Lee Jun Ki Heads to Japan for Delight Asia Tour Concert

The festive atmosphere is underway as Christmas is one week away and it must be a treat for Japan fans of Lee Jun Ki to attend his Asian concert tour titled Delight. He was spotted at Gimpo over the weekend heading to Japan, sporting a middle part longish hairstyle that’s still lighter in color as his preference in recent months. He went with a brown color palate as well with his shirt, jacket and complementary sunglasses. I hope he picks a fun/interesting drama as his next project, I loved Lawless Lawyer but it had Two Week and Criminal Minds type vibes and maybe it’s rom-com time for Jun Ki next.


Lee Jun Ki Heads to Japan for Delight Asia Tour Concert — 4 Comments

  1. As a fan, you should know that he indeed wants to do rom-com but as he said himself, he never receive offers for that genre. It does not matter whatever genre he is going to pick next, as long as it is a good quality drama that can bring him further success, I am fully on-board. He is such a sunshine, good to see him in the news again.

    • He never said he didn’t receive any scripts though. He said rom-com scripts were among the scripts that he receive but his attentions is always drawn to the non-rom com project. And added that if ever he’s going to do a rom-com drama, it has to be better than My Girl.

  2. Man, I miss him onscreen.Its been six months but it feels like ages ago.I am also hoping for a movie in addition to a drama.Rom Coms are a hit or miss though.Him and Jung Kyung Ho are similar to me in that I can watch 10 thriller dramas from them in a row than see them in a cliche unoriginal rom com.It eould feel like their talents are being wasted.

    If for example, he receive a thriller drama offer from OCN or a rom com or romantic fantasy drama from TVN.I would prefer he choose the OCN drama even if it means less buzz or it feels repetitive.Not to mention, rom coms are heavy reliant on lead chemistry than script.But whatever, i will watch anything with him anyway? unless the script is absolutely atrocious that I drop it.

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