Episode 10 of Encounter Revisits Cuba with a New Breakthrough in OTP Romance and Steady Ratings

I’m relieved that tvN drama Encounter (Boyfriend) has regained some of the lost momentum from the two week break between episodes 8 and 9, with episode 10 being a beautifully rendered romantic palette that would delight many a K-drama veteran. It’s apropos and ironic that the drama cast one of the original Hallyu actresses in Song Hye Kyo, with her Autumn in My Heart spreading K-dramas around Asia in 2001, opposite new school leading man Park Bo Gum who is the current It Boy thanks to Answer Me 1988 and Moonlight Drawn By Clouds.

Theirs feels a disparate pairing akin to the relationship onscreen with the cold withdrawn older female and the idealistic and cheerful younger man, but that’s exactly the point. And their positions in old school Hallyu versus modern day Hallyu dramas is the same juxtaposition, Encounter continues to be a old school K-drama romance (chaebol v. commoner, personality and life differences) with a fresh lovely modernization. Episode 10 brought in steady ratings of 7.962%, a slight increase from the last episode but not ready to go back up to the highs of 9% just yet. For me, I’m back to love love loving this sweet melancholy love story.


Episode 10 of Encounter Revisits Cuba with a New Breakthrough in OTP Romance and Steady Ratings — 50 Comments

  1. Sky castle dethroned boyfriend as a most hype drama. People prepare quality drama. There past thw generation where people watching drama just for the star cast. They’re tired with lovey dovey drama. Park bo gum and song hye kyo always bad acting and doing the same role all over again. Standard have gone up and I feel like sky castle really rise the quality of Korean drama. This drama no longer about star casting, drama with crappy acting and bad scripts are only going to sold to Asia. Song hye kyo doesn’t match with park bo gum at all no matter how youthful she is.boyfriend is well below expectations considering how much media play it had. And top star only useful for first-two episode just like how good restaurants need to be good drama to make people interested to watching it.

    • Hello valentinozara again :).
      For some reasons , now I find u very interesting indeed.
      And thanks for giving comment here again.

      • Yes, she is actually a very interesting person. Whenever I see her comments these days..a smile appears on my face. What would we do without someone like her here? ?

    • Eat your hearts out!? Only those who don’t know how to love hates this drama. I love the pairing, the scenes, the acts, everything. They act naturally, not Over acting. I watch the episodes multiple times and couldn’t help to fall in love with the characters.

    • I have the same opinion for SKY Castle, it’s getting makjang and resemble weekend drama just with a better actor,
      and for closure, I didn’t wath boyfriend in comparison but SkY Castle is makjang overhype just because it’s about “education”

    • So much of writing for a drama you don’t even watch only to demean the star in it. No offense to your opinion but no matter how many times you scream in every damn post about encounter is a flop drama. It’s a fact that Encounter along with MOA, sky castle and Empress dignity are hit dramas of this season.

  2. Beautiful passionate sensual kiss kudos to Shk and Pbg. And im impressed that they were able to sustain the emotional level of their acting here in ep 10 even though this was filmed during the 1rst episode. Reading a lot of positive comments from knets from other blogs and im glad they got consistent positive comments from episode 4 to 10.

  3. I love ep 10 so much!! You are right Koala, it brings back the old school hallyu feel of watching two beautiful people from two different world Fall in love…… ??
    Great acting from the 2 leads conveying their emotions. The FaceTime thing is such a great touch to using modern technology in this old school drama!

  4. I was eating while watching and for the whole duration of the kiss scene like the whole one and a half minute the fork was inside my mouth while I was grinning like an idiot.

    Also reading the negative comments about this show in the international kdrama fanbase it seems knetz are much more mature than us. Like those who didn’t like the show in korea have dropped and stopped talking about it already while those who have continued watching have done so because they like it.

    But there are so many in the international fanbase who have kept on watching it while commenting on sites like this and mdl that this show is boring, the show has no chem, etc, etc. So why not just drop it. It’s so ironic. Like we get there are other currently shows airing right now that are very good too like moa, sky castle and last empress. But all three of these shows are of a different genre from encounter.

    Koreans have already stopped comparing these shows and they just enjoy the show that they are watching. They don’t have the time to watch something they dislike just to bash on it in the comments section.

    • Yes agree with just drop if the think this drama doesnt suit thier taste n just watch what suit their taste..and for the long story of and old woman and younger bf i dint get why some people still want to bring up about that.why what wrong with that.this drama is totally about a pure love..i enjoyed it so much..

    • I don’t believe in hate-watching, and I love love love romance and I’m actually pulling for this show to wrap things up in a satisfactory manner. But I think it’s okay to point out that episode 9 didn’t move the story forward imo other than confirming she’s not interested in the ex’s offer.

      I like the fairy tale, low key vibe of this show, and I’ve liked many a worse drama. I agree that international fans that don’t like it shouldn’t watch it and should stop comparing it to other dramas airing when it doesn’t matter to us, but I also think it’s okay to subjectively view this as kind of a middle of the road romance drama thus far.

