C-ent Abuzz with Confirmed News that Married Former Drama Costars Yang Mi and Hawick Lau are Divorced

The married and dating tags on my blog have been filled to the point of being a top tag but I know it’s only a matter of time before the divorce tag also shows up. This week there was happy confirmed pregnancy news of married former costars Liu Shi Shi and Nicky Wu, but sadly the week is ending with the opposite as married former costars Yang Mi and Hawick Lau confirmed the are divorced after nearly 5 years of marriage and one daughter together. This is not a surprise at all to anyone following C-ent, rumors of their separation have plagued them since they got married and reached substantive fevered pitch in 2018 after Hawick was rumored to be dating a busty drama costars and Yang Mi didn’t care because they were already divorcing. Yang Mi also didn’t wish her husband and baby daddy a happy birthday this year on Weibo, breaking tradition of doing so for four years straight. I hope they co-parent responsibly and wishing both will find relationship happiness again in the future.


C-ent Abuzz with Confirmed News that Married Former Drama Costars Yang Mi and Hawick Lau are Divorced — 23 Comments

  1. I’m glad this rumors is over and both parties can move forward to better things in life and be co-parenting to their daughter. I guessed Yang mi and hawick want to make sure the divorced is finalized before they announced their divorced to their fans. Good luck to the both of them.

  2. Finally, It felt like they were both stuck because they didn’t for some reason want to announce their divorce. Both deserve to be happy, divorce is not a failure. I wish the best for both parties

  3. Been waiting for this news since forever. Especially since there were paparazzi photos of him entering his female costar hotel room in the middle of the night. Coming in with lights in leaving with lights off. Obviously we know what happened no matter how much they both denied it. Yang Mi never really looked like she was into the marriage. A shotgun marriage doesnt always end well. But they tried and that’s important. I’m glad that they are both finally free and I hope they both find happiness.

    • Well Fan Bing Bing is getting married despite tax evasion scandal so maybe bad actors Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy will stick together too

      • I don’t think fbb will get married with li chen cause she has video sex not only tax evasion.

    • Angelababy will never get divorced from Huang Xiaoming.
      His connections are literally the only thing thats getting her top drama offers despite her bad acting.

      • But these married couple has tax evasion scandal and have you see they have been casting in new casting chinese movie??? I think they will get banned just like fan bing2.

      • No they aren’t banned.
        Huang Xiaoming just got cast in a Yu Zheng drama. And Angelababy is filming dramas non-stop.

  4. Yang Mi should be careful with protection next time so she won’t have a similar situation with Cecilia Cheung. Also, Hawick Lau needs to be careful with the busty costars so they don’t accidentally get pregnant and he’ll end up shotgun marrying again

    • She was definitely in love though. If not she wouldn’t confirm their relationship and get married to a man who has nothing like him at her peak

  5. Sometimes marriages don’t work out and it is better to end it than staying. I hope they are doing what is best for them and their little girl. Hope they both end up with happiness in the future.

  6. Their marriage was a shotgun wedding anyway. Too much age difference didn’t help in this case either.

    I wish both of them and their daughter well.

    • She was definitely in love though. If not she wouldn’t confirm their relationship and get married to a man who has nothing like him at her peak.
      I don’t get the blame on shortgun married when 90% of showbiz wedding are shortgun and this guy cheated.
      The problem is he cheated. Not because it was due to their shortgun wedding. She totally changed after his scandal happened

  7. Nothing that surprising. Ir’s just now public and confirmed.

    I kinda always felt she was a little beyond him. He who wrote on the coat-tails of being Lau Dan’s son, then Yang Mi’s husband.

    Cultural differences, may play a role too. They’re very HKger-Cantonese, she’s very China-Beijinger.

    • I knew him and his dad before I came to know YM
      But the more I learn about her the more I think she is too good for him. So good for her. Finally she is free and can find her real happiness

  8. So sad! It’s toughest challenge especially top celebrities to maintain a harmonious marriage! On top of juggling with the little time available to adjust to each other, temptations from other sectors never compromise to wait for them. And we as fans are responsible sometimes in breaking up a couple. It’s about we should be mature as loving our idols means we should wish for our idols to have happiness! Celebrities being single are the most lonely beings on earth!
    Whenever there’s a celebrity couple who are happy, I am most happy for them !

  9. Well I’m just glad Yang Mi is finally out of this toxic marriage, and the constant accusations against her.
    Hope the best for her happiness.

  10. This was a cheater he not only having affair with angel wang and also ying we they even rumored having child. So Yang mi deserve better.

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