Hyun Bin’s Masterful Performance is the Beating Real Heart of tvN AR Drama Memories of Alhambra

There is too much type and fancy new tech/fantasy in Memories of Alhambra that for many episodes it came across as too sleek with nothing hooking my emotions. Episode 6, and with smatterings across episode 5, flipped the switch for me thanks to Hyun Bin taking his performance up a notch. He’s still in charge Jin Woo as much as he can control but now his life and death are out of his control and it’s fascinating to watch him struggle. The drama feels like a meta game-in-game where all the characters around Jin Woo are just plot devices (i.e. NPC non-player characters) and we as the audience solely are playing/watching Jin Woo. That’s fine because his is a quest to right many wrongs and along the way regain his freedom/mortality because whether he intended to kill Hyung Seok doesn’t matter now, Hyung Seok now represents his chasing conscience with a trick sword that can actually take a life. It’s going to be fascinating to see how Jin Woo solves his own problems as he plays a mandatory game he cannot exit out of.


Hyun Bin’s Masterful Performance is the Beating Real Heart of tvN AR Drama Memories of Alhambra — 46 Comments

  1. Love Memories of Alhambra so much. Hyun Bin is my reason to continue until the end. He never disappoint in his remarkable performance. Fighting MOA! ?

  2. Thank god work and final kept me busy for the week. When i knew it, it’s almost Saturday and Sunday. Gotta get to see MOA and Hyun Bin the one and only best actor in the K-entertainment. My heart flutter everytime seeing him.

  3. Hyunbin is doing such an amazing job. I’m so happy he got a drama that’s a ratings hit and also well received by korean netizens. I love PSH’s performance in MOTA too, their chemistry is so so good. I’m glad we got more development of the romance these last few episodes. Excited to see their reunion in the next episode.

  4. I stopped watching his drama/film after Hyde Jekyll Me…I don’t know why but I feel like losing interest on him as an actor, I like him very much in My Name Is Sam Soon, World Within and Secret Garden…want to try watch this new drama of him since the feedback seems great…and wondering about the chemistry between him and Park Shin Hye too..

  5. MOA is my favorite drama this year. I love the ost as much and the whole casting team. Especially Hyun Bin who sold me with his legit performance. 2 more days to go then the next episodes air. Never have I been so invested in a drama to count everyday to pass by. Lol also is the very first drama to ever have my brothers watch with me so I call this legit.

  6. Good luck to Shin Hye for pairing up with this playboy. I doubt he’ll give her double digit. Hopefully she don’t become another Nana and Yoona. Eww Shin Hye playing with this jerk who dump her friend. Every actress who pair with these playboy will get override by him.

    • Why calling him a playboy when he’s not. You’re jealous he fake a relationship with your Kang Sora for public stunts to boost her popularity. Shouldn’t you be glad he’s willing to do that to help that girl. Park Shin Hye is not even that beautiful and is also a bad actress so why bash Hyun Bin.

      • Lol you’re jealous why would Hyun Bin need a stunts with Ha Ji Won when she’s his woman. Try harder next time please. Kang Sora is not even pretty.

      • @ReignSg1023 You’re as crazy as your Queen about Hyun Bin. She make all her fans delusional with her Hyun Bin syndrome. You should headout to dramabeans because that’s where all you’re Sega shipper and love’s at. People here want to enjoy Memories of Alhambra and not Secret Garden. Too tired of seeing you here talking nonsense.

      • @XD
        Fair enough that you don’t agree with @ReignSg1023 as I myself has never ever been a SeGa shipper but it’s uncalled for to mock HJW’s appearance and making comparison against Kang So Ra. HJW herself nvr wanted herself to be shipped with HB and just because some fans get overboard, it’s very rude of you to drag HJW in the mud.

      • As much as I love both Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye, why do you need to bash PSH just now? You scold the other commentor but you also bashed Shin Hye.

    • Fyi, Kang Sora posted a supportive comment under Park Shinhye’s instagram post about Moa.
      If Hyun Bin dumped her, I doubt she would do that.
      Don’t understand why everyone paints Hyun Bin to be a jerk.

      • People think they have the right to painted him a jerk because his relationships don’t usually last long. It’s even more hilarious when delusional shipper used that terms on him because their imagination boat sunk. The worst are the Sega Shippers who think they own him. Lol it’ll probably go on until the guy is finally settling down.

    • @Lara can’t help it that this playboy is a good baseball player and he’s winning every game alone with every girls heart with his fast swing. Strike you’re out that’s why you’re mad. Park Shin Hye is winning the game Memories of the Alhambra with him so sad for you.

  7. OMG Hyun Bin is so handsome with those killer smiles. He sure missed Secret Garden so much to take another similar role. OMG my Queen Jiwonnie is also watching Memories of Alhambra to support you. This drama would have hit big if Hyun Bin had chemistry with Park Shin Hye like he did with the beautiful Ji Won.

      • Well too bad for you that he’s still with her no matter what so keep dreaming that he’ll dumb the Queen Ha Ji Won. She is his life. Can’t you see when she show up at Rampant VIP premiere Park Shin Hye look so out of place. She look so ugly and not pretty at all. All these degrading Ha Ji Won from Song Hye Kyo fans to this new imagination shipper are all pathetic. So jealous of Ha Ji Won and her talent with her beauty is all i see.