    • One perfect example, Valentina on the comment above. She’s been commenting since this drama was only on planning stage. She kept saying that she hated it, bashing the actors, but yet.. Ep 10 now and she’s still here LOL

      • @Tiani – I know you are my fan but this is not a popularity poll so I don’t need you to vote for me. Btw, my username is one word not two. ?

      • That Valentinozara is a troll. She was kicked out of netizenbuzz after some user expose her real deed. She use to call many actress all those dirty names. She hates songsong that’s why all the times she called their drama flop and whatnot even before its airing. It’s disgusting to see she isn’t blocked by now.

    • What else can he do in such an empty plot? He will just stand and flash his teeth, and fans still go goo goo ga ga over his oversized dentures calling it a slow burn full of emotions ?

      • Why can’t you just accept that people have different preferences? Is it that unbelievable to see someone loving the drama despite the non-existent plot (as you said). You were so quick in defending your fav dramas when someone bashed them but you are exactly doing the same thing to others’. Oversized dentures? Really? I’m not a fan of PBG but even I’m getting tired of this repetitive comment. Your comments used to be better than this..at least they were constructive.

      • @sunshine – you seem to enjoy a repetitive old school hallyu blank plot, why can’t you tolerate my repetitive comment about his big teeth? His dentures really look oversized to my eyes. I accept people have different preferences, but why can’t you accept my different opinion? I have no intention to bash, you just have to slowly read to digest my humor.

      • @candycane At least I wasn’t attacking someone’s dentures, was I? And jsyk, my love for old school hallyu blank plot doesn’t hurt or degrade anyone. Besides, Encounter has everything I need..SHK, romance melodrama and poetry..why would I not enjoy it? Been a fan since 2002 and this is the kind of drama that I love the most. There’s nothing wrong with that.

        There were times when I agreed with you so you can’t say I don’t accept your different opinion. If I don’t care about certain dramas or actors..I won’t go around criticising them in their articles coz I respect their fans. I don’t need to rain on someone’s parade just because I dislike their preferences. I’ll just ignore. It really isn’t that difficult to do.

      • @sunshine – I appreciate your sincerity. I don’t realize mentioning someone’s big teeth is an attack, but his fake smile is really an eye sore. I apologize. I am still watching this drama but with lots of FF I must admit. I wouldn’t say I don’t care about this drama but I find it interestingly annoying. I was hoping the second male lead will get the girl but guess I am wrong by the look of it ?

  5. What i love about Encounter is the connection of paintings ( art), poetry and literature. And i agree its the old school romance, slow pace with modern twist.

  6. encounter is a beautiful drama love everything about it. it is thriving against all odds and will continue to thrive until the end

  7. Kudos to Bogummy and SHK ‘s acting. This drama will be one of fave kdrama and will be on top of my rewatch list. Drama is just beautiful, emotional and heart fluttering.

    That long ass kiss is one of kdramas best kis for me

  8. I normally do not like noona romances but I love Boyfriend. @ockoala is so on target about this iconic pairing. A 2001 Hallyu actress and a current IT guy slaying it. I guess some people do not like the pairing but I like it.

  9. Love this drama so much and the ratings is great as for cable tv too. The kiss at the end of the episode was really beautiful and passionate.Gosh, for a moment I wish I am park bo gum and be the one who kissed song hye kyo.. hahaha.. She is not just breathtakingly pretty but really cute too.. How come I never got tired looking at her. Her husband is so lucky.

  10. I hope they spent the night together after that kiss and the power dynamics change a bit. Right now he just keeps grinning like a fan boy and I don’t find it sexy.
    Hope she gets pregnant just so we can watch the mothers’ heads explode.

  11. I saw the art that peoole share about this drama, it’s really pretty, thought I may try this drama.
    I am getting bored that drama in wed-thur doesn’t have nice or good feelings to people.
    There is bar when you telling depressed, complicated story but now both TLE and SKY are getting to the realm of “just one upping the last episode” and there hopelessness of people just weirdly unattractive in that drama.

  12. The preemption did not really help and that Subway PPL scene annoyed me a lot. They could have just eaten the subway sandwich during the movie date. Whoever wrote that PPL scene should take a lesson from Terius Behind Me Quiznos PPL scenes. All those flashbacks are making it seems like the production is really short on time and had to use them as fillers. I liked that the former MIL has finally decided to look for other women for her son, but the ex-husband has gotten so pathetic and desperate. I hope with only several episodes left they could let the guy realize that despite his wealth and good looks, his ex-wife is never going to reconcile with him. Ever. I am hoping the father would retire from politics and if possible divorce the horrible wife. That’s the scenario I would like to see since becoming First Lady was the mom’s ambition.

