AOA’s Seolhyun Offered Female Lead in Sageuk Drama My Country with Yang Se Jong and Woo Do Hwan

In the annals of dubious K-drama castings choice this could be one of them. Idol-actress Seolhyun of AOA has been offered the female lead role in upcoming sageuk drama My Country starring Yang Se Jong and Woo Do Hwan. Her last drama was Orange Marmalade in 2015 and she was pretty meh, not awful like some other idol-actresses but legit someone who I think doesn’t have a natural career in acting. Unlike Suzy doing mostly acting now, Seolhyun still focuses primarily on her singing career though she did have a smaller part in the war sageuk film The Great Battle in 2018 perhaps testing out her sageuk mettle. But headlining one of the three lead roles in a large scale sageuk drama is quite a step up and I’m not sure she’s ready for it. If she’s a wash then I feel bad for Woo Do Hwan having her after suffering through even worse Joy in The Great Seducer. My Country is currently scheduled for the latter half of 2019 airing on jTBC.


AOA’s Seolhyun Offered Female Lead in Sageuk Drama My Country with Yang Se Jong and Woo Do Hwan — 22 Comments

  1. RIP Korean acting. Idols getting lead roles these days.. before they’d at least be second or third leads or extras. Now any idol with big company backing can get major roles

  2. NO!!!! Why??? I’m literally upset. We have two very good young actors and they decided to put her in between. I just can’t. She’s even worst than Joy. At least with Joy she’s enjoyable to watch despite her flaws. I was so excited for this drama!!! I hope she declines. There are plenty of talented young actresses out there. I just don’t understand the mind of these casting people???

    • Joy was a killjoy and made even mad sexy WDH look lame. He had so much chemistry with the other girl. Couldn’t believe this was the same guy from Mad Dog who sizzled opposite charismatic RHY… the idol who can act.

      • I agree to disagree. I don’t think Joy was that bad. She’s definitely the weakest one among the four leads but I don’t think she was as bad as people make her out to be. I’ve seen worst from other idols turned actor. WDH had chemistry with both actresses in The Great Seducer imo. If anything, Joy was about to produced decent emotion. And I feel like she’s a lot more natural than Seolhyun.

        As for RHY, I’m not fond of her for personal reason that’s not related to her acting so never seen her in anything to judge her. But I do respect your opinion.

      • I can’t help but agree, Joy looked so awkward and unnatural in that role. It was especially apparent whenever she had a scene with Moon Ga Young, just seeing the two of them it was so obvious who was the actress and who was the idol.

        (seriously why isn’t someone like Moon Ga Young being offered this role? It’s not as if this Seolhyun is some popular actress, she’s never been the lead in anything successful and she can’t act so why not offer the job to someone who can?)

    • @KP
      I found out about RHY after I watched the drama and I was so upset . I don’t think I will be able to watch another drama of hers too. Such a pity. She’s so charismatic . I read somewhere that you have to separate the artist from the art but I can’t do it when it comes to mean people who use their power to pick on the vulnerable just for the heck of it. Hope it’s because she was young and didn’t know how to handle stuff skillfully. Maybe she was getting attitude, maybe she was having a bad day? So depressing when people are mean and cruel for no reason.

      • Separate the artist from the the art…easier to say than to do. RHY and her twin sister are just two very pretentious people. It’s hard watching her on screen when all I think about when I see her face is T-ara. They didn’t just destroy one person career but a group of talented girls’ career. T-ara was so popular at the time! I will never forget how Eunjung, which btw was a rising idol-actor who could act!, was pull out of her drama that she has already started filming because of RHY’s fake acting. Now she’s only able to get small roles here and there. It’s so sad. At age 18-19, yes she was young but she was still old enough to understand very well what she was doing. We’re not talking about a 10 year old here.

        However I have seen clips of her in her drama and I do agree that she is very charismatic, but like I mentioned above. It’s hard to watch her. Again that’s just me, if you like her and support her I have nothing against you ^^

      • That’s terrible…I didn’t know all the details. I just thought she called (underlings) people names. I don’t know much about kpop, just kdrama.

      • @Jana The T-ara’s bully scandal was huge back then! RHY made everyone thinks she was being bully by the other members which completely destroy their career. Only years later when the two sisters did an interview where they once again play victims did a former staff of T-ara came out to defend the other T-ara members about the whole ordeal. I don’t want to indulge in this topic too much but if you search T-ara’s bully scandal you’ll find more details about the whole thing. She’s full of scams underneath all that talent and it’s such a shame.

  3. She was meh in Orange Marmelade but I liked her in her movies. Now it was small roles so it’s different. I don’t kwow if she can be a main lead for now. But in her last movie, she was good in action scenes and had chemistry with Tae Goo Um. At least, she has a natural and simple beauty that suits with all the areas.

    She can’t be worst than Joy in The Great Seducer but poor WDH, he’s taking risk.

  4. Good premise for the storyline and 2 actors in sageuk was so keen on this drama then the bombshell dropped who the female lead was and that just floored all hope for me. Supporting or cameo yes but to lead? She doesn’t have the acting calibre and strength to bring it yet. Looks; popularity and CF endorsement reputation is in her favour along with being an idol in a K pop group however when you transition into a mainstream drama then there is certain benchmark and standard to meet and I am afraid dear Sherlock she is lacking. Never mind WDH; has broad shoulders and can bear the burden and brunt of carrying her as he has experience from TGS and hey he even scored an award from it. I’m in favour of idols as actors but do the time first and prove your worth before stepping up. Seolhyun hasn’t proven herself worthy of a sageuk lead role. RIP K dramas.

    • Not in any preferential order but Won Ji Ah; Park Si Young; Park Hwan Hee; Lee Sun Bin; Seo Ye Ji; Park So Dam; Kang So Ra would be better placed as I’ve seen a drama or two and I know they would absolutely shine if they were cast.

      • Ooh~ Seo Yea Ji~ ??

        I need to hear her deep tone voice in a sageuk once more after the disappoinment that was Hwarang ?

  5. Probably inspired by her senior’s Gu Family Book stint, lol. Seriously anyone who supports Suzy’s acting has no business criticising other idol actors or actresses. Seolhyun fans may also see some ‘improvement’ in her acting skills otherwise not visible to the naked eye.

  6. The productions that give her and Suzy acting leads are sending wrong signals to young girls of this world. Never mind acting, you only need to look pretty and you will be lead. I know SK is pro males and her screen time will be limited so, all actresses need is to be pleasant to look at. No wonder hoards of people are undergoing facial reconstruction to be in the entertainment business there.

  7. I’m so…disappointed… I love the leads, and was hoping this would finally be woo do hwan’s big break. Now.. I don’t even know what to expect. Seolhyun is a very pretty person, and she was fine in The Great Battle. However, she is not lead material. I hope the casting directors rethink this decision…asap.

  8. they have talented young actress like chae soo bin, kim so hyun, kim yo jung, kim ji won, shin hye sun, lee se young, kim se ron…etc…
    seol hyun is vert pretty but I don’t find her attractive in drama/movies..

  9. Her? In a sageuk? She barely opens her mouth to speak (seriously, she looks like she’s trying to limit the amount her face moves onscreen), did kdrama producers learn absolutely nothing from how hard Woo Do Hwan’s last drama with a shitty idol-actress as lead, flopped?

    Seriously, would it kill them to offer the job to an actress for once? There are so many talented actresses in that age range, I thought after 2017 and the success of dramas with young actresses in the leads, we had left the myth that “idols bring ratings/buzz to dramas” far behind.

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