Memories of Alhambra Wraps Up Spain Scenes in Episode 6 as Ratings Goes Back Up to 7.863%

I legit breathed a sigh of relief after nervously hitting play on episode 6 of tvN Sat-Sun drama Memories of Alhambra. If it continued to stay narratively and emotionally limpid I was tempted to cut my losses despite Hyun Bin killing it (pun intended) in his role of Jin Woo. Thank goodness episode 6 righted the ship and not a moment too soon, I now care about Jin Woo’s plight other than he is literally running from game death triggering real life death. He also has a fully messed up real life that he needs to deal with and I care about that because we all know he’s going to find ways to evade AR zombie assassin Hyung Seok.

Half the shit that happens to him you can see that he contributes to either by arrogance or complicitness so hopefully this wake up call will enable him to reorganize his life properly going forward. Sadly Park Shin Hye is confirmed to be playing the worst written character of her adult acting career, Hee Joo is both an NPC in the game as Emma but also full on plot device in the drama. She’s protect Jin Woo from death and takes care of him, that’s it. It’s such a shame but she’s got plenty of great drama roles under her belt for me to revisit so one poorly written role is no big deal.

Episode 6 was spent watching Jin Woo recover either at the hospital or at his Spain residence while evading AR avatar Hyung Seok always ready to battle him. Hee Joo’s presence stops any attack after 60 seconds so she’s like a shield but this can’t go on forever, nor can his attempt to keep the game from turning on by staying asleep through sleeping pills. Jin Woo’s current wife and hopefully soon second ex-wife is as nasty as expected and annoying to boot, I hope there’s a reason for the drama to even write her in otherwise it’s enough that Jin Woo had a bad first marriage. The end of the episode saw Jin Woo leaving Granada as Hee Joo was hoping to spend some special birthday time with him. I do like their friendship, she’s the most decent woman in his life right now and maybe the most decent woman he’s ever met.


Memories of Alhambra Wraps Up Spain Scenes in Episode 6 as Ratings Goes Back Up to 7.863% — 47 Comments

  1. Actually any physical barrier can act as a shield, for example, the glass of the shower stall. He does not need Hee Joo around. I wonder if the game will stall if he closes his eyes, since HS did not appear while JW was sleeping.

  2. Glad you liked ep 6. Unfortunately i didnt feel the same. I dont feel the emotional connection between HJ and JW. I dont get why HJ chooses JW over her own friends and family.

    But i do agree that HB is killing it as JW. He was so distraught and i can see his anxiety in ep 6.

    • It’s just a simple crush of a naive girl (she may never have dated bcoz she was always working) towards a very handsome, rich and attractive man (like Prince Charming). She may also have misunderstood that JW likes her while he was only using her as a shield in the AR game. I don’t think JW has any romantic feeling towards HJ yet although he knows she is a kind person. He even questioned they have only known each other for 2 days in ep 4, how would she have feelings for him? That’s why there is no emotional connection between HJ and JW bcoz it is only one way for now.

      • @candycane.

        We are discussing a drama, no need to put an adjective on other viewers~ lets focus on the characters and story only 🙂

        I did include is none of the family members concerned about SJ in my previous reply, so that includes grandma too.

        I know he is using HJ as a sheild but anything can be a shield, thats why i feel that it was shoved in for HJ-JW interaction. I know its not a hug, JW maybe knows its not, he just wants a sheild. But look at it from HJ’s perspective, what would you call his actions then? Its a hug to HJ, a desperate one, and clearly she’s affected by it.

        On the contrary to your belief, i’m not looking for romance or lovey dovey scenes in MotA. In fact, I think it would do fine if they focus on the game and the mechanics of it. The game is why i’m staying for now, because i find it so mysterious and intriguing.

    • it’s a better episode but it’s hard to believe the feeling,
      I actually more disappointed since it was a moment when I thought I should cry for the separation, feeling and etc then I left the show with the thought that the editing gets better

    • I wonder when HJ chose JW over her own friends and family? Only once she chose to leave the birthday party and that’s because she had to go to JW since he was leaving Spain. But other than that, there was nothing else. Also, she took care of a very ill jin woo because she has a sense of responsibility towards him and she has started caring for him. Is that wrong to do so?

