Sky Castle Becomes Highest Rated jTBC Drama Ever Hitting 15.780% in Episode 14

Now might be a good time to get into jTBC Fri-Sat drama Sky Castle if you haven’t already and happen to have time to add another watch. The underdog drama which started off with mid-1% ratings in episode 1 has now risen steadily without any drop to hit 15.780% in episode 14. Mind you this is a cable drama and from the second most known cable network after powerhouse tvN. It has a chance to hit tvN’s highest cable episode rating ever which was Answer Me 1988‘s final episode at 18.8%, with Mr. Sunshine and Goblin‘s final episodes also hitting 18% but just a tad below AM1988. jTBC has really shined in doing women-centric dramas and it’s top three highest rated dramas are all women-led with Sky Castle followed by Women of Dignity and then Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. Congrats to the cast and crew of Sky Castle and keep on winning ladies!


Sky Castle Becomes Highest Rated jTBC Drama Ever Hitting 15.780% in Episode 14 — 28 Comments

  1. It’s a really good satire drama. Even if the studies thema is often used in dramas, it’s fun and dark in the same time. The casting is great. I love the song We All Lie 🙂

  2. I loved Women of Dignity and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. Hoping this drama will be on a legal platform soon since it totally looks like my thing.

  3. This drama is so awesome! The 1 hour pass by so quickly when you watch each episode. Hope the script and storyline continues to be great and that it will hit higher ratings each week!

  4. I agree!! It’s gripping. It’s real. And the actors/actresses (even the children) have been stellar. Every episode is just as riveting as the last and the cliffhangers!! ?. There are a lot of characters that are introduced all at once in Ep 1 so don’t be put off by the confusion about who belongs with who…stay on the bus…it will come together as the episodes unfold. Just goes to show that you don’t need gimmicks or hype to draw the crowds. You need good storytelling, solid acting and delivery and a relevant message.

    • @pilgrim you just speak my mind. Agree with you 200%. I love this kind of drama and i’m happy with the success it has. Another “pepite” the mini kbs drama ” Just dance” . Underrated , but good.

  5. Great cinematography, great acting and great music. For once, use of handheld camera is skilful and to the point, particularly in the scene when Dad and long-lost son meet outside the mountain cabin house. The shaky shots the parallel volatile, irrepressible emotion of father and son. That masterful scene where the father of the fake Harvard daughter realised the deception, music used was from Requiem composed by Mozart just before his death, apparently in a nod to the similarly suffocating relationship between Mozart as the child prodigy and his ruthlessly ambitious, manipulative Dad. Every scene is masterfully done and acted.

  6. It’s very addicting drama. But I just not emotionally invested with the characher…abit feeling detach
    There is some aspect I can relate to, But i wish the writers tone down the tension abit, breath and dig the character deeper. At times the writers solved interesting conflict just. like.that? Haha..

  7. Oh honey buddy sweetheart I love you koala. My comments about sky castle why better than mediocre lovey dovey aunty and nephews encounter.
    1. This drama was proves that all a drama needs in good scriptwriter with good actor. Don’t need any idol or makjang plots and you can still achieve high viewer ratings. And media play just like boyfriend all shk and park bogum agency and boyfriend staff writing good comments in naver.
    2. The character are so multidimensional and plot move fast. The camera directing,music, script, the acting everything is so well produced. I really recommend everyone to watch. There are message in everything tugs at your ?. I guarantee you will enjoy.
    3. It’s a fun drama, everyone so good an acting.
    4. The only thing I thought while watching drama is that they need to extend it.
    5. All the characters have own stories… I respect the scriptwriter for pulling that off. Every single scene hold so much meaning. I cried when yebin cried too.
    6. Oh Nara acting was insane and song the acting just mediocre.

  8. Oh Nara acting was insane deserve daesang and song the kyo acting just mediocre always same since autumn in my heart.

    • it is up to individual preference to like any actress or actor. if you think actress A is good, then good for you. Why you have to bring down actress B,just to prove that you feel insecured for your bias.

    • My sincere advice to @Valentinozara
      ‘Promote what you like instead of bashing what you hate’
      Everything will be fine around you if you do that.

    • Oh na-ra was veteran actresses will so many supporting role like in Hyde Jekyll me, flower of prison and man to man.
      For shk fan who defend her like crazy on IG and Twitter all ssc was support drama from beginning they though encounter drama will be masterpiece like My. Ahjussi only focus on plot, story, character and conflict. Than some people saying that drama was boring don’t have chemistry suddenly they showing hot steamy kiss scene make them upset. This drama was very boring, don’t have story always repeat same plot all over again. Ssc support song joong ki movie because the written and director was well talented and credible.

  9. My prediction in future was chronicles of asdal will be flop if song joong ki doesn’t improve in acting like Lee byung hun. If he can rip-off yu shin jin image. Chronicle of asdal need to focus in political drama and historical drama. I want this time my prediction was wrong and song joong ki can deliver different characters from dots and battleship island.

    • I remember you trash Lee byung him on netizenbuzz called him Lee santa and wrote his acting sucks because of botox face. And here you are praising him, It must be hard to keep up with so much hatred. You are too predictable and boring with your hate comments?.

      • ikr.she is trying so hard to show that she love sky castle very much…aigoo poor her.

  10. I will definitely watch sky castle after I’m done watching the one I’m currently on. I really like actress Yum Jung-ah. Remember the famous MBC old drama: Model (all the talent Kim Nam Joo, Jang Dong Gun.. when she was in there; she waa so beautiful and looked indeed like a model to me.
    Royal family with Ji Sung is another one of her that I enjoyed.
    Good for the casts, team and congrats to skycastle.

  11. Wow just Wow!
    From 1% to almost 16% that is incredible! A proof that the most important aspect to grab viewer is not always comes from big name actors or scriptwriter but also the acting quality, good directing and word of mouth. I hope this drama can reach 20% or at least the same as Reply88 rating and JTBC please give the casts and crews a deserve reward vacation.

  12. One of the 3 Dramas currently that I look forward to:

    Sky Castle
    Clean with Passion …

    and the occasional foray into Healing Love, and The Last Empress.

  13. for me it is Encounter(loe it so much, slow burn romance and makes my heart flutters so much), Sky castle (great storyline ), clean with passion (cute love, light romance drama ), last empress (I like jang nara…so that’s why)LOL, my healing love(never thought that I’ll love this drama this much but I do now…love the leads),etc…aigoo…so many great dramas to watch…
    I will watch Hyun Bin drama after it is finished…since I have enough in my hands for now…LOL..
    No need to compare…no use because everyone have their own preference. why choose if you can watch all…

  14. Is this drama critical of the rich in a satirical way or is it literally just about elite rich people trying to become even more powerful. I have not watched it yet and am just curious. If it is indeed just about spoiled rich people, sad that it is so popular in Korea as that is very telling about their society and I would have no interest in it. On the other hand, if it lends a critical eye I would be more interested in it.

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