas have lots of flops, why not have one more?

  10. Just looking at these stills you can see how bad her acting is. Same cringe expression like in all other dramas. Why does she keep landing roles? Sbs is really investing in this drama more than it was ready to invest in DOTS? Laughable

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