      • She refused to leave JW’s side for i dont know how long. Her friend had to persuade her into leaving and he had a tough job doing that. Not only after JW said go, did she go.

        She didnt have to stay, they are not related, she has real world responsibilities. JW is a big enough, rich enough person that surely has his own support system other than HJ. He didnt even remember HJ nursing him since he was drugged up.

        Besides HJ didnt question her missing bro,or shown searching for her bro. Instead we see her nursing JW continuously. Is none of the the family members concerned about SJ? Only JW is the one actively asking about SJ.

        Besides, JW choose to leave her without telling and she ran after him. Yes JW is a good looking guy, but personality wise HJ can do better.

        Maybe with the upcoming eps my thoughts on HJ-JW will change, but up to ep 6, i’m not feeling it. Even the hug scene in ep 5 seemed forced in just to have some JW-HJ interaction.

        I like the repo between JW and HJ’s sister though. She’s so sassy and always make JW bewildered by her comebacks. Haha

      • @Katakwasabi – I am not siding with HJ (coz I don’t agree with Korean culture), but why don’t you ask Grandma the same question – “HALMONI, why aren’t you concern about SJ?” Please stop harrassing poor HJ, she was hit by the arrow of Cupid and now she is love-struck and is lost…

      • and oh, that hug scene in ep 5? He wanted to use her as a shield in the AR game, do you really think he wants to hug her? You are just as naive as HJ. If you want to watch some lovey-dovey romantic scenes, you are in the wrong drama, at least for now…

  3. The earlier episodes made me excited while boyfriend/encounter actually bored me but now it’s the opposite. This show didn’t exactly pan out the way I was hoping it would. Female lead is too weak.

    Anyways dropping this show. Sky castle seems interesting. I’ll pick that one up.

    • here we go again dissing MOA to praise boyfriend. Well to each it’s own but to me, i love PBG but his acting in boyfriend is so weak his creepy smile is such a turn off and let me not speak deeply about PBG and SHG not matching each other as a love interest lol. Anyway MOA is fun and i’m curious how JW will get himself out of this messy game.

    • I started with Boyfriend but now drop it because it’s not going anywhere. The leads has no chemistry. Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum are lacking in their performance so it’s getting boring.

      I’m now addicted to Memories of Alhambra because every episodes keep me waiting for the next to air. The performance from Hyun Bin is on point. MOA all the way and second is Sky Castle.

  4. I didn’t finish this episode yet, but I love the discussions between the little sister and Jin Woo. She’s really funny, she said all she thinks 😀

  5. I feel terrified for Jin woo
    Half the time I think he think he himself is going insane or deranged because I haven’t heard him question what’s wrong with the AR game.
    Then again, seeing all these coming at him all at once I guess he doesn’t have the right mind to think of anything than other “wtf I need to run to save my life”
    Romance is hardly something he will or should think about so I get him getting away from her. (Although I don’t get why she’s crying) My first thought would be to get away from Granada if I’m him. Perhaps the game stops (apparently not from ep7 trailers) who cares abt romance at this point – because I think he’s questioning whether he has mental illness already.

    I find the directing good and the ost pretty decent too – I like how the suspense music gets on because it’s damn terrifying. Hyun Bin is acting superbly in the role – In the hands of a lesser actor, it would have been unbelievable or ridiculous but he made it real and I’m vested in his arc esp since on paper his character is quite a sneaky jerk.

