Kwang Soo and Lee Sun Bin Confirmed to be Dating After Meeting on Variety Show Running Man

The first thing that came to mind when I heard this news is what scandal is going on in Korean politics for the timing of this news, lol. Variety show superstar and actor Kwang Soo is confirmed to be dating actress Lee Sun Bin after the two met on his long running hit variety program Running Man when she guested. Kwang Soo gets teased for flirting with the pretty female guest stars but I guess this time it was mutual and the two are openly dating. I’m happy for the stars who seem visually well matched since he’s so tall and she’s also quite tall for a woman. Lee Sun Bin had a career boosting year as the female lead opposite Rain in the drama Sketch after last year with Missing Nine and Criminal Minds so she’s definitely rounding out the personal life success with her professional life achievements. Kwang Soo has long lamented being still single and hoping to find love so I am thrilled for him too. Congrats to the new couple as the last dating news from K-ent in 2018!


Kwang Soo and Lee Sun Bin Confirmed to be Dating After Meeting on Variety Show Running Man — 7 Comments

  1. What fantastic news and a great way to end the year! Best wishes to them as they’re both adorable? Can they be cast in a drama or film together now please? One couple down now how about the other hundred or so that are still in denial…..

    • Yes there maybe hundreds of them who are not confortable to publicize their personal relationship, but it’s not our business know to their personal lives esp forcing them to come out as we are entitled to know.

      There only very few Kardashian like celebs who’s happy to bring their personal life into the spotlight.

    • Hey Misty Eyes you know I’m joking aye? I for one would advocate keeping K celebs private relationships quiet because I know how insane the reaction would be and how crazy fandoms are to dating news. Over in the west no one bats an eyelid when there is an announcement of celebs dating however in Asia it’s like all hell breaks loose and the commentary usually negative that follows is such a big deal. Those who do go on to date and marry non celebs keep their identity under wraps to protect and for security reasons.

  2. I am confused why would you think that this might be overshadowing a scandal? Is it the time, last date of the year? But dispatch has usually given dating news either on 31st or 1st jan of every year if possible. Well these two are adorable and pretty much open about it as given in the statement from KS’s agency.

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