Song Joong Ki, Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ji Won Kick Off Filming for Epic Sageuk Drama Asadal Chronicles

We’re off to the races for 2019 as this year winds to an end, with filming commencing for the massive scale sageuk drama epic Asadal Chronicles. Starring Song Joong Ki, Jang Dong Gun, Kim Ji Won, and Kim Ok Bin, the drama is set in the early days of Gojoseon (Old Joseon), a time period even before Goguryeo. Asadal was the mythical capital of this time period chronicled in Samguk Yusa and the drama will deal with the transformation of Asadal from a city-state into the empire of that era. The screenwriter Kim Young Hyun wrote Queen Seondeok, Six Flying Dragons, Tree With Deep Roots, and her most famous drama was Daejanggeum. Directing is the PD of My Ahjusshi, Signal, Misaeng, and Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Oh boy does this sound like a potential masterpiece sageuk if done right. Asadal will air on tvN in the first half of 2019.


Song Joong Ki, Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ji Won Kick Off Filming for Epic Sageuk Drama Asadal Chronicles — 18 Comments

  1. 2019 year of sageuk drama the crowned clown(tvn), my country(jtbc), haechi (SBS), asadal(tvn) and kingdom(netflix). Only good story, good director and multidimensional character will win battle just like last empress and sky castle. Just hope tvn didn’t create another goblin and also CGI effect will not cheaper like mama fairy cutter. These day media play and star power didn’t important only good script will getting high rating.

  2. I hope it wont be a overhyped thing. Not a fan of sjk but will give it a try as there are other good actors in it.I liked six flying dragons a lot. And hope they wont overly focous on the lead romance things.

  3. keep your expectations low to avoid disappointment.That is my earnest advice.My prediction though is it has potential to do well in Korea matbe even on the level of Mr Sunshine but it will be slept on/ignored and underated with international kdrama audiences just like Mr Sunshine.

    • Oh flop really? I think same with you cause we have 5/6 sageuk drama in 2019. It will be good if tvn not making seasonal drama just stick between 18 or 20 ep. My prediction was this drama will get 6/7% rating since fantasy genre didn’t did well in Korea. And who now in 2019 there is new strong contender drama like last empress and sky castle since this day ahjumma really like makjang drama.

  4. my most anticipated drama of the year 2019.this has so much potential and I hope it’s lives up to expectations.fighting song joon ki. sunshine was mainly about Korea history and patriotism that why international audience couldn’t relate much but Asadal is of mythical and fantasy genre.

    • @alexghana that is true, historical dramas without a big romance focus are not that popular with international audiences even when they do well or get praise in Korea. Look at Rebel:Thief Who Stole the People, or even Deep Rooted Tree.

  5. It has been a long while since I enjoyed a serious historical Kdrama. The last one was probably Queen Seondoek – so I will look forward to this.

  6. My 3 to watch are Kim Ji Won; Kim Ok Bin and Jo Sung Ha and that’s it really just hoping the storyline has it all to keep me interested.

  7. Please bring back may 2019 so fast I can’t wait for this drama I hope disappointed and get flop rating. Just hope the writer will be focused in action, fight between sjk and jang dong gun even love triangle behind them. I really hope song joong ki can get cast in romance drama in future just like jisung in kill me heal me and secret love. Or he can take antagonist role like shin sung-rok cause he was awesome and amazing performance in return and last empress. Please be good drama, I’m waiting for hot kiss between sjk and kjw cause they really have chemistry in dots.

  8. I’m very lukewarm on the casting (especially Jang Dong Gun) but Kim Young Hyun has never written a bad drama so I’m expecting a masterpiece.

  9. Even though look like wig, Kim ok bin and Kim ji won really pretty. Hope didn’t disappointed since this very expensive budget from studio dragon and kpj.

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