    I don’t know abt PSY – it’s not a good role or good acting so either way she got the short end of the stick. I really hope she gets more meat because this writer does write good female roles so I think it’s because we haven’t seen it yet. Regardless it’s a good choice to showcase Jin woo because it works – im thinking Emma might be the complete opposite of the female lead so that’s why she’s kept so naive because the real bad buy is Emma since she play the memories of A haha who knows regardless it’s a fun ride with this drama that’s why it’s crack for some

    • Agree with you to the teeth, about the characters Park Shin Hye is playing in this drama. A naive HJ and a ”surprising assertive/bad ass Emma(?!) ”.Dying to see it, but I am patiently waiting. Park Shin Hye is acting on point, as well as the others casts! It is indeed, an unique and out of this world drama, no question about, and can not be compare with any other. After this drama, I am sure many dramas viewers will no longer be satisfy with the typical ”rice and bean” style of drama.

  6. Heh. How could you change so drastically from having no connection at all to suddenly care. Jin Woo has been becoming deranged for a few episodes already. So u felt nothing for him in Ep5 and suddenly felt for him in Ep6?

    I have no problem in terms of connecting with Jin Woo’s character from the beginning but this week’s episodes were a bit disappointing. Nothing much happen. And the story is not smooth and executed well either, compared to the earlier episodes. I am quite irritated with Park Shin Hye. Having thick make up with blusher all the time. She cant seem to make proper expression. And we are left with questions remained unaswered. I was impressed with how creative this drama is in the beginning, but now it starts to lose steam and some of its magic.

    • I think Park Shin Hye look very nice with the blush and full makeup on. Though her acting is lacking but she does fit the role of HJ.

      I agree should focused on the romance later because I more interested in JW playing the AR game. Why do I have a feeling JW’s professor is on to something so as Pro Cha. Really enjoyed MOA and it’s story.

    • Right. It’s a product placement drama. Even after waking up PSH has perfect makeup and hair. Always the bright pink lipstick too. Such a downgrade from Doctors. More than looks, I’m more irritated by her character. She had birthday but insisted on staying next to Jinwoo. When Jinwoo ditched Alhambra, she ran to the station and started AGAIN crying, like WHY?? Why would you cry for someone who doesn’t care about you?? And the screaming when she insisted on driving him to the antique shop. Terrible acting there, like was she on the verge of crying or what? I don’t understand why Song Jae Jung is making her cry on EVERY SINGLE EPISODE GODTDAMN IT’S IRRITATING AS HELL. I should have known that the very first crying after she got yelled at Jinwoo that that’s all her character is going to do. And imo, her crying acting looks very bad in this drama, it’s so fake looking. Looks like all she’s going to be in this drama is a stupid love interest whose sister is more street smart and her little brother is a programmer genius while she’s… gullible fool who falls in love easily but apparently hasn’t dated even once in her life because supposedly she had to work very hard to earn money for her family but life hasn’t apparently hardened her enough that she’s still dumb. Also, the Ex-wife cries and is super indecisive, the second ex-wife is a rude bitch. That’s all the female characters in this drama are. And not even ONE female engineer or programmer. Song Jae Jung is a big disappointment. It’s 2018, you can’t possibly think that you can get away by writing female characters like that, especially to a female majority audience. Also, funny how PSH said that she chose this drama because it’s different from all her other characters and has a social message. Laughable. She’s like a Cha Eun Sang 2 here, crying all the time with that annoying mouth half open droopy brows expression, except even CES had more character than Hee Joo, and I have yet to see the social message in this. All I see is an interesting concept that’s losing its steam very fast because of an incompetent writer. I can’t decide who is a worse writer, SJJ or KES. Why the hell did PSH choose this? Did HB convince her or did she get so much money that she didn’t care or what? Does she have no ambition?

      • I didn’t know Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye are close friends to the point where he can convince her to play the role. From what I’ve heard is she chose this project because she wanna work with him. It’s very funny how most people tends to put the blamed on him all the time.
        But got to admit her role is very weak and her acting is not helping.

      • yeah, why not even one female engineer? maybe Korean high-tech companies only hire men? LOL. The only female character I like so far is Min Joo, she is spunky and cute. Maybe Emma will be more interesting (as I don’t want to give up hope on PSH yet)… but so far, her performance is disappointing. HJ’s character is poorly written, and PSH’s crying is annoying (the first ex-wife’s crying is more tolerable as compared).

