K-netizens Wonder if Reborn Rich Will Join the Pantheon of Event K-dramas in the Last Five Years Kicked Off by Sky Castle

High ratings usually means buzz but it takes an extraordinary set of circumstances to become a breakout so-called Event K-drama. That’s been the trend in recent years after the overall ratings decrease across the board in K-drama viewing with audiences going online rather than surrounding the television as a family in the evenings. K-ent is watching closely whether jTBC weekend drama Reborn Rich will become the next event drama. In the last five years there has been basically one a year and this year 2022 there is already one but there is room for truly connective stories that makes everyone want to talk about it or even know about it without having watched a single episode. It started with every parent’s dream/nightmare in Sky Castle, then fidelity is a pipe dream in The World of the Married, moving to makjang so crazy even crazy ran away Penthouse, then global hit Squid Game, and most recently autism presented with such intelligent storytelling in Extraordinary Attorney Woo. Reborn Rich definitely has the ratings to vy for a spot but whether it has the additional buzz remains to be seen. An event drama needs to have the entire country talking about it around water coolers.

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Penthouse’s Infuriating Ending Prompts K-netizens to Revisit Worst Drama Endings of All Time and Top of the List Remains High Kick Through the Roof

I feel like every few years I see a post as angry and filled with lots of participation because it just takes everyone down memory (headdesk) lane. The ending this weekend of Penthouse with the everyone dies AND two of … Continue reading

Joynews Poll of Industry Insiders Selects Arthdal Chronicle as Worst Drama of 2019 and Sky Castle as Best Drama

This is a little early for year end lists but like Christmas creep everything happens earlier and earlier. Joynews in South Korea conducted a poll of 200 K-ent industry insiders from producers, directors, screenwriters, and drama crew members to ask … Continue reading