      • Wrong he became a better actor because of Ha Ji Won. She fulfills his dreams and make him a better person.

      • I am baffled why there is a need for you to put down Ha Ji Won when sje has nothing to do with this drama just because you are silly enough to entertain a silly shipper.

    • I don’t recall Hyun Bin ever claimed to have like Ha Ji Won or dating her. He said if he loves someone he announce and claim them right away because there’s no need to hide her. He always denies everytime the press asked him if he had any interest in Ha Ji Won. Did I miss out on something?

      • It’s all crazy shipper and their delusional imagination. Jealous to see Hyun Bin with another actress and recieved so much love. I think she should head to Dramabeans because that’s where all the Secret Garden lover’s at.

    • Aigooo…stop it already…he is a professional actor..why he would missed his old drama when he has new drama means new income for him? I get it you are all about shipping him with Ha Ji Won..but from what I know he always announce to public when he dated someone like he did with song hye kyo and kang so ra..why he admitted dating kang so ra if he actually has Ha Ji Won…she is just his close friend…accept that reality and move on already..Ha Ji Won is another good, beautiful actress too…but all Sega fans makes her look pathetic by their delusional mind.

    • Dang it can we enjoy a Hyun Bin drama in piece without having to hear your goddess name for once. I’m so freaking tired of seeing Ha Ji Won’s name in every Hyun Bin related post. The guy don’t even have any interest in Ha Ji Won so can you stop being delusional and pathetic. All Sega shippers should go buy a copy of Secret Garden and watch it 24/7 because that drama have enough Hyun Bin kissing and telling Ha Ji Won how much he love her scene for them to drool over. Stop fussing with his works so irritating.

  8. Memories of Alhambra is now at second place on Daum voting poll for most favorite drama from people’s vote. Fighting MOA Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye.

  9. wow … sega shipper is still exist? that drama was eon ago lol
    What I love about MoA is that it writers try to broad their writing horizon. a romance drama, but with different back story. of course not everyone gonna like it, but thats where the challenge lies.
    So kudo for everyone involves

  10. I still cant see His chemistry with PSH, but I enjoying the story. Expesially when the game become real. This is totally better Than W, eventho I love LJS character more than HB in here.

  11. What a gold month for me, I watched EC in Thu-fri and then MOA in Sun-Mon ?
    Moa totally better than W for me. Eventho I love LJS’s character more (and his chemistry with HYJ) but story line is really good. I’m still curious with CHY, hope he’s not dead

  12. Hyun Bin is a great actor, and very handsome as well.
    Glad he is receiving love again.
    Hope MOA continues to do well till the end.

  13. For me, he’s the heart of the drama. He played very his character as a smart and flirty CEO. He’s killing the more emotional scenes too (like the shower one).

  14. Hyun Bin is worth every penny they pay for him
    he went into the role, making it his own and owning it.
    And including maintaining that look of his – it’s effort and well paid but well earned!

  15. Hyun Bin is the best actor when playing the chaebol roles. He’s so good at be a jerk yet still managed to look charming and flurty at the same time. He sure is the heart of this drama. He really own this character Jin Woo.

    Lol people complaint about HJ being a weakling to fall for this jerk JW when we the audience are head over heels for him knowing he only used her for his own good.

  16. OMG the only drama I’m watching now and it’s that good. Hyun Bin never fail to wow me with his charismatic performance. All the emotions he put in Jin Woo’s character I could feel all. He stole my heart from time to time. ????❤

  17. The rain and bathroom scene is so heart wrenching to watch. I feel like wanna hug him so tight saying he’s not guilty because he didn’t intend to killed Dr. Cha in the reality realm. This drama turned a beautiful guitar piece to a yet scary and haunted sign of death is near. Such a masterpiece of work from the writer. This drama would have tons of nit picking loop holes but due to Hyun Bin’s outstanding performance it’s easily look passed. I’m satisfied with all the cast and the story.

    OMG Hyun Bin is so good at acting with showing emotions through his eyes and body language. As if his eyes can speak to Hee Ju and the audience. That’s what I called an excellent actor worthy for every cent the production contributes to him.

    Off topic but off all Korean actors Hyun Bin, Gong Yoo, and Yoo Ah In are the best actors.

  18. I heard there’s a special episode so is it’s the BTS? Finally the long wait is here; episode 7 air tomorrow.

    Oh my poor heart felt for Hyun Bin (Yoo Jin Woo) so much. Hyun Bin is so good is all I can say. This will go down as his second best performances beside The Snow Queen.

  19. Hyun Bin is one of the best Korean actor to appear in any films or dramas. He could take on any role from melodrama to action and comedy: now sci-fi. He kills it all but sadly he’s very underrated internationally and always get painted as a bad actor. It’s all good because I know you stand out among every popular actors that people love and always praise. Fighting my ahjussi, I would have give up on k-drama if it weren’t for you who’s still acting about. Memories of Alhambra is so good. I love everything about it.

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