  7. I’ve noticed every drama psh is in there’s always people criticizing her. I think she’s doing an amazing job. I really enjoy this drama and chemistry between her and hyun bin. Can’t wait to see how their romance developed.

    • I always adabted to these reviews why are they blaming the actresses bcz I don’t see writers who are mostly female usually they don’t write female centeric characters .
      I love MOH and am enjoying the story and chemistry .

    • @Moi yeah lol, it seems like people like to hate on her. Also, it baffles me when people say that her role has little or no significance just because everything she has done till now is only related to jin woo, like her taking care of him, or feeling sad for him. Does that mean, that loving someone is not important or it makes her look bad or something? Like when I see these scenes they are as much important to me as the game lol, so I don’t get these reactions. He Joo has also been taking care of her siblings from younger years so she seems to be a very sensible person, so I don’t see this as one of her worst roles, as it’s being told here. Hmm, to each their own.

      • I think because people have this notion that strong female characters = fierce, spunky, cold etc. I have no problem with Heejoo’s character but I do wish she has something more to do than being a love interest or caretaker. Really do hope that once the game part settles in, Emma will change that.

  8. I don’t care how many people will diss this drama or the genre, all I know is Hyun Bin is one heck of a professional actor. He sold me with all the emotions he deliver for JW’s character. I have never felt so deeply inlove with a drama character. Love Memories of Alhambra so much.

  9. I would love to get MOA a shot because I love sci-fi film and love Park Shin Hye. But sorry Hyun Bin is ugly and he suck at acting so nah. This guy look so scary and cruel. Every time he plays that type of genre, he makes the character even more scary and unattractive. His eyes is so evil looking but I don’t know how people still find him handsome and cute. If only the actor chosen is offered to actor like Lee Min Ho, Song Joong Ki, Ji Chang Wook, Gong Yoo, and Kim Soo Hyun this drama would be daebak because those are professional actors who really are super charming. Well that’s my opinion so don’t bash.

    Good luck Park Shin Hye but sorry I have to skip this one.

    • LMH cannot emote. This is my opinion. I think HB does a fine job, JW is scared as hell now so he actually got you convinced with his acting ?

    • Well off all the actors you listed the only one I find that is a capable actor is Gong Yoo. He is a great actor so if he were to take this role I’m agree.

      Lol it’s your opinion but I don’t find any of your bias attractive or superior in the acting field except Gong Yoo. Hyun Bin is a capable actor and he is more than perfect fit for this role. Go Hyun Bin you’re perfect and talented.

    • If this drama is a different actor I bet the rating would be on top. Sorry Hyun Bin is a no for me too. He is overrated and I also don’t find him handsome or talented.

      • How much are you willing to bet? A cable drama with over 6% rating is considered quite good, plus it is sold on Netflix so viewership will be higher than local K-ratings. Among all the cable dramas airing now, MOA is ranked in the middle. You just want to bash HB with this “what if” crap which will never happen, forget the idea of a different actor because I bet you cannot even understand the storyline. LOL. The writing of the main plot (AR gaming) is the pearl of this drama, not any romance that some of you are craving for. HB cannot single-handedly bring up the rating nor can he lower it. It is the story we are following.

      • Its true tho, if gong yoo taking the role the rating would be on top. I found this drama is good dont understand why the rating just like 7%. Maybe korean not really into HB, If its Gong yoo, he will beat PBG easily as the most buzzworthy actor.

      • When many film critics praise Hyun Bin for his talent and charismatic acting while these jealous oppa fan girls try to belittle him by comparing him to their pretty face oppa. Make me realize how cool and attractive he is to have all these childish hater going crazy all over the place. Not surprising because I see these kind of comments about him in every forums and blog. Lol Hyun Bin slaying this role making jealous people wish it’s their oppa.

    • If this drama is offered to your bias I probably won’t watch too because I can’t seem to dig any of those professional and handsome men of yours. Only Gong Yoo I acknowledge that is a great actor and is attractive. You degrading Hyun Bin to make your bias cool how pathetic. I’m glad Hyun Bin is not those pretty flower boys that people are drooling over. He is attractive in his own way and is very charismatic.

