Second Teaser for Touch Your Heart with Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na Evokes Goblin Vibes

The differentiating lure of the next tvN Wed-Thurs drama Touch Your Heart has to be the reunion of leads Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na after their exciting pairing in hit fantasy drama Goblin. Clearly the production team knows this because the second teaser for the drama totally recreates a scene from the drama and also throws in other scenes that evoke those types of the interactions. The scene where Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na pass each other on the bridge and then turn back is so Goblin and makes me sniffle thinking of how they messed up their first chance at love and then had to wait for a third go-around to get their happy ending. This time there is less fate and more just K-drama contrivance to bring a top lawyer together with an actress needing to go method acting as his secretary for a role.

Teaser for Touch Your Heart:


Second Teaser for Touch Your Heart with Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na Evokes Goblin Vibes — 7 Comments

  1. We can all pretend that this is the continuation of GOBLIN that highlights their romance, since it ended where Yoo Inna was an Actress and he was a Cop? In this case he is a lawyer, but hey, it is still dealing with the law…

    Can’t wait to see the two together again. They were so so cute in Goblin!

  2. Not interested in the leads but moreso the supporting cast as I’ve noticed a few familiar faces in the cast lineup and I really can’t say how the premise of this particular drama is going to be any different to the others already done to death. That said Shin Dong Wook is in a spot of bother with his grandfather’s estate and the matter is supposedly going to court. Gosh what is it with these family related issues and celebrities being targeted for newsworthy bs? I hope this is settled before the drama airs because it’s gonna look pretty lame if it isn’t and it ends up overshadowing al the hard work put in!

    • And sorry to name drop this but an FYI – Sohyun former member of K pop group 4minute has been cast as lead or will make her drama debut in a SBS mini series ‘How to train your Blind Boss’ due to premiere in April. So I’m going to pause and breathe in deeply….
      What the hell is the world coming to if she is confirmed as lead? Where are the K Drama Gods when you need them?Why and how the hell did she score this?

      • Ah yes totally know that but Shin Dong Wook is the striking handsome male in the mustard coloured overcoat who is in support. Sorry but your reference to LDW and my posts have to do with…?

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