  13. The reversed part is the one who sold me to this drama. Jinhyuk’character totally different with other male lead in kdrama land, and its refreshing. he have this “good vibe” who make everyone near him will end up like him. usually we found this part in female lead. and I really love development of Shoohyun character. Yess I really love ep 10, I enjoying every part of that drama (I actually skiped the kiss scene, Im not buying that thing). but looks like ex-husband will work in hotel, same departement with JH(?) maybe he will end up become JH’s friend. Hahaha there’s no chance for him tho, Soohyun already fallin deeply to JH. Waiting for ep 11

  14. I just love love love Encounter, a true love story…slow poetic quiet. Simply old fashioned love story in a modern world♥️

  15. I love the Encounter (Boyfriend) drama, it touches your heart. Aside from amazing actors and actress. Love how they used poetry. Especially if you are in poetry, you will truly love this show.

    Just a piece of advice to those who give negative feedback. Simple as 123, if you don’t like the series then DON’T WATCH IT!

  16. Thanks Koala… love reading your site. Love this drama. My all time favourite now.The tempo is just nice and makes me eagerly waiting for next week’s. Kudos to the writer, the director, producer and the casts.

    I feel this is way way better than Noona which i gave up midway as it was too draggy.

  17. Love this drama very much….people who said it is bad drama, did they watch it yet? it is a drama that will make your heart flutters (unless you are actually a haters of the actor/actress). people who don’t like it, can;t they just stop watching while stop leaving hatred comments when they are so many people who enjoyed it. They should enjoy watching their favorite dramas without the need to concern on this drama. Isn’t it normal and the right thing to do…am I too naive and kind?LOL.
    I only watch Encounter now,can’t bring myself to watch other dramas because I am so in love with this masterpiece.it is a drama for a life time for me.LOVE it so much.
    and for song hye kyo, you got one loyal fanboy here..ME..

    • True, but at more than 16 there is a risk that it will become draggy…I’d rather a good script that delivers in every episode

  18. I’ve just started watching this and here are my non-biased thoughts, as someone who has never watched Park Bo Gum and one who has occasionally watched Song Hye Gyo (last drama I liked her in was That Winter, The Wind Blows. DOTS was ok but I didn’t go away loving her) over the years.


    The plot is bordering on makjang with crazy family members being the main catalysts for all the crisis in the drama. Fortunately, the heart warming relationships anchored the plot from falling into a mess:
    1) father and daughter (though Politician Cha allowed his wife to sell Soo Hyun in marriage, he is evidently not self-righteous about it and apologetic. I hope he proves his feelings with actions)
    2) uncle and niece (Chauffeur Nam’s simple care for Soo Hyun is the only sane thing in her life)
    3)family and son (Jin Hyuk’s totally functional family and adorable parents AND brother, I hope you don’t end up as another source of makjang “let’s throw in all the parental obstacles to drag out the plot”)
    4) friends (Jin Hyuk and his bros), friend and crush (I’m so happy that Jin Hyuk’s childhood girl friend did not get written into the jealous 3rd wheel, but one who respects the female lead and Jin Hyuk’s love for her, helping them along the way)
    5) ex-husband and ex-wife (I feel the pain for ex-hubby Jung, who obviously fell for Soo Hyun on first sight, married her, became a coward when she got bullied by his mom into a lifeless puppet, decided to be the bad guy to let her escape this hellish family, and then regrets it. So much pain when Soo Hyun told him that all she remembers from the bullying was how he stood watching without standing up for her. It could be another kdrama altogether, if he was the lead).

    Makjang aside, all these relationships really warmed my heart and made it a wonderful watch. The leads are filled with warmth and kindness, thinking for each other, giving each other respect, and acting as adults do. I like their chemistry and how Jin Hyuk doesn’t feel a tad inferior to Soo Hyun despite the difference in age and social status. He is not an alpha male, but neither is he overly soft. It is a well written character, and a relationship between equals.

    I guess it was when Jin Hyuk stood up for Soo Hyun at the lobby that she really fell for him. For once, she was not facing it all alone. For once, she had a shoulder to lead on.

    And of course, the acting is good on all sides.

    Hopefully the script will not go downhill like many dramas do….*cough*Pretty Noona*cough*

  19. I gotta say that my favourite Soo Hyun-Jin Hyuk scene is when he got humiliated by her ex-MIL, and his first thought was not about how unfair it was to him or how difficult the future will be or how ridiculous that woman is, as most drama leads are written, but the thought that Soo Hyun has had to endure this for years.

    I also liked these moments from Jin Hyuk:
    – Jin Hyuk secretly preparing her for the news of his transfer, to think of the good memories and let them sustain her during difficult times
    – Jin Hyuk respecting the difference between their social status in the first episode at the airport, when he senses that she is with her work team and acknowledges her quietly, waiting for her to initiate any contact
    – Jin Hyuk walking away from the press conference to make it easier for Soo Hyun to deny the allegations made by the rogue reporter.

  20. Sky Castle and Encounter are BOTH great dramas imo, in the current month’s lineup.

    There’s no need to diss any one over another. They each have their own charms.

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