    • Wow – LMH is my personal bias but he has nothing on Hyun Bin for this role. Neither does Goo yoo for this matter
      The last thing one should diss about this drama is Hyun Bin- his acting and god forbid his looks.
      If you think he’s ugly … I don’t know, we don’t belong to the same human species because nowhere in human history will someone like that be called ugly.

    • All your pretty boys may have the visual but don’t have the acting chops. Only Gong Yoo is a total package.

      To each their own I don’t find any of them super handsome. Their all more to the cute category. So to compare them with Hyun Bin’s acting abilities is an act of desperation attention. Hyun Bin is a total package with look and talents. If you’re too bitter then go cry to the writer and production for not choosing your pretty oppas for this role… More like a jealous fan who’s insecure to see someone better than her pretty boys. I could careless if Korean people love Hyun Bin or not because I usually don’t find those super popular oppas attractive anyway. Memories of Alhambra wouldn’t be this good if it’s not Hyun Bin. He brought Jin Woo’s character to life and that’s the magic that happen in Memories of Alhambra. So annoyed with these kind of ignorant people. Can’t you just wait until your bias has a project of their own to brag about.

  10. The most troubling thing about episode 6 is that Hee Joo hasn’t heard from her brother in all this while, yet she is less concerned about her brother’s disappearance than she is of a wealthy stranger who is travelling out of country. I guess she’s halfway in love with Jin Woo, but still, as a caregiver who has spent most of her life looking out for and taking care of her younger siblings, she should be more concerned about her brother’s disapperance than she is letting on. Plus, no hate on PSH, but her constant crying scenes make her look very weak. It might be the writing, but I feel that a stronger performance from the lead actresses is called for. So far, it feels that PSH is just playing second fiddle or a supporting role to Jin Woo’s character. TBH, even the second lead male and his wife have a stronger screen presence than PSH’s candy character at this point. I still love the drama and find it intruiging, but I wish the writer will tighten up the loose ends and delve more into the AR game, and leave off romance til the latter part of the drama, if at all. I’ve said this before, but this is one drama that doesn’t need romance. The AR parts and the ethical questions it brings up are interesting enough, if done right, to keep a viewer entertained. If you kill a person in alternate reality but he dies in real life are you liable to be charged with murder or manslaughter?

    • Exactly. I find it very troubling that she’s not worried for her own brother as much. Remember, Se Joo doesn’t even return calls? If I were his sister, I’d already contacted the police. But she ran to the rain station because of a rich dick that was rude to her most of the time, scammed her and then had the audacity to buy a bouquet of roses and leave without letting her know. I see no damn chemistry between PSH and HB and PSH’s character is a weak candy. I can’t believe that in 2018 I actually had to see the ridiculousness of this; all the female characters are bloody weak. None of them are programmers, game developers, marketing managers etc. All of them revolve around ONE dick

      • Heh. Good point. It’s 2018 and Kdrama’s female leads are so timid. Even the ones who grew up in free Europe. I guess you can take girl out of Korea but you can’t take Korea out of the girl. Most drama writers are females, shame on them for propping up rigid Korean social system of seniority and misogyny. I don’t feel any sympathy for Korean women, while watching dramas, it looks like they oppress (mothers-in law, stepmoms, even real mothers, love rivals, co-workers, opinionated ahgummas) and even attack other women ( school bullying) as much as men, if not worse.

  11. I like this episode. There were more interactions between HB and PSH.
    Also, the game and its weapon shop look cool.
    Hopefully next week we will see more developments with the game.

  12. I thought when I saw hyun bin draw his sword this drama have been flop, cause the writer try hard to create another goblin but failed miserably.

    • If you’re following the drama, you’ll realize that MOA and Goblin are very different dramas. Just because they both use swords in no way makes them similar, otherwise you can argue that every drama that uses swords is like Goblin. MOA is more similar to W in terms